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  Quiz on Fair Housing Act In a recent session on Legal Updates conducted by our legal counsel, one of the hottest topics was the Fair Housing ActSeveral examples of advertising were presented --- some were very obvious violations, and some had us asking ourselves if we really know what we’re all...
When can I get the keys to the house we’re buying? Alameda County and Contra Costa County, CA The answer is different in every state --- sometimes it’s even different within the same state.When we lived in Florida, the day we signed our documents at a lawyer’s office  is the same day we got the k...
Fun in the Sun While the Business Still Runs in Alameda CAThis is an entry for the  Positive Attitude for the Weary Soul Group Contest! | Fun in the Sun While the Business Still Runs!  Join in on the Challenge! I think I achieve balance in life by taking time to love living the beach life style i...
Why was my offer not accepted by the seller even though we offered higher than the list price?In my neck of the woods in Alameda , Oakland and Piedmont CA, we’ve had listings during which the winning buyers were not always those who wrote the highest offers. This is not unusual. Buyers who track ...
Is this neighborhood safe?It’s a good question to ask, but what do you consider safe? No land is Utopia...even small towns will have their share of criminal activity. From, safe [seyf] Show IPA adjective, saf·er, saf·est, noun, adjective 1. secure from liability to harm, injury, da...
Should we order asbestos test as part of the home buyer’s inspections?First time home buyers are almost always the most concerned when they see popcorn ceilings (funny, but very few notice the asbestos shingles).  It’s a very real concern and it should be addressed. In many cities in the Bay area...
I am so grateful to be a citizen of the United States of America. And when I hear this song, I cry from sheer joy, love and happiness that I am here. I love this country with all my heart....and I will always sing.... God Bless America Lyricsby Irving BerlinLand that I love,Stand beside her and g...
Do I have to miss payments before I can qualify for a short sale? many times have we heard this? Not just in Alameda County CA, but everywhere else.Several years ago, when agents and negotiators were still struggling through the early onslaught of short sales, this may have been one ...
How can a home buyer with an FHA loan get his offer accepted?A broker submitted an offer that seems out of step with someone who claims to be a broker since 1977. He didn’t seem to have a notion of how to write a winning offer especially in a competitive situation. The buyer could only qualify fo...
  How can buyer write strong short sale offer in a competitive situation It used to be that when a home for sale is identified as a short sale,  buyers and their agents stayed away because they didn’t want to wait and perhaps also because of fear of the unknown.   Today, in our market, it's a sel...

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