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The landmark committee of Palm Beach finally decided to designate the beautiful Post Office building located at 95 North County Road in Palm Beach the landmark designation. This building looks like something out of dream. It is absolutely stunning. Small for American standards but still functioni...
Should we lift the Cuban embargo? The new US government is a more liberal than its predecessor. Would you think that the CUBAN embargo should be lifted and open our trade with this caribbean island nation? After all we are leasing the land at the Guantanamo Bay area.and Castro never cashed our ch...
Woot ... I ran across a web site that sells one item a day but it is always a great sweet deal. Today's deal is a 16gb thumb drive capless for only $23.99 + 5 dollar shipping. It beats the competition Every day this web site sells just one item till it is sold out and the next day it sells someth...
We can take our energy future in our hands It is up to us to employ our ingenuity, experiences, knowledge and any other add on that would bring fruition to a better tomorrow. Energy is the main factor for this. We need to start drilling immediately and going thru the periodic table in search of e...
Firefox for mobile devices was released on October the 18 2008 The very popular browser Firefox released its alpha version of their mobile browser called Fennec.on October the 18 2008. Right now is being tested under the Nokia tablet smartphone. Soon will be available for the Windows, Mac, Symbia...
Vero Beach Florida maybe hosting a biofuel ethanol plant ... "New Planet Energy" company from California maybe be negotiating the purchase of a site in Vero Beach Florida in order to build a plant for biofuel ethanol production. The cost per gallon would be $1.00 and the company would use landfil...
WiMax the next wireless broadband generation WiMax stands for "Worldwide Interoperability for Microwave Access" and is a wireless technology that has the capability for 70Mb/sec packet transfer speeds. The WiMax way of packet transfers is based on a point-to-point, point-to-multipoint and other w...
Mobile phones & Trapster Have you ever sped up in order to get to your destination on time? I am sure that everyove has done it including myself. Well there is a free web based application that can be installed in your iPhone, PDA, smartphone called Trapster . Trapster tracks all the police traps...
In Palm Beach there is a law called "the ocean view law" under this law the growth of the beach vegetation is restricted to a 30 inches high and it get trimmed down if it exceed the 30 inches in order to keep ocean views unobstructed. Florida department of environmental protection requires that t...
AlphaBetic and you English is the commerce language of the 20th and 21st century but is spoken only by about 30% of the earth's population. Anyone who needs to communicate his ideas globally needs to be able to do so. AlphaBetic an Israeli company implemented a platform that accepts RSS feeds of ...

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