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This is our ActiveRain contribution blog. We were one of the First Real Estate teams to join The "rain" and have been able to learn, write, comment, read, add value to, and digest with some of the most influential Real Estate Leaders writings that this World has to offer. You might be a Buyer, Seller or someone that shares a terrible "world view" of Real Estate agents. If that is the case, I totally get that. In fact, when you look around on the "rain" you will find that most of the Realtors that contribute and write on AR are on your side. That is why we do this. Given enough time, we will turn the world view that real estate agents are crooks, dishonest, and money grubbing around to what it should be. We are doing this service because we don't want to see anyone harmed with the purchase or conveying of Real Property. It should be something that causes one to prosper. Being the conduit for someone fulfilling the "American Dream" should never be taken for granted.



Santa Clarita Real Estate Update    10312012 – Lions and Tigers and Bears – Oh My – Loosen the Santa Clarita Real Estate monster!!! Posted: 31 Oct 2012 11:52 AM PDT Lions, Tigers and Bears, OH MY!!!!  There is nothing scarier on Halloween than answering the door at night.  Especially when it is ...
Santa Clarita Real Estate Update    10292012 – Hurricanes in New York – Slow Burn inventory in Santa Clarita CA Posted: 29 Oct 2012 09:15 AM PDT This audio podcast was completed last night just before midnight near our home in Valencia CA.  I say near – because I was outside, I did not want to w...
Santa Clarita Real Estate Update    10282012 – Me thinks too much cough syrup does no one any good :) Posted: 28 Oct 2012 09:57 AM PDT I think I get sick once a year, whether I need it or not.  It seems to have been going that way for the past few years.  As I always tell my kids and staff - “It...
Santa Clarita Real Estate Update    10272012 Santa Clarita real estate daily show talks about Lame Duck’s Posted: 27 Oct 2012 08:55 AM PDT While my competition hates that, Rain or Shine, Sick or Sleepy, the Show must go on – The Lame Duck I’m referring to is the next session of congress to be he...
10262012 – What about the Home Inspection phase as a Santa Clarita home buyer Posted: 26 Oct 2012 08:55 AM PDT During the home inspection phase of our client’s buying homes, condo’s or town-homes – including all of the aforementioned with regard to New Construction, things get found out....[[ Th...
Santa Clarita Real Estate Update    10252012 – The Santa Clarita housing market is on the road to recovery and Customer Service Posted: 25 Oct 2012 09:54 AM PDT On the wire this AM reference to the amounts of Foreclosures that are on the market for sale – that number has decreased over the past ...
Santa Clarita Real Estate Update    10232012 Updates have been compiled and the Survey Says… Posted: 23 Oct 2012 07:05 AM PDT Everything is always a matter of time…  The Santa Clarita real estate updates are no different. Compiling the data some weeks takes a bit longer, publishing that same dat...
Santa Clarita Real Estate Update    10222012 – This real estate update is about being on our list, the Good One!!! Posted: 22 Oct 2012 03:01 PM PDT We consider our clients our friends.  No matter when they pressed the trigger on their real estate with our team. The fact of the matter is that rea...
Santa Clarita Real Estate Update    10212012 – Is today your day to find the home of your dreams and dumping your real estate agent Posted: 21 Oct 2012 07:21 AM PDT It could be, but its probably not.  With today’s constrictive real estate inventory, you are probably wondering if it will ever be?...

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