paige walker pineville louisiana real estate: Properly Prepared, Packaged, Presented, and Promoted Houses Sell - 01/08/13 05:08 AM
Want to sell your home f a s t e r ??? Read this great post by Linda and see how a home that is properly prepared, packaged, presented and promoted will sell faster and usually for more MONEY!!!
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Houses on the market for sale should be considered products such as cars, shoes, computers, etc. It is the home seller's job to present their product … (0 comments)

paige walker pineville louisiana real estate: QR Codes - Do They Really Work? - 06/30/11 03:47 PM
Technology it is ALWAYS a changing. . . . . . . 
and sometimes it is difficult to keep up with it!                                                
I attended the RainCamp New Orleans at the end of 2010! There was a definite buzz in the AIR. The information was FANTASTIC and just a little overwhelming for me. I did implement many things that I learned at the camp, however, I put the QR code marketing on the back burner. 
Well, thanks to … (3 comments)