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Yes. Not having permits is a deal-breaker. Believe it!  It happens again and again. We find a lovely home. Client loves it. We write an offer. We look into the remodeling, expansion, improvements. Then we discover the work was done without permits. "But they were done by professionals." Uh-huh. I...
Whether or not you believe the media's hype or stories of doom and gloom, there are factors that  you should consider in the decision to buy....or to sell. In one of my escrows that crashed, my seller said she thought I was working for the buyer; while on the other side, the buyer's agent said hi...
The issue is: if inspection reports are available, these inspections are material fact. They're relevant to the property. And if they are available, disclose them.  So why won't the REO agent mention this in the MLS, or offer them to prospective buyers? My clients finally got accepted on an REO o...
Several months ago, I ranted about REO agents not giving us buyers agent some respect, or not being responsive enough. Lately, though....on several offers I've written on behalf of different clients, I was quite surprised to find the following improvements: Supra lockboxes --- maybe it's because ...
This is not the first time, nor will it be the last time. In the last two months, I've had four escrows fall out for different reasons. And it surely hasn't been easy. I need to pull myself up, and say "NEXT!" But maybe it will help if I.....>DEEP SIGH<....vent. Escrow #1 on a triplex. Our agreem...
Keep telling folks to WATCH OUT for scammers who say they are out-of-town/out-of-country landlords who want to rent their homes. This is an ongoing problem. For the last two years, unscrupulous scammers and thieves my listings as for rent on craigslist and yahoo. People have called me to tell me ...
A very good friend who knows Gary and I love and foster dogs sent us this link to a truly delightful video. When you click on this link Turn up the volume and SMILE!     And then hop on to YouTube and see the wonderful work that some volunteer organizations do ...
It's an adage: "The first offer is almost always the best offer." Many REALTORS attest to this, and many of us have experienced it. LEAPING LIZARDS! WHY dont/won't more people believe it?   CONVINCE ME! I haven't been a REALTOR as long as some of you have been, but very recently, I've experienced...
Why, oh why can't or won't agents take pictures of their own listings? Not even ONE? With so many inexpensive point-and-shoot cameras today, and with many phones equipped with cameras (and some with video), it's an absolute disservice to the seller if the agent won't even post at least ONE pictur...
Alameda CA has always enchanted me. And now that I live here, I continue to enjoy the small-town charm. I've never lived in a place (besides San Francisco) where there are so many delightful Victorians. Yesterday, I needed cheering I drove around, snapping pictures (from my car) of some ...

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