chad hacker: What's the Buzz in Owatonna Real Estate? April 2012 - 04/18/12 03:06 AM
What’s the Real Estate Buzz in Owatonna?  
We are seeing an increase in real estate activity in our area.  Things are definitely looking up in 2012.  Is this darn housing recession over?  Well, it may be a bit premature to declare its demise, we can certainly celebrate the fact that sales numbers and volume are up nicely so far for the year.
In addition to first time buyers, which were the mainstay of the market during the last couple of years, we have seen an increase in the number of move up buyers.  That’s a hopeful sign as consumers … (0 comments)

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chad hacker: What's the Buzz in Owatonna Real Estate? - 02/22/11 04:37 AM
It seems that activity has slowed down a little from our earlier start.  It's always difficult to try to make sense of when and why the level of activity varies as it does.  I was looking at the sales statistics for the year to date and was a little surprised at the low average sale price.  With seventeen homes sold so far this year the average selling price is $106,258.  I know it's quite early in the year to make any predictions from this start, yet it is slightly lower than it was this time last year when the average sale … (0 comments)

chad hacker: Owatonna Homes are on Sale! - 02/22/11 04:29 AM
We're Having a Real Estate Sale!
In my area of Owatonna, Minnesota we have homes on sale!  Prices are down 10 -20% from the more robust real estate market of 2005.  If every item in the store at Target and Wal Mart went on sale for 10-20% off the most recent price don't you think they'd see sales increase?  I doubt people would say, "No thanks, I'd rather wait and buy when prices go up." 
Just like Warren Buffet pointed out "When Wall Street has a sale (prices down 10-20%) no one shows up."
It's too bad that home buyers are … (3 comments)

chad hacker: What's the Buzz in Owatonna Real Estate? - 01/06/11 10:18 AM
What's the Real Estate Buzz in Owatonna? 2010 was a down year in our local Owatonna Real Estate market.  We faced some challenges, and yet, I like to think that we are cautiously optimistic for 2011.  As I've mentioned all year the changes in our market will come as consumers find increased confidence with job security and employment opportunities.
We predicted that first time home buyers would be the mainstay of the 2010 market and it appears that it has panned out that way.  One of my lending experts, Brenda Bednar (through Advisor's Mortgage) noted that she is taking applications from … (1 comments)

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chad hacker: Tipping Point - Owatonna Real Estate Historical Perspective - 09/20/10 09:24 AM
As I researched this market to try to make sense of it for our sellers I looked back nine years to find information that I thought you mind find interesting.  Here are the statistics I noted (all from the South East Minnesota Association of Realtors) for the city of Owatonna.  This information includes sales data as reported for all sales that took place in Owatonna with any property listed or sold through a participating Multiple Listing Service member (all local real estate brokers).
Year                 # of homes sold     Days on Market (sold properties)       Average sale price
2001                      455                             64                                            $126,501
2002                       467                            69                                            $139,167
2003                       … (0 comments)

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chad hacker: What's the Real Estate Buzz in Owatonna Minnesota? - 06/08/10 06:06 AM
What's the Real Estate Buzz in Owatonna?
Things were picking up in April and then slowed down quite a bit in May.  The outlook is mixed with spotty activity right now.  It seems that our spring market has taken a break - due to many buyers purchasing by the tax credit deadline of 4/30/10. 
We're predicting that first time home buyers will be the mainstay of this market, along with buyers relocating into Owatonna for their jobs.  According to my lending expert Brenda Bednar (through Advisor's Mortgage) she is taking applications from those two buyer niches.  Property issues are becoming more … (1 comments)

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