connor macivor: Santa Clarita - Day 2 Updates from REMAX's Paris911 Team - 08/23/12 05:31 AM

connor macivor: You should see the 5th Day of Christmas Video - 08/21/12 08:30 AM

connor macivor: 6 new foreclosures released in the last 24 hours - SCV - 06/01/11 07:59 AM
We have had a record (maybe not a world record), but it has been a while since we have seen that many REO's released in a single 24 hour period in the Santa Clarita Valley.
We have also posted up a new article - Maybe Short Selling is not for you...
Have a great day - here is the most recent addition to our Daily Drip of Real Estate juice!!!!

connor macivor: Stevenson Ranch Foreclosure Update for a Friend of mine - 01/30/11 07:24 AM
I have a terrible cold - sorry for sounding under the weather - However, Real Estate still has to get done.  You will be able to see the pending foreclosures, pre foreclosures, pending auctions and current bank owned homes in Stevenson Ranch.

connor macivor: Santa Clarita Real Estate blog RECAP from December 2010 Part 1 - 01/02/11 09:50 PM
Here is REMAX's Paris911 Team monthly Santa Clarita Real Estate Blog Recap.  This is Part 1:
Don't Miss the opportunity to give in Santa Clarita Valley this Sunday.
Going Green can give you a Tax Break
Selling your Santa Clarita home in the Holiday Season.
Santa Clarita Real Estate rates rise.
Checking Heath affordabe in Santa Clarita Valley.
Santa Clarita Short Sale Transactions easier with Help.
Buying Santa Clarita REO properties.

connor macivor: If you can make them laugh they will buy :-) - 10/25/10 05:12 AM
Are your postcards just "Blah..." - I know most Real Estate Agents have a funny side to them.  Heck, we are still at it in this current market - We must have a funny streak a mile wide.
When doing mailings, if you still are, door hangers or other types of hand to home deliveries - Think Funny.  When people are taking a second look and laughing, it just might be what the doctor ordered to get them to pick up the phone to call.
“Hello my name is Connor and I have been 32 days without … (4 comments)

connor macivor: Stop the Presses, or Foreclosures? - 10/20/10 06:43 AM
Santa Clarita Valley is not without it's Share of Distressed properties.  With B of A halting and starting again - it is a wonder we don't all need take prescription medication.
Here is a recent post with a cool video showing me with my fancy headset on, looking like I'll be traveling to outer space ;-)
Here is the current glimpse of inventory in the Santa Clarita Valley:
October 20, 2010 Daily Numbers
New Listings: 17Out of the New Listings:  REO: 6 Short Sale: 5Active Listings: 1204 Avg. Days on Market: 103
Pending Daily New: 12Closed Daily New:10 Pending & Backup Offers Total: 848

connor macivor: Santa Clarita Childrens Fair this weekend - 10/08/10 09:56 AM
If you have time you will need to get to the 5th annual safety fair in the Santa Clarita Valley.  They will cover a large subject list.
Here is the update as far as new inventory and sold recordings go for the Santa Clarita Valley!!! 
October 8, 2010 Daily Numbers 
New Listings: 15Out of the New Listings:  REO: 5 Short Sale: 5Active Listings: 1197 Avg. Days on Market: 101
Pending Daily New: 19Closed Daily New:17  Pending & Backup Offers Total: 842
October Closed to Date: 43YTD Closed Escrows: 2671
 Have a wonderful day and great weekend!!

connor macivor: How is the market in the cities within the Santa Clarita Valley on September 10, 2010? - 09/10/10 06:21 AM
Probably not much different than the rest of the country.  We are seeing a lot of buyers, in this current market, backing out of real estate transactions.  Some of this trauma can be directed to stricter lending requirements.  Others are speaking about the current state of the Real estate market and not wanting to jump in until it settles a bit.
Either way, we are watching as sellers are reducing their prices and buyers are reading more intel on the real estate market.  AS Paris always says to our new buyers, 'you are not buying a pair of shoes...'
September 10, … (0 comments)

connor macivor: Trulia is also a FREE service for Realtors and Vendors worth looking at!!! - 09/05/10 04:45 PM
If you are doing regular internet searches for Real Estate by the Keywords that are the highest ranked in your particular real estate market, then you want to do your best to go after the top results.
If one of those top results is something you can join and add your two cents to, then I think you should.
It does not take much to become effective in the internet blogging world, in fact, persistence pays off big dividends.
When I don't have anything to say about anything - I just go back to my website and blog about particular pages … (1 comments)

connor macivor: I have heard of FHA Streamline Refinances, what are they? - 09/03/10 07:40 AM
Make sure you have not eaten within an hour before watching this video - you might get cramps (just saying)...
FHA streamline loans - what are they are who are they for?  Mike Meena with Augusta Financialwas interviewed today by Me, Connor MacIVOR, with the Paris911 Team.
He covered the nuts and bolts to the FHA streamline process on our - You have to had paid for the last 6 months, being current on your mortgage with an FHA loan.  You need to provide some minor documentation and you can be upside down on your house.
IF you have an FHA … (3 comments)

connor macivor: Qualification does not equate to afford in Real Estate! - 08/26/10 04:49 PM
A loaded Question - what is the difference between qualification and afford in Real Estate?  Whether you are thinking of purchasing a home in the Santa Clarita Valley (Valencia etc.) or elsewhere in our Surrounding communities in Southern California - the answer to this Riddle needs to be known.
 It is the difference between being Mortgage Poor and Not  Being able to go out to dinner once a month and not.  Having an emergency arise and not being able to pay for it and NOT!!! You get the picture.  Pay particular attention to this Buyer "Qualification versus Afford" Video I … (0 comments)

connor macivor: Mobile Property Search and Mobile Registration for Santa Clarita Home Values - 08/17/10 03:55 PM
The Paris911 Team was the first to bring you Smarter Agent's Mobile Property Search Platform.  I was on the waiting list for over 11 months from when I first discovered this resource.  Finally, the folks At smarter agent got together with the Local boards of Realtors and worked out a deal to bring the Mobile Property platform to Southern California.
Head Quartered in the Santa Clarita Valley - I was a full member of CLAW - Greater Los Angeles board of Realtors, which was the first Board where contracts were signed for Smarter Agent to get the Mobile Download and links.

connor macivor: Real Estate Referrals - 06/08/10 02:25 AM
Please sign up so we can get you included on our Referral Network with Real Estate in Southern California.  We limit our AOI, Area of Influence to about a 37 mile radius from the Santa Clarita Valley.  If we are contacted beyond those areas - or if we reach critical mass, we need to refer the new flux of clients to someone.
Who better to do so than to Active rain friends.  We talk and interact on this social platform.  
It makes it easy for me to keep track and I would be honored if you are outside of our … (4 comments)

connor macivor: Val Verde Real Estate and Homes for Sale - 04/27/10 11:05 PM
Val Verde California had humble beginnings and is considered by most to be a part of the Santa Clarita Valley.  Located just west of Castaic California – about a five minute drive – it has less strict building codes and consists of a multitude of horse properties.
Priced at less than Castaic it definitely offers a more of a “country” feel.
I have posted all of the Homes for Sale in Val Verde located on the map below.  This map is quite unique from many points of view.  It updates from the Source Data several times per hour and also lists … (2 comments)

connor macivor: Valencia Real Estate and Homes for Sale - 04/26/10 11:34 PM
There is a Valencia Spain - but I would like to talk about Valencia California.  Valencia CA is located within the city of Santa Clarita and is just minutes north of Los Angeles.
Not minutes on those misleading maps that some new housing entities draw up making everything appear convenient, but actually 13 minutes from Osborne and the 5 freeway, which is Van Nuys.
That is driving time at the speed limit of course :-)
Valencia is loaded with some of the best public and private schools around.  It has the Valencia Town Center Mall and housing running the span between … (0 comments)

connor macivor: Canyon Country Real Estate for Sale - 04/21/10 02:01 AM
Canyon Country California is located in the Santa Clarita Valley, South and East from Saugus CA and North-East from Valencia.
The residences run the ranges from Estate Homes and Luxury Parcels to Single Family Residences and with a large amount of Condominiums and Townhomes.
As far as pricing - you can purchase a Condo/Town-home beginning in the $100K area and move up to Millions of Dollars if you are thinking of the Sand Canyon Area.
Schools, Shopping, restaurants and entertainment are all located in Canyon Country. 
The next question is usually, "How do I find listings and homes for sale … (0 comments)

connor macivor: Foreclosures in Acton and Beyond - How to Search??? - 04/11/10 08:29 AM
We have a lot of other resources so you can search with a certain amount of privacy.
Introducing our Exclusive Feeds.  This is one and we have many others.
These portals update many times per hour with only the freshest listings under their parameters.
Here are a couple more for you to check out.
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connor macivor: Stevenson Ranch Real Estate - 02/28/10 05:36 AM
Homes for sale in Stevenson Ranch California has been posted here.  You will see everything for sale and you can also view them in all of their glory.
You can also manipulate this transparent real estate search for Stevenson Ranch California by just utilizing the drop down menu.

Just below that you can also check out more of Stevenson Ranch - where the pictures get bigger and more information about the subject property populates the screen.
If you want us to conduct a specific search for you within the City of Stevenson Ranch - Which is located within the Santa … (0 comments)

connor macivor: Short Sale Liens - Shared Info on Google Reader - 02/28/10 05:02 AM
With regard to Real Estate in the Santa Clarita Valley - We wish to advise you that our blogs and other information is not for the faint of heart.  With us being very comfortable being questioned by all types of Law Enforcement, when it comes to those that don't ask any questions and take out word for everything Real Estate as Gospel - I cannot help to want to ask the Client if they have any questions and prod them into asking.
Don't take it for granted that the person you are hiring has your best interest at heart.  If you … (0 comments)

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