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This is our ActiveRain contribution blog. We were one of the First Real Estate teams to join The "rain" and have been able to learn, write, comment, read, add value to, and digest with some of the most influential Real Estate Leaders writings that this World has to offer. You might be a Buyer, Seller or someone that shares a terrible "world view" of Real Estate agents. If that is the case, I totally get that. In fact, when you look around on the "rain" you will find that most of the Realtors that contribute and write on AR are on your side. That is why we do this. Given enough time, we will turn the world view that real estate agents are crooks, dishonest, and money grubbing around to what it should be. We are doing this service because we don't want to see anyone harmed with the purchase or conveying of Real Property. It should be something that causes one to prosper. Being the conduit for someone fulfilling the "American Dream" should never be taken for granted.



I read the most interesting article today that made me consider retiring from Real Estate.  Apparently we have not been in a slump at all, but an eternal upswing of market trends, buyers, sellers, fantastic interest rates, terms and the sort.We have been duped by what we have read about the marke...
I have to say it was hot.  My routine, changes from day to day.  Today I went to the office and pulled expired and cancelled listings, this is daily.  I got my mailings out and two days the follow up calls start.  About 9:30am I returned home for a run.  Today 4 miles seemed like 10.  My legs wer...
I trust that my active-rain friends will be gentle with me concerning my "naive" solution to the housing market...What if the financial institutions were made to extend the homeowners current rate on the adjustable rate mortgages for another two years?  Kind of like a renewal while the market str...
5.11 Tactical Pants,Glock 21, .45 Cal.Oakley Tac-BootsOakley Monster Dog Polarized GlassesCustom Fit Ear Plugs with Orange cordParis911 Long Sleeved T-shirt and the apparent use of the Buns of Steel Video tape you got me last Christmas....  Priceless....
I was just at the computer shop having my laptop fixed and wondering if all of the data, that I procrastinated in backing up, will still be there after they get it to work...  Well no matter, I am sure my phone as most of my calendar inside of it.  I hope.  But if that fails, I am sure the people...
"Turn the Targets!!!"Click on the above picture to see an example of and some of its abilities!!!  Enjoy the show.  Dedicated to the Motor Officers that have served, given the greatest sacrifice, and to the Motor-Cops to come.  May God Bless You All... With Honor, Connor T...
Where is Your Small Voice??? What a fantastic opportunity to spoil yourself rotten.  It only takes practice, determination and the will of merely wanting to be spoiled.Whatever happened to self-discipline and control?  I love the excuses, "I can't, its too hard, i'm trying, they won't let me, he ...
Thanks for the response to the blog on 100's...  My friends on Active rain, you inspire me more than you could possibly know...Here is something interesting about using bodyweight exercises such as the hindu squats and hindu push-ups.  There is an awesome learning curve.  I suppose you can coin i...
Ah yes, the workout.  There are a lot of advisers out there that express their opinions about the correct amounts of sets vs. reps vs. weight. vs. machines, dumb-bells, bars, body-weight, whew.  It can be overwhelming.Grab a couple of soup cans and do curls.  Stand in your kitchen and curl the so...
I am not asking about pitching tents, polishing thrones or pushing tortoises.  I am curious about your physical training regimen.I have a very close friend, as I am sure many of you do(have close friends that is), getting deployed to the War in the middle east.  He is currently at Pendleton being...

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