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Prospective clients were referred to me by another realtor who told me she is providing two names of realtors for her friends to interview.  I made an appointment to meet with the prospect. A good presentation folder/book/binder for a commission-based service is like having good curb appeal for a...
These past two weeks, I have received several requests for help from property owners seeking to get their property taxes adjusted. Perhaps due to an earlier blog Reassessment for property values in Alameda County, CA  or my participation in Q & A on another site, some folks are finding me. I must...
I've got to go on a diet! Ah, vanity...and a cold dose of reality. They say TV puts on 10 lbs on you. But after seeing myself, it looks like I've gained 100 lbs! My house is worth what? The show is "My house is worth what?" and it aired tonight at 11 pm EST/PST, and will air again this Sunday at ...
In a separate post, I blogged: Be careful when showing property --- the life you save is your own. Recent acts of violence against Realtors got me thinking of GPS Tracker. See Although some folks probably would balk at having their whereabouts tracked, I am more ...
When we hear of violence committed against Realtors, it is a grim reminder of the risks we take when showing property. This is a hazardous profession --- so let's be careful out there! Recent examples of violence against REALTORS Just recently, Michael Greenslade posted that I was robbed at gun p...
It's raining, it's pouring... For the second consecutive rainy Sunday, I held an open house for a cozy (okay, small!) bungalow. It was wet, windy and cold. Brrr! Last Sunday, there was a steady flow of people, some of whom are just beginning to look into buying a home and want to "see what's ther...
To say it's exhilarating is an understatement.  The local news confirms it....although the median prices are lower than they were a year ago, the number of sales increased. Buyers who were apprehensive months ago, seem to be buoyed by the good news that list prices are lower, the interest rates a...
I met with a prospective seller today. He has bought and sold several properties through the years, and he delights in finding fixers then re-seling them at a good profit. But while going through the improvements, I asked whether or not he got permits for the work he has done: New foundation. Yes...
Wish I could say I plan well.  There are no excuses for not preparing a plan or a budget (for some reason, I always find other things that "take priority"). But this year, I do plan to do a few things differently. The 80-20 rule seems to apply in various situations, even here. When I reviewed the...
Imagine going on an extended vacation, and coming home to find strangers living in your home and who claim to have bought it... You inherited a property and before you can even make arrangements to sell it, you find out it's already been sold without your authorization or your knowledge. In Phila...

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