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This is our ActiveRain contribution blog. We were one of the First Real Estate teams to join The "rain" and have been able to learn, write, comment, read, add value to, and digest with some of the most influential Real Estate Leaders writings that this World has to offer. You might be a Buyer, Seller or someone that shares a terrible "world view" of Real Estate agents. If that is the case, I totally get that. In fact, when you look around on the "rain" you will find that most of the Realtors that contribute and write on AR are on your side. That is why we do this. Given enough time, we will turn the world view that real estate agents are crooks, dishonest, and money grubbing around to what it should be. We are doing this service because we don't want to see anyone harmed with the purchase or conveying of Real Property. It should be something that causes one to prosper. Being the conduit for someone fulfilling the "American Dream" should never be taken for granted.



Spin this for a second.  REMAX has given us a great option for our clients out there wanting to deal with "full disclosure" agents.  We have become very well know and have been able to build one of the best Internet presences amongst our peers.  That means a couple of things.  For our buyers they...
Sellers and Buyers Unite - You have got to check out and see what all of the hubub is about - It is a location where we have placed four Top Producer Systems Market Snapshots.  Each one corresponds to a different Board of Realtors which we are Full members of, Either Paris or...
There is nothing that can compete with Personal communication.  One on one.  When out shopping or at the Mall all you need to do is wear a sign that makes you identifiable as the Subject Matter Expert in Real Estate.You could go the cap with a propeller on top approach, maybe with some bright LED...
You have to love this business, but if you mind is working overtime in an attempt to make a better product or by the giving of information hand over fist. In order to set you "Above the Crowd" (gotta love that REMAX slogan).  Then you might look for cosmetic surgery as an option.You can get your ...
I am not sure whether or not I could have made a longer title - But Santa Clarita Tract Code Information from the Reputable REMAX of Santa Clarita by The 911 Team and the "full disclosure" specialists at Paris911, is available at Clarita Valley is organized by Tract codes...
It has taken a lot of work and I am glad to offer my clients the Safety and Security of being affiliated with REMAX of Santa Clarita and REMAX of Valencia.  We have been able to set specific search engines into place that cover each and every city in the Santa Clarita Valley Real Estate Community...
I had written to you before about a beautiful 2800 square foot home located in Castaic California - with Views for Miles.  Built in 1999, with a great elevation on design and very large and open floor plan.  Here we have the same home that we just took a huge price reduction on.  A price reductio...
Build it and they will come.  Words to live by.  There are a lot of those out here in our midst that are playing a misleading game - Selling themselves by playing with the numbers and working from a "national" average.  Example, you take numbers of licensed Real Estate Agents, just the sheer numb...
I must say that my voice has seen better days.  However, the satisfaction that goes with the "stressing" of the voice and the decibel level that has to be achieved and maintained, when attempting to yell commands that have to overcome inner hearing protection and Motor Helmets, is quite draining ...
If you are on the search for Real Estate and a comfortable office to meet and interview a couple of fantastic people that have their focus on Relational Real Estate.  Then look no further.  REMAX of Santa Clarita and REMAX of Valencia are one in the same.  Two different locations to serve our cli...

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