branding: Are Realtors Ignoring the Modern, Social Savvy Connected Buyer? - 09/08/14 11:45 PM
Is the real estate and vacation rental industry keeping up with technology including social media and mobile marketing? Are they doing all they can to inspire, engage, and connect with the new modern customer? Or are realtors ignoring these mobile, always connected and social savvy customers?
In this episode of the Social Zoom Factor podcast I share the experience I had when looking for a home two times over the past few years. I also share exactly what I would do if I were a social realtor. I share strategies, tips and best practices. I also share recommended steps for those working in the industry to get … (1 comments)

branding: 40 Tips to Not be a Twit on Twitter - 08/28/14 02:22 AM

What is a Twit? It’s not the same exact thing as a tweet although it’s sometimes referred to as one. Is it a person? Is it short for Twitter? Is it a tweet gone viral? Or a tweet gone bad. Or neither? 
Twitter can be overwhelming for newbies to social media and even veterans of the online marketing world.
Understanding the social ecosystem you are jumping and tweeting into is critical for success. How do you know what is proper etiquette? How can you join the conversation and become a valuable, contributing member of the community as soon as possible?
In this episode … (0 comments)

branding: Social Media: Stop Faking it Until You Make It! - 08/24/14 11:05 PM
Should you fake it until you make it? You can hear my answer to this question in this episode of the Social Zoom Factor podcast.
Just as we think social media, marketing and business leaders were finally starting to “get it” in regard to the foundation ofsocial media being about human connection, relationships, authenticity, there seems to be a new wave of cheaters, influence score addicted, self proclaimed “gurus” ready to risk their reputation, business, client relationships, integrity and more for a few hundred or tens of thousands fake Facebook fans or Twitter followers.
What is even more disappointing is that these are the … (1 comments)

branding: Personal Branding is Required, Not Optional! - 08/10/14 09:58 AM
In today's socially connected world and 1:1 constant communication 365 days of the year, human to human communication is at the core of business and life.
The heartbeat of social media is humans. The goal for businesses and the people within them is not to "do social" but to be social.
Even "being social" is often not enough. We must be socially relevant. The best way to be relevant is to connect as humans, to inspire and connect in a way that nurtures meaningful and authentic relationships that endure the technology and platform changes that are thrown at us constantly. Brands … (5 comments)

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