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This is our ActiveRain contribution blog. We were one of the First Real Estate teams to join The "rain" and have been able to learn, write, comment, read, add value to, and digest with some of the most influential Real Estate Leaders writings that this World has to offer. You might be a Buyer, Seller or someone that shares a terrible "world view" of Real Estate agents. If that is the case, I totally get that. In fact, when you look around on the "rain" you will find that most of the Realtors that contribute and write on AR are on your side. That is why we do this. Given enough time, we will turn the world view that real estate agents are crooks, dishonest, and money grubbing around to what it should be. We are doing this service because we don't want to see anyone harmed with the purchase or conveying of Real Property. It should be something that causes one to prosper. Being the conduit for someone fulfilling the "American Dream" should never be taken for granted.



What is your Sphere of Influence?  After a clever brand, slogan, and logo are carried out and adopted.  You take these symbols of your business and present them to the world.  As I stated before, T-shirts work well for me, then there came the banners (on our office walls).  I graduated to Pens wi...
As a follow up to my piece on Branding, I feel it necessary to share some of the ways in which I move Paris911 to the masses.After development of the brand and accompanying logo, it was now time to push our brand.  My vision was and still is connecting the Brand with a person's understanding of w...
When it comes to any business that is interested in procuring new customers or retaining past clients, it is very necessary to be both persistent and consistent.  Usually when you are in the process of working in some way for a client, you need not worry about whether or not they are going to be ...
We are fortunate working in and around Santa Clarita Valley in the fact that there are new homes being built.  But they are not without their share of penalties.  Penalties is quite a strong word, let me explain.  There are assessments with the new housing that is being built.  These assessments ...
What is true power?  I view true power as having the power to counter an attack, either verbally, physically, mentally etc, and responding with only the force necessary to stop that attack.  I have read that most people can handle adversity, but to test a person's true character, give them power....
There I was just sitting minding my own business as I was listening to a bit of metal looking over the days activities on Outlook.I get a call from the receptionist saying "Connor a Mr. Jeff Turner is here to see you, shall I send him up?"  I said yes, hung up the phone and walked from my office ...
Please, if you are named one of the following, I mean no offence.There are people that you run across in life that fit different descriptions.  You have the "doubting Thomas", "Nosie Nellies", Chatty Cathy's, all of which are fun at times, but can be a bit of distraction.  However, none of the ab...
The final step to any good marksman is being able to "do it again".When it comes to the comparisons I made between the seven elements of marksmanship and Real Estate practices, this is probably the place where most fall short of the mark.  I come from a school of thought that there is enough busi...
Regarding breathing and controlling breath.  When a shooter has to make a precision shot it very important for him/her to see how breathing effects the sighting of the weapon.  In order to do this they can hold the weapon out as if shooting and watch the sights move up and down with each breath. ...
Mechanically, the shooter must be made aware of how the pointing of the sights on the weapon function.  You will be cutting in half the center of mass of whatever you are shooting.  If you are unsure of your target or other related dangers that come about as a result of discharging, then we are t...

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