paige walker pineville louisiana: The Alexandria Pineville Community PAIGE by PAIGE walker! - 10/08/12 11:34 AM
The Alexandria Pineville Community PAIGE by PAIGE walker!
Rapides Parish Habitat for Humanity receives a $160,000 grant
and already broke ground on their new development to build four new homes in Rapides Parish!

These single family homes will be sold to families at or below 80% of the area median income and are being built on land donted to Rapides Habitat for Humanity.
Additional funding for this project is being provided by Capital One Bank, Red River Bank, Norman and Lorraine Martin, and The Martin Foundation.
This project is named The JoAnne White HOME Development Project … (0 comments)

paige walker pineville louisiana: 2 + 2 = 5 - 09/16/12 11:47 AM
Yes 2 + 2 = 5
Really 2 + 2 = 5
Is it possible for me to convince you that 2 + 2 = 5 ???
Has this ever happened to you? You believe you are correct in a situation but, the person you are speaking with just doesn't get it? They insist that they are correct and 2 + 2 = 5 !! No matter how much you speak, jump up and down or grab your hair....they still believe the answer is 5 !
In moments like this I take a deep breath and reflect on Steven Covey's … (6 comments)

paige walker pineville louisiana: Home Inventory the Easy Way!! This is a must read and must share post!!! - 08/25/10 04:17 AM
In the last few years we have seen it happen, the unforeseen events that lead to your home being destroyed. Whether by natural disaster, fire, burgularly or an could lose everything.  Some items in your home could never be replaced, for all the rest hopefully you have insurance.
If you lost everything would you be able to sit down AFTER the FACT and make a list of EVERYTHING in your home. Try as we might, I just don't think it's possible. Not to mention you will not be in your perfect state of mind. This is the reason it is so important … (61 comments)

paige walker pineville louisiana: FREE Professional Tools for STUDENTS! - 08/21/10 04:04 PM

There are many technological tools that are part of our everyday lives and Computers are #1!
Of course computers as well as phones and video games (just to name a few) all use software. And with technology forever changing the software has to change as well. This of course means highly trained programmers are going to be in demand!
Because of this Microsoft Corporation designed DreamSpark! This site allows Students to download professional programming tools for FREE! You will find computer, mobile application, video game, and Web programming as well as links to training resources.
All the student has to do is … (4 comments)

paige walker pineville louisiana: What to ad some Funk to your Pics? Check this out! - 08/21/10 03:00 PM
This is a really cool site to add some pizzaz to your photos for FREE!
The website is and it really is worth a look.
With just a couple of clicks you can add borders, speech bubbles, text, shapes of all kinds and even some editing to clear a photo up some!
Very user friendly and did I mention it's FREE!
With a couple of clicks I added this border and a price bubble!

and NO I'm not going to be using this pic in my advertising so don't get excited! Just wanted to give you an idea of … (19 comments)