content: 40 Tips to Not be a Twit on Twitter - 08/28/14 02:22 AM

What is a Twit? It’s not the same exact thing as a tweet although it’s sometimes referred to as one. Is it a person? Is it short for Twitter? Is it a tweet gone viral? Or a tweet gone bad. Or neither? 
Twitter can be overwhelming for newbies to social media and even veterans of the online marketing world.
Understanding the social ecosystem you are jumping and tweeting into is critical for success. How do you know what is proper etiquette? How can you join the conversation and become a valuable, contributing member of the community as soon as possible?
In this episode … (0 comments)

content: Plagiarism is for Lazy Birds! 27 Common Sense Reasons & Tips to Create Your Own Content - 01/04/11 03:39 AM

One question any blogger, marketing, social media or business leader should never ask themselves: “Should I copy somebody else’s content or create my own?”
Note: This post comes with strong opinion as my content has been blatently plagiarized numerous times the past few months.
The worst case study I have seen recently was with my own content.  The guilty party was a so called “social media consultant” who literally copied and pasted my Green Eggs & Facebook: 15 Social Media Tips from Dr Seuss article.  She copied the entire article, changed the title by swapping “Facebook” with “Twitter” and … (5 comments)

content: Social Media: Yes, You Must Inspire Me! (Part 1) - 10/12/10 02:25 AM

There are many discussions about how to leverage social media to grow your business. Some days it seems to almost blow in the wind based on the latest hot blog post of the day.
In the early days it was all about the tools.  People thought as long as you knew the tools you could grow a following.  Once you had a following you could solve world hunger and make millions at the same time!
Then it became all about content.  Content was King or  Queen.  What is it today? The Jack? It depends on how you’re playing the … (8 comments)

content: Social Media Love 101: 17 tips to be a Good Friend & Advocate in Social Media - 10/07/10 01:42 AM

Social media is all one big relationship. Making them meaningful, inspirational and profitable are top goals.
Many times we get too caught up in the science of social media. Too many folks worry too much about how many followers they have on Twitter, number of fans on Facebook and the list goes on and on.  What really matters most is how are you engaging with your audience and how is your audience responding?  An audience of 100 loyal, active followers who are genuinely and authentically interested in your content are worth far more than 1000 that don’t know you, don’t care to … (5 comments)

content: Social Media: Sing Your Brand Song or Nobody Else Will! - 10/06/10 03:27 AM


Remember when you were a kid and you would sing your heart out?  I can remember singing in the 5th grade show to the tune of Laverne and Shirley! I sang like I was going to be on the next season of Brady Bunch.  Didn’t matter that I couldn’t sing, just that I was there doing what I did and having fun!
What is the song for your business?  Are you singing your heart out?  Or are you hiding in the back row because you forgot the words?
We need to go back to the reasons, the dreams … (3 comments)

content: Social Media Personality: What kind of DRIVER are you? Middle Lane, Beetle or Walker? - 08/23/10 10:32 AM

Social Media Personality: What kind of DRIVER are you?
What type of social media personality are you? Do you join in the fun? Or are you one of those that likes to sit on the sidelines and take it all in?
Which answer best fits you below? Leave a comment and take the survey to see what others vote too!
1. Middle Lane:-Likes to be the middle of all the action.  Not too fast, not too slow.  There to help the newbies, yet still keep up with the social media rockstars and jet to the fast lane when needed.
2. … (1 comments)

content: Social Media Engagement: 12 Tips to Maximize Your Website for Social Media - 08/23/10 09:46 AM

Social Media Engagement: 12 Tips to Maximize Your Website for Social Media
Websites, social media platforms, blogs. What to do with them?  The worst thing you can do is throw them on the wall and hope it sticks!
It is amazing how many people are putting their life into a business that they haven’t taken the time to build.  If your business isn’t worth taking the time to define your goals and objectives, market, messages,target customer pain points, then why are you in the business in the first place? How can you expect someone to “like” you or be your “fan” … (63 comments)

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