Rate Lock Advisory - Tuesday Feb. 26th Tuesday's bond market has opened in negative territory following stronger than expected inflation related readings. The stock markets are currently showing gains after opening with losses. The Dow is now up 80 points while the Nasdaq has gained 20 points. Th...
I just have to give Paint Protection Film a plug! If baby your car, like many in the business do???!  There's this excellent film now that is pre-cut for just about every make of car.  You can either install it yourself or have it installed for you.  I am having some pieces custom cut for my Jeep...
A young single mother customer of mine came across a foreclosure listing...Now she stays away from them.The bank/seller is OBVIOUSLY NOT A FAN OF HOME STAGING!  The MLS said "Inspections allowed but no repairs will be made".   The house was a mess.The previous owners removed the sinks, water heat...
I just received an offer on a property I am selling that is located at the beach (ie it is not a $50,000 fixer upper :)) .   The buyers refuse to put more than $1,000 down.  The other terms we have worked out are agreeable, not great, but in this market, reasonable.The buyer's agent said these bu...
Bethlehem PA has the first historic district that was created in Pennsylvania.  The rules there are similar to other historic districts from when I've gathered.1-any plans to change the exterior facade of the home, that is visible from any street or public accessway, must be approved by HARB (His...
The stimulus plan that increased the Jumbo loan limits has left a lot of open questions.  Would it help the people in expensive areas such as Bucks, Center City Philadelphia,   and Southern Chester County?  How about the slow beach home market in Sussex County Delaware?  It seems the definite ans...
A customer of mine is having a difficult time locating a high end home in the Lehigh Valley area.  The average home there seems to be about $200,000.  There are very few homes over $500,000.  Could his market be enhanced by locating homes that are about to go in foreclosure?I know companies charg...
Rates hit 5.25% for ONLY 5 HOURS 3 weeks ago.  The phones were ringing off the hook, yet everyone decided to wait for 5%, something they heard in the media.They have climbed steadily since that 5 hour window and are now 6%.First...I've been doing this for 13 years and have seen so many people los...
It's a sheet of ice outside...Business's are closed.  I have 2 pre-teens and their school was cancelled today.   I would like to clean this mess off my desk today.  There are various piles.  Since people are home, maybe they will use this time to shop for a mortgage or real estate.Enjoy your day!   
When looking at an old home, that has experienced roof leaks and other leaks since it was built in 1875, I'd like to test for mold.Hey Realtor folks: I am surprised there is no standard contingency for mold insp. on the sales contract...whoops, I see it, it is mentioned under home inspections, al...

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