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      Some circa 1800 properties around our office in Historic Bethlehem:   Lehigh University:      
In an effort to restart the economy by giving the housing market a boost, those who buy a home any time this year (you must close this year) will receive a $8,000 tax credit.  A tax credit is not a write off, or a deduction, it is a rebate, or a 100% check. I have posted my idea on how to get tha...
A new CONTROVERSIAL web site created by a Real Estate Agent Trainer and Motivational Speaker tells the public how the Real Estate Industry really works.  This is the first time many of these things have been said. He is seeking requests from the public for screened experts, and he will refer bus...
A customer I was doing a loan for had their house under contract for 3 months only to find he was provided with:False preapproval letter from their unethical lender friend at the offer in Jan 08False commitment letter from the same guy in #1 on commitment date March 08The buyers had no way of obt...
I have a customer who listed a very nice house for sale over a week ago (450k price range) in Chester County, PA and there has not been a call for a showing yet.  Is this normal or a bad sign?  He was expecting some reaction, even with the down market, especially because it's spring and his bloss...
Money Magazine's Annual Top 100 Places to Live is now Top 100 Places to Live and Launch a business.Pittstburgh, PA was ranked #60 in the USA and was the second highest PA city on the list (after Bethlehem).  They say the Pros are "Top-ranked research universities, affordable homes".  They note: "...
Money Magazine's Annual Top 100 Places to Live is now Top 100 Places to Live and Launch a business.Bethlehem PA was ranked #58 in the USA and was the highest PA city on the list.  They call it a "Business-friendly environment in a university town".  They note: "Low real estate prices (the median ...
This is my first time writing the Week in Review.  Thank you Jeff for the opportunity.  In perusing through the blogs from the week I learned some new things and was inspired from the articles below.  Better Insurance Rates by Keith Goodman- This was very informative, specific, and relevant to a ...
I own a mortgage company so was not too easily fooled when my home buyers provided me with a Mortgage Commitment, that took 10 weeks to get, so it would be the real thing I was told.  The borrowers were trying to "boost their credit scores to obtain a better rate"....or something...The mortgage r...
Something like this happened to a customer....  The sellers pack all their things to get ready to move.  They have utilities all ready to be switched, other services are canceled, and the new house all ready to go as well.The sellers, a nice family with three young children, are relocating to a n...

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