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Peyman Aleagha is the founder and President of RealtySoft provides web-based marketing solutions including agent and broker websites, IDX, contact management, listing management, and syndication to real estate professionals.
Okay, the title is a bit dramatic. You would die without air, but you'll live through not having IDX.  Your business may not though.  We've all seen the statistics many times.  More than 80% of those in the real estate market use the internet to begin their property search.  They want one thing w...
Websites are not dead.  In fact, it's a mistaken belief that a blog is not a website.  It is just another way of organizing, updating and presenting content.  A blog can be a part of your website, or it can stand alone and link to it.  The key is to understand what a blog is all about, and how it...
At its heart, real estate is a business of information.  A Realtors job is to gather, understand and convey that information.  It's what makes you an expert in the field.  You can spend every hour of your working day processing information.  You can know your market area cold, able to spew out ev...
In the movie "Field Of Dreams" Ray Kinsella (Kevin Costner) hears voices from his corn field saying "If you build it, they will come".  Kinsella thinks the voices mean for him to build a baseball diamond.  So Kinsella plowed under a portion of his corn field, built a base ball diamond and waited ...
When I first started writing for the internet I was mesmerized by the term search engine optimized (SEO) writing.  I had lots of questions.  What should my writing be for it to be search engine optimized?  How do I make search engine optimized writing different than regular writing?  How is searc...
When the internet first gained wide spread popularity it was mostly a collection of passive web pages and chat rooms.  The most interactive thing you could do was type in some text, hit send and wait for a response.  But the internet has taken a new direction again, and this time the buzz is abou...
Every Realtor knows where to go to get the business.  You farm, hit FSBO's, work expired listings and call into your sphere of influence.  Part of the drill has always been to do some sort of mailing and follow up to each of these categories.  But following up can be tricky.  Working FSBO's is as...
Want to Write Killer Copy For Your Real Estate Website?By: Peyman Aleagha, President - Right of the bat, there are two books you must have if you're planning to write copy.  (Actually these books are must haves if you plan to do any writing at all.)  One is Power Language by Jeffre...
Positioning Yourself as the Local Internet Real Estate ExpertBy: Peyman Aleagha, President - RealtySoft.comThe internet's scope is both boom and bust for a local Realtor.  Its use as an information tool fits nicely into the real estate business' frame work, but its hugeness can swallow well meani...
Attracting Prospects to Your Real Estate WebsiteBy: Peyman Aleagha, President - RealtySoft.comBefore you begin attracting website visitors to your real estate website, it helps to think about the website.  I've had a few websites in my career, and each has had varying degrees of success.  But a f...

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