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Good property manager     I visited the review of a property management company I use whenever  I have a vacancy in my own place. It was surprising to see the reviewers skewering the company for charging $20 for a credit check.  Really? REALLY?   I felt compelled to give my own review as well.   ...
Will new California court decision make tenant cooperate with weekend open house? Or will it make them disagreeable and uncooperative and sabotage the open house?   An unhappy tenant who has no incentive to move can make it very difficult and unpleasant for both the owner and the listing agent. E...
In Alameda CA, it is still viewed as a seller's market because we are experiencing multiple offers at over list price in most of the homes listed in Alameda. far as some markets go, an average of less than a month on the market is good news for sellers. It's sometimes strange to hear th...
There's a TV show called "What would you do..." with John Quinones where people witness certain situations in which someone may be harassed or victimized. The show seeks to see what people would do --- get involved to right a wrong, ignore it, or do something else? Well, this question is asked wh...
It's true that people like doing business with people they know and like. But when it comes to buying or selling real estate properties, how much will it help for one realtor to know the other realtor? A buyer who has written offers on property just dropped her realtor. It didn't matter to the bu...
PROCURING CAUSE – according to,   “Procuring cause refers to actions that begin or set in motion a serious of events that lead to the final sale of a property.” An agent worked with a buyer who was building up his credit. The first time they met in 2009 the buyer wasn't quite ready an...
I activated a new listing and immediately received an inquiry. But this one had me gasping in disbelief. This guy identified himself (according to his signature) as  Insurrance Agent Real Estate Broker Mortgage Broker Yet, he asks "I don't have a Supra Key, so would it be possible to pick up a ke...

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