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Some Great Reasons to Move in the Summer. I have been reading a book about Real Estate Markets appropriately named SHIFT.   According to some experts and many years of statistics, home sales are seasonal.  The best and most prolific buying season is Summer. June, July, and August are the top sell...
What Home Sellers can do to help their Realtor get their property SOLD ( part II)  1.  Maintain a good attitude.  You know that most markets are squirrelly right now.  There are no magic pills or magic fairy dust to get your home sold.  You can make sure that your house is in good condition, and ...
What Home Sellers Can do to help their Realtor get their Property SOLD. After you have chosen a Realtor to walk you through the process of selling your property, there are a quite a few things you can do to work with your agent to speed the sales process.  1.  Choose a Realtor and then know that ...
Taos, New Mexico is Dog friendly! I have a really rather fabulous pound-hound named Daisy.  She is mostly golden retriever and the rest is a whole lot of love.  We live in an in-town neighborhood on a dead end street in Taos, New Mexico. Each morning when the weather permits, I take Ms. Daisy on ...
Artists from Taos, Santa Fe, New York, Los Angeles and all other Art Mecca's, take note.  We have listed the perfect haven for you.  The property consists of a lovely, and very livable home, an amazing artist studio and 500 feet of water frontage in Northern New Mexico near Taos The community of...
Taos, New Mexico Parks. There are lots of public parks in Taos but the park that isclose to the Heart of Taos is Kit Carson Park.  It is named after, guess who?  Kit Carson the famous Scout who lived in Taos for many years.  He is buried in a small cemetery in the park itself.  Kit Carson Park i...
Around Taos Plaza and Bent Street.  I must admit that I went and bought a new "flip" camera which allows you to take simple videos and post them on the web.  Well, yesterday I just couldn't stay in the office for one more second because; we were having the first really lovely, warm day in a long ...
There are some Taos County, New Mexico sellers who are ready to make deals!  Are you an investor or someone just looking for a first or second home in Taos, New Mexico?  There are quite a few sellers who are ready to sell and move on to other places or projects.  Today I am show casing three home...
Sweet Farm House for sale in Dixon, New Mexico. Dixon is located about 20 miles south of Taos, New Mexico on the road to Santa Fe.  Dixon is an artist's community and is famous for the Dixon Art Tour which happens in November of each year.  The main house is territorial style and has incorporated...


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