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  You may have seen these advertised on TV and wondered if they work-they do!  I happened upon Attach-its a few years ago when browsing through the big box hardware store.  The package had been marked down so I took a chance and bought it.  A few weeks later I had the opportunity to put them to t...
(Signs from just read an interesting article about attending open houses as a hobby or a past time.  This Open House Voyeurism, leads the author to guess about the home's occupants and their reason for selling based on the personal effects he notices when he tours the house (and pee...
How many of you have struggled with clients about their pet paraphenalia?  It's not difficult to put away the toy basket, clear the floor of pigs ears, bones and catnip mice.  The real problem comes with the dog crates (usually LARGE) and the litterbox. Oversized dog beds and cat jungle-gyms and ...
Each month, HGTV's issues a list of top tips for buyers and sellers.  The latest one of red flags for home buyers has the usual caveats about foundation cracks, poor yard maintenance, lots of homes on the street for sale, homeowner renovations that may not be up to code, and more.  ...
 A Stager's DictionaryIs there a staging dictionary or glossary somewhere?  If not, I think we should compile one.Here are a few ideas to get us started (not in alphabetical order):     Unstaged- your work has been substantially changed by a client/family member or friendRestaged- a staged proper...
A sure sign that a house is soon to go on the market is the frenzied fix-up activity just before the for sale sign goes in the ground.  Mounds of often usable items end up in the curbside trash, when with a slight bit of effort it can be put to good use. Not an attractive site in a neighborhood w...
At what point do buyers expect the garage to be another decorated room?I'm used to explaining to homeowners that their garage needs to be clean, neat, as empty as possible of unnecessary storage items and randomly placed shelving and hooks.  Rarely do I run across a garage that doesn't have paint...

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