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This is our ActiveRain contribution blog. We were one of the First Real Estate teams to join The "rain" and have been able to learn, write, comment, read, add value to, and digest with some of the most influential Real Estate Leaders writings that this World has to offer. You might be a Buyer, Seller or someone that shares a terrible "world view" of Real Estate agents. If that is the case, I totally get that. In fact, when you look around on the "rain" you will find that most of the Realtors that contribute and write on AR are on your side. That is why we do this. Given enough time, we will turn the world view that real estate agents are crooks, dishonest, and money grubbing around to what it should be. We are doing this service because we don't want to see anyone harmed with the purchase or conveying of Real Property. It should be something that causes one to prosper. Being the conduit for someone fulfilling the "American Dream" should never be taken for granted.


2008 - Here is a new resource that Mike Price with turned me onto today.  I was greeted personally by the owners and I am excited to watch that product grow.  Another community, which as I see it we cannot have enough.  This one is built on the Beta platform and i...
I took a listing in Northridge California from a nice lady that has some, albeit them applicable, concerns about safety.  With my Law Enforcement background I had informed her that I want everyone to use the lockbox to obtain access, even if the seller is out on the front porch when the prospecti...
Wow, with all of the claims to be number one - I am surprised we are not hip deep in lawsuits related to the True number 1's stepping forward and claiming their crown. Here are some of the examples of number one's without validation - These examples are all from the same local market: Number One ...
Technology has been moving at an alarming rate - There is so much out there we as Realtor's get hit with on a daily basis - especially if we are hitting high on the organic search engines with our keywords.  Because if clients are finding us - So are the vendors.  (click here for more info)  Here...
Technology - Remember when gas was around a dollar a gallon?  When they had "regular" gas.  Pennies could buy you candy, even at a convienence store. I am not sure if we will ever see those days again.  I am also not sure that my kids will be able to afford a home when they get to that age. So I ...
We were going on a trip on American Airlines late November, I learned my lesson when I tried to move the trip and there is a $100.00 per ticket change fee.  The lesson - Try the Airlines direct instead of the Discount sites.  Has anyone had similar experiences, or am I off base? By the way - I am...
Now I can look the same no matter what product you are looking at from Paris911 and all of the bells and whistles we offer our clients. Whew - Please don't let your eyes bleed... :-) Connor with HONOR p.s. for your activerainer's - check out the do it yourself header thingy - next time I will spa...
This Listing Book resource is great for our buyers and sellers.  Just visit the links below to see what this product is all about.  You will be very happy to see that The Paris911 Team in conjunction with REMAX of Valencia and REMAX of Santa Clarita signed up to have this product represent our cl...
If you have not signed up with training with some of the "best" Real Estate trainers in the world, think twice before making that leap. It makes me grin that they teach how to redirect conflict.  We function in a Public Servant farm, due to our background and current status with LAPD and LASD, we...

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