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The market slow down is affecting everyone. So I'm doing my part to help stimulate the economy. RESTAURANT OWNER When I walked into one of my favorite restaurants, the owner worriedly asked me if there's something wrong with his food or his prices because the business had slowed down. I told him ...
  Since I started on ClubNet with Buffini and Company (Working by Referral) I've had 4 coaches. Okay, stop the snickering. I'm really not uncoachable. But there were personal challenges, not just for me, but for my coaches as well. Each time, I've told my coach (at that time) to drop in on Active...
My parents just celebrated their 63rd anniversary. So it seemed appropriate to share tihs story  THE  SHOEBOX    A man and woman had been married  for more than 63 years.  They had  shared everything. They had talked about  everything.  They had kept no secrets  from each other except that the li...
YouTube has been a constant source of entertainment for me. So why haven't I tapped this resource before to promote my listings? Easy. I'm chicken! I am so intimidated by the professional quality videos I've seen. And just can't imagine how I can possibly rate a glimpse if I posted a poorly creat...
"Procuring cause" may be defined as a series of events, unbroken in their continuity, that result in the desired objective (i.e., generally, the sale of property).  Black's Law Dictionary, Fifth Edition, defines procuring case as: The proximate cause; the cause originating a series of events whic...
Seeing how the presidents stacked up, it seemed to be a natural progression to see how Congress stacks up, too. David Holzmann - Sound Loans Online was just as intrigued to see how Congress approval rating compares to Bush's. So he did some research. And he said, "Here's a page from Gallup that c...
Wall Street Journal has an interesting chart. In case you missed it, here's the link on HOW THE PRESIDENTS STACK UP - Job Approval Ratings When you go to the site, you can click on each president and see a personal chart and highlights of his presidency. According to this chart, Sources of info: ...
Our California title marketing reps are restricted from doing a lot of things many of them used to do to boost business. See: What a title marketing rep can/cannot do. Even as a friend? Paid out of his own pocket?) This letter is for California title marketing reps: My dear Title Marketing Reps: ...
Please allow me a moment of pride as I post this video of a teen-aged Filipina who has rocketed to the stratosphere since she first appeared on Ellen Degeneres' show in December 2007, and then on Oprah in early 2008. Since then, Oprah has championed her and convinced the Obama people to have her ...
Buyers and sellers (and REALTORS, too). Save this for prosperity: February 2009 issue of Money Magazine titled "Cut a sweet deal with the Bank". Main premise: although short sales are rising sharply, "here's how you can profit." That was intriguing. I thought this is a good article for buyers, se...

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