mt vernon mo: Coming Soon--new listing in Mt Vernon MO - 08/03/12 07:24 AM
Hold this spot, I went out today to preview for a new listing.
I have friends/peers in other areas of the country that just can't believe how much house and land we can purchase for so little $$ compared to their areas.
I thought I would give a little tease-  you show me yours and I will show you mine-
What do you list/sell a 4,000+ sq ft 2 1/2 story, w/full unfinished 2,000 sq ft walk-out basement, attached 2 car garage on 28 acres home.

This custom built home is a work in progress.  The acreage … (0 comments)

mt vernon mo: Open House -- Under Contract! Thanks Aaron's - 04/09/11 10:49 AM
I had an open house this weekend on a fantastic property.  Back on the Market after buyer's failed to secure funding.  Sellers have moved and now the question is how does one show a vacant home?
No problem: Turn big beautiful empty rooms, into big beautiful staged rooms with just one phone call! 

Call the guys at Aaron's in Monett to see what is available for your personal space.  If you are renting a home/apartment check into leasing your furniture.  You too can go from empty to full with a phone call.
Had to revisit … (6 comments)

mt vernon mo: Main Street Market Mt Vernon MO 849-0907 - 01/03/11 03:47 AM
I got a call this morning from a guy looking for a phone number for M&M.
He found my number doing a GOOGLE search of the Main and Market.
Looks like it is time to do a follow up post on one of the most fun flea markets in the area.
  I am a fan of double knit quilt tops and purchased this lovely utility quilt to use at the lake.
 Always a variety of large items for sale along with collectibles and nick knacks. 
Call and speak with Chris or Shelia for info on how to rent a booth.  … (1 comments)

mt vernon mo: Buy/Sell Real Estate Mt Vernon, MO- Where Do You Want to BE? - 06/27/10 04:35 PM
Have you ever just wanted a site that would let you see what is for sale with out having to sign in and give your blood type?
Here you go- if you are wanting to check out the Real Estate market in MT VERNON, MO and just aren't ready to commit to working with an agent- this is your chance to 'SEE' for yourself what is 'out there'
No strings attached- the website is set up to allow searches that are updated daily.
Now of course if you 'SEE" something you would like more info on, then give me a holler.
If … (0 comments)

mt vernon mo: Broker-Open House 10805 HWy 39 Mt Vernon MO mls # 1001213 - 05/25/10 07:50 AM
If you are in the area this Sunday (9-5-10) stop by and let me show off this great home.  Beautiful hard wood floors, many up-grades with fixures and appliances.  Great location close to city limits. 1 acre m/l Hwy 39 frontage.    see ya--cw

mt vernon mo: Mt Vernon, MO Real Estate (page one on Google) - 12/15/09 03:46 PM
I received a call this morning from a sales person (don't we just love starting the day reaching for the checkbook- NOT).
He had the DEAL of a life time just for me.  For a ridiculously low monthly price he could get "My Name" on the first page of Google. 
I politely listened to his spiel, and then declined his offer.  Some how I think I made him MAD!  He suggested that I didn't understand the great opportunity he was offering.  I explained that paying for ranking was not in my business plan at this time.  (I hope we can still … (3 comments)

mt vernon mo: Mo Broker found a find at the Main Street Market in Mt Vernon, MO - 09/19/09 11:29 AM
READY, SET, SAY It three time while holding your tongue!
MO Broker found a find at the Main Street Market in Mt Vernon, MO
Mo Broker found a find at the Main Street Market in Mt Vernon, MO
Mo Broker found a find at the Main Street Market in Mt Vernon, MO--


mt vernon mo: Too late for the Marketing Contest but...not too late to check out MO Land for SALE! - 09/05/09 08:03 AM

Special Thanks to Russel for starting the Marketing in Nature Contest.  If you haven't voted for your favorites run do so now, I will wait>
That was fun wasn't it?  I learned a lot, how about you?  I didn't get but one entery submitted but I enjoyed the creative process watching what the other peers were up too.
What I took away from the 'spirit' of the contest is that it is OK to view the things around us and playfully use that experience in our presentation of self and/or service.
I had taken this picture out my back door a … (2 comments)

mt vernon mo: Misty Creek Sub-Division in Mt Vernon, MO - 07/24/09 05:30 PM
I have noticed in the BLOG world that writers have their own styles and tend to show personality (or lack of) fairly quickly.  It is pretty hard to be 'fake' and keep a blog going.  FYI- that is not why I am behind in getting a few posts out by the way.  I am 'busy' and easily thrown off schedule just like the next quizzi-dictated blogger.
In the world of Real Estate Blogging, I have been blessed to have a spot to call home.  Active Rain has been very good to me as a community of peers in both the business … (0 comments)

mt vernon mo: Mobile Home- Mt Vernon MO - 03/24/09 07:13 AM

For some reason I just love this shot!  I have heard it said that a picture is worth  a thousand words.  A photo and 50 words are worth 200 points.  I assisted an investor in his purchase of the lot for this beauty.  I also handled the listing and worked with the buyer when it sold a couple of months later.
I have been asked to help find an investor to move another small house in Mt Vernon, MO.  If you are curious as to what is involved give me a call.  -  cw 417-366-0057

mt vernon mo: Wordless (OK I will add a couple of words to get us started) - 01/09/09 10:08 AM

Here's a BIG Thank You to Lenn for the quizi-google juice. 
I lift my half-full glass to offer a blessing. 
May you continue to educate us by sharing your time and experiences in our chosen careers. 
May Google follow you and be kind.
Technically not a WORDLESS but how cool is this that I got an alert today that included almost complete sentences-  Peers beware what you comment on, your clients/customers are going to know who you are hanging around with.

mt vernon mo: Let me show you my bedroom......! Hold on it's another re-blog - 01/08/09 07:10 AM
I am a total fan of RE-BLOGGING!  Especially since my favorite peers always have such interesting/informative posts to share.  I know what you are thinking: "The TITLE of Charles's post is enough to want to read more" but you would be wrong---the content is a great read for clients/customers of all of us.  What better way to help educate the public (isn't that what we are about?) AND clear up the misconceptions on what is a BEDROOM!   *Special note of thanks to Charles for keeping his clothes on for this presentation!
Enjoy--Everything you EVER wanted to know about.......

     Every … (11 comments)

mt vernon mo: Can you run the numbers for me please? 601 S Walnut Mt Vernon MO J J Apts. - 11/25/08 09:34 AM
I am listing a multi-family, 4 x four-plex.  What would be the top 3 things an investor is going to look for to make this property move to the 'Let's take a look at the books" list?
16 individual one bedroom/one bath apartments with appliances.  A very nice central laundry on site.  Section 8 contracts, long term occupants, paved parking, park like setting.  Additional land to build more units. (total 2.52 acres m/l).  So tell me what Top Three things do you want to know?
  I will answer in the comments section.
Location, Cash Flow, Condiion, tell me what you … (5 comments)

mt vernon mo: You're facing foreclosure- is a short sale the answer? - 10/18/08 03:52 AM
For those that know me personally, you know that I am always looking for the tools I need to assist the clients and customers I care about.  When Cheryl took the time to put into words an issue that is dear to my heart I had to re-blog it to 'spread the word'.
This past month has been very busy for me.  The old office I worked with has shut down.  However good news is: My 'new' office is very pro-active in identifying and servicing clients goals.  Teams are in place to assist to work with clients facing all sorts of buying … (1 comments)

mt vernon mo: My MUG overflows! - 10/15/08 03:04 PM
OK this is not earth shattering news but.......
I finally ordered a coffee mug that I have been messing around with the concept and I AM SO THRILLED with the final product!!!

This is now on my TO-DO for closing gifts list.  I need to find a less expensive way to produce multiples (still thinking about capturing my billboard on a mug).  For single one time closing gifts, this is an awesome way to keep clients aware that you enjoyed working with them to buy &/or sell.
This mug is getting shown off today and I will edit in … (8 comments)

mt vernon mo: Pre-Grand Opening Introduction: Main Street Market MT Vernon MO - 09/19/08 09:54 AM

As a disclosure, I KNOW this is not a good professional photo (everyone who knows me, knows I am all about being professional!)  The  News Leader did a very nice front page add in this weeks paper.  They will e-mail me their picture and I will edit this on Monday.
I am so excited about all the work that has gone into getting this new business up and running.  I know the people of our town are going to be thrilled to see the doors open.  We have our local Apple Butter Making Days coming up in Oct.  … (9 comments)

mt vernon mo: Lawrence 2170/2180 Fristatt Verona MO 20 acres m/l wooded - 09/18/08 04:09 AM
How does an agent sell a property that you can't get too?-  Well that's just it, I haven't sold it- YET
Will it sell?  Most likely when the right buyer comes along and gets a look at it.  How do I 'find' the buyer?  - I am thinking I just need to 'find' the other agents who know a good piece of land and can share that info with their buyers-  That's part of the magic of Internet marketing-
This property is wooded, possibly ready for harvest, located east of Fristatt MO, south of Mt Vernon,mo and north of Monett, MO. 

mt vernon mo: East end of town Mt Vernon MO commercial location - 09/17/08 09:34 AM
Mt Vernon, MO is showing signs of growing pains.  Several owners along the business loop on the east end of town by the exchange to I-44 have property for sale.  If you know of an investor who is needing a prime location in a growing town on the interstate, give me a call.  I would love to help broker the commercial side of our lovely berg.
additional lot here.


mt vernon mo: Is this a Mobile? - 08/19/08 03:48 AM
Living in a small town has it share of excitement.
The Baptist church auctioned off this house to be moved and Phillip B won the bid.  As a local REALTOR I enjoy getting to work outside the box every now and then.  A lot was purchased and developed and the house is in the process of getting to travel to its new location.

A couple of weeks from now I should have a sign in the yard and hopefully a new buyer signing on the dotted line.  Kinda exciting to see 'your' new home rolling into place.  A bit … (23 comments)

mt vernon mo: I am NOT a local-- - 07/31/08 06:31 AM
Differing Points Of View
A couple of local agents and I were sitting at a table at one of our favorite places.  I notice a quite inebriated fellow was starring over at us.I asked the - Local Home Town Gal, "Do you know him?""Yes," she sighed. "He's my old HS Boyfriend.I understand he started drinking rightafter we split up years ago,and I hear he hasn't been sober since.""My Goodness!" I SAID. "Who would think aperson could go on CELEBRATING  that long?"So you see, there really are two ways tolook at everything ....
In Missouri (the Show Me State) we have to see it to believe it!
If you … (11 comments)

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