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REALTOR Magazine wanted to know why sales associates like their broker and their company. I am only too happy to tell them why. I'm happy and proud to participate. My broker, Michael Studebaker,  and company gave me my first chance to become a realtor. When no one would hire someone who did not h...
Is there a magic word? A passkey? Is there a better way to get through? Do you have a success story (and suggestions) with HSBC? Guess I'm just looking for a teeny-weeny bit of hope that HSBC will cooperate....heck, I'll be happy to get a response! HSBC holds the second lien. And as expected, the...
In case you missed this....The Washington Post published the winning submissions to its yearly neologism contest, in which readers are asked to supply alternate meanings for common words. The winners:      1. Coffee (n.), the person upon whom one coughs.      2. Flabbergasted (adj.), appalled ove...
Good payment history and credit score of 820 don't mean a thing Homeowner is current on her payments. Was late just once, and paid the late fee. Her most recent credit score is 820. Being self-employed, her income dropped the last year, while her adjustable rate re-set and increased by nearly $50...
If you've run into the situation wherein the second or junior lien holder asks for more money than what the first will give towards pay off, keep this in mind: get approvals from both lenders, put this in writing, and on the HUD. From our attorney: Question and Answer Regarding Junior Lienholder'...
Identical situations ---- well, almost. Two property owners have identical home floor plans, different elevations, different upgrades. Both paid nearly $1M for their respective homes when they bought them brand new from the developer 3 years ago. The developer had sold for $680K or 30% less, its ...
Do both lenders prefer to foreclose versus short sale? It sure seems that way! August 2009. Short sale listing at $475k. Got multiple offers. Highest offer at $571K. Back up at $550K. Even with this high offer, after selling expenses, payoff of delinquent taxes, etc, we would have been short of ...
What happened to service with a smile? Bad attitude emanates from the top. If the managers behave badly, their hired help will, too. Can't believe I got into a fighting mode at a parking garage! I took my Dad to Kaiser Permanente on Piedmont Ave in Oakland today. Because parking is so problematic...
As more and more homeowners find themselves in distress in terms of their home ownership, some people may take comfort in knowing that they do have some options available to them before they are foreclosed. Whenever "short sale" is brought up as an alternative solution, both buyers and sellers cr...
  As if competing in multiple offer situations on REOs, short sales and regular sales isn't challenging enough, it looks like we may in it for a while. When determining what type of market we are in, the most common metrics used are the months' inventory levels. Judging from the activity in selec...

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