credit repair: Realtors Know How To Wait for IT - Generating Leads and Selling More Homes - 04/06/08 06:36 PM
Realtors Know How to Wait for It
I was working late at the office training our newest member of our credit dispute staff when somehow I let it slip that the only one of the two of us getting paid for our time was her.
"You're not making any money doing this?" she asked.
"Not yet," I answered honestly.  "Well, except for the real estate deals that I've done for clients that needed credit repair in order to qualify for a loan-- I have made money that way.  That part has been great.  But, no, I haven't yet made any money from the business … (0 comments)

credit repair: Attracting Clients You Want through Advertising Credit Repair - 04/06/08 06:05 PM
Attracting Clients You Want
Just the other day, a realtor asked me if advertising "credit repair" was bringing me the types of clients that I want to be out with selling houses.
The answer is an absolute "Yes!"
The average credit repair client is the average person.  Put them in a line up and NO you wouldn't be able to pick them out. 
And they buy houses of all price ranges with the average sales price being - well-average.  Of my most recent buyers who have gone thru credit repair, one qualified for up to $140,000, a second qualified for up to $120,000, and … (9 comments)

credit repair: Advertising Credit Repair to Home Buyers Works to Close Sell More Real Estate - 04/06/08 05:52 PM
When We Knew We Were Onto Something
I'll never forget the first ad we ran in the Homes and Lifestyle homes magazine advertising credit repair.
The magazine was distributed on Thursday, and by Monday, we had our first paying clients signed up for Credit Repair.  And when we listened to the husband describe how his wife had responded to our ad, we knew we were onto something.
They were the sweetest couple whose son had had a heart problem since birth.  And as you can expect, the medical problems translated into large medical bills which translated into credit problems.  Although the father was … (4 comments)

credit repair: Don't Trash Your Real Estate Client Leads - 04/06/08 05:45 PM
Don't trash your leads!
We've all heard that real estate is a numbers business.  Those who survive are successful at generating a large number of leads and are also successful at capturing those leads and converting them into buyers.
Converting your unqualified leads into qualified buyers through credit repair means you'll close more real estate deals.
Think about it.  When you get the news that your newest and hottest lead has just been turned down for a loan, don't trash the lead!  Instead refer them to Credit Builders Inc. 
If you do, 1 of 3 things will happen:
•1.      Some of those people won't follow … (9 comments)

credit repair: Is Credit Repair Really Ok? or are we setting up our clients to fail? - 04/06/08 03:16 PM
Is Credit Repair Really Ok? or are we setting up our clients to fail? is a posting I made in my group about using credit repair for your clients.
I always find it interesting the reactions I get from other professionals when they discover that I actually market to home buyers who need credit repair.
I have found this to be a legitimate and succesful way to generate business.
I hope you will consider joining my goup so that we can share ideas about how to close more deals while helping our clients enjoy the American dream.

credit repair: A Realtor & Lender Close a Deal After Buyer goes thru Credit Repair - 04/06/08 02:22 PM
Our credit repair Company, Credit Builders Inc has Survived Our First Year!Wow, it's hard to believe that it's been over a year now since Shayne Sherman, a mortgage loan officer and I, a real estate agent launched Credit Builders Inc.And it's amazing how many home buyers have gone through our credit repair program and are now proud homeowners. Some of these people were clients that Shayne or I represented in the real estate transaction. Many others were actually represented by other lenders and realtors.As soon as we decided to start the credit repair company, we made a decision to design a … (4 comments)

credit repair: Join my Group to help you Sell more Real Estate through Credit Repair - 04/06/08 01:37 PM
I'm a real estate agent always wanting to sell more houses.  Sound familiar?  
About a year ago, I along with a lender and lawyer started a credit repair company. 
It has been a great year.  We proceeded slowly and with caution.  If you are interested in learning how to stop trashing your leads that get turned down for loans, then please join my group:  Realtors Converting Leads with Credit Repair
Credit Builders Inc,,  is a valuable resource you can use to help you grow your real estate business. 
But regardless of the credit repair resource you use, it is important … (7 comments)

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