connor macivor: Why do we forget so soon? - 02/24/09 02:40 AM
Where were you in 1990?  Do you remember the Savings and Loan fallout?
June 17, 1990, I packed up my car about 1000 miles away from Los Angeles in my home town of 30,000 people.  I loaded the car with every possession I had and kissed my mom and dad goodbye.  I was going to Los Angeles to fulfill my DREAM of becoming a LAPD officer.
I arrived a couple of days later and had about 200 bucks in my pocket.  I was not sure what I was going to next.  I had tested before with the LAPD and was just … (3 comments)

connor macivor: Dare I say that I am witnessing a Sellers Market? - 02/23/09 01:17 PM
In the Santa Clarita Valley we were at 117 Foreclosures listed for sale amongst all of the cities located within the Santa Clarita Valley:
Saugus Stevenson Ranch Valencia Castaic Canyon Country Newhall Acton Agua Dulce That was two weeks ago.  Today there are 80 REO/Bank Owned Foreclosures on the Market.  I did not have time to break down DOM to see if they are priced in accordance with this declining market - but they very well might be.
Fannie Mae has slowed their release to a trickle - and other banks have followed suit.  They are awaiting to see where exactly … (1 comments)

connor macivor: How are you approaching Real Estate? - 02/19/09 03:18 AM
Maybe it is in your approach.  Business is there to be found, you just need to find those that are wanting to invest at this particular time.
You need to make your self aware of the numbers of Foreclosures/Bank Owned each day by setting yourself up on an e-mail search that you get into your in-box daily so you can know. 
When you know those numbers and have seen that search drip for about a week - then you will be much more self confident on the telephone and when responding to e-mail.
Sellers - they are out there - Distressed, … (0 comments)

connor macivor: New Van Nuys Foreclosure - Double Master Condo on Lennox by REMAX and Paris911 - 02/10/09 07:42 AM
Here is a premarket property that is a Bank Owned Foreclosure- I will be placing this onto the MLS later in this evening - but I wanted to pass it along to you just in case you have clients that are interested and want to have a look see before this hits the market 7301 Lennox D2, Van Nuys CA - Viola - Priced at $114,800 - Ready to go

If you are looking to have someone do a foreclosure specific search for you - let me know by visiting http://MoreThanForeclosures.comand let me do it for you.  If you are the … (0 comments)

connor macivor: Granada Hills foreclosure 11002 Haskell Ave - Granada Hills - 02/09/09 09:42 AM
Just placed onto the market at 0330hrs on 2/6/2009 - We are REMAX of Santa Clarita and REMAX of Valencia.
 - This Granada Hills Foreclosure is located at 11002 Haskell Ave in Granada Hills California, priced at $285,000 and it is 4 bedrooms and 1.75 bathrooms.  It is in good shape and was not kicked as some of the assets we place onto the market.
Here is the front picture and I will also include the Information sheet at
Thanks for everything and I hope this reaches you well.
Don't forget that we can help find everything you want, let us do … (0 comments)

connor macivor: 7408 CAPISTRANO AVE - West Hills Foreclosure - Way Under Market - 02/09/09 04:11 AM
If you have a Real Estate agent that represents you have them call us to find out about this 3+2 West Hills California home that is located West of Topanga Canyon! 
If you don't have an Real Estate agent that represents you, then call me at 800.760.6911 and I will be glad to represent you with your Real Estate Needs.
This West Hills California home is a True Bank Owned Foreclosure and the listing contract was just received and this home will be placed into the Multiple Listing Service Today 2/9/2009.
If you are hunting for foreclosures let us do … (0 comments)

connor macivor: Bank Owned Foreclosure in Reseda CA by RE/MAX and The Paris911 Team - 02/02/09 09:10 AM
We have it covered when it comes to Foreclosures.  Everything on the market is found and hunted by me when searching on a daily basis for our clients.  You can have the same resource at your fingertips.
***  But only if you are not working with an agent currently - this is very important because this is how they get paid - having loyal customers.
But, if you are not with an agent and are looking for someone that can best represent you and your Real Estate Needs - you need look no further. - go there and I will … (0 comments)

connor macivor: Valencia California Area 1 Real Estate Listings - Current for Sale 1/31/2009 - 01/31/09 05:20 AM
I have included two lists of Current Real Estate for Sale in Valencia California.
This is a super small snapshot of the total available properties in Valencia.  However, I have a A list and a B list - There was too much to send on the first portal so I improvised and made them a and b.
Valencia Area 1a Real Estate Actives List
Valencia Area 2b Real Estate Actives List
If you are interested in getting set up on a search go to our Foreclosures Link.  If you are they type of person that needs to do it themselves and … (0 comments)

connor macivor: Video and Audio - Do you have it? - 01/27/09 10:30 AM
I just gave you a link to a gateway of sorts that will have what Google is going to be up to this year.
If you are a fan or not of Google - you have to admire the thought process that goes into their search engine and the other bells and whistles they offer.
We are big fans of g-mail and I abandoned Outlook for that product, it works with pop3 etc. 
So if you send an e-mail to it will come through to me via gmail.
Anyway - the point of this quick post is that you will … (7 comments)

connor macivor: Current Foreclosure Inventory in Santa Clarita by RE/MAX - 01/23/09 09:31 AM
We still are in print advertising - but not in the usual places where there are no police agencies that make sure what you place is current and active.  Therefore - There is a lot of time taken when I prepare out ads with our Graphic Designer - Once such ad has our current inventory and I update these on a Monthly Basis.
You will notice that we are not only lip service and what I say about us having an expansive base, even though being head quartered in Santa Clarita, is not only true but verifiable.
So - How are … (0 comments)

connor macivor: The best way to Search for Homes for Sale in Santa Clarita and elsewhere. - 01/13/09 03:34 AM
On your quest for everything good and just - you might come across some misinformation in the process - what I would suggest is that you have a look at this "eyejot" and see what is happening on the Search for Real Estate.
Multiple Listing Services are probably your best bet with regard to accuracy and the ease of obtaining the information.  However, I have seen a trend that they expect you to register before giving you access - that is bothersome - we have resources that I e-mail to my clients, foreclosures, tract codes, even a distressed property Radar - … (0 comments)

connor macivor: Real Estate Blog 911? I think this is going to serve your well! - 01/08/09 05:20 AM
I love new ideas - I am an outside of the box kind of guy - I want people out there in the world to know I am constantly looking at my Craft of Real Estate and wanting to serve clients better - constantly refining and training in this industry and learning about industries and vendors within Real Estate.  To a Fault!!!
Others have told me, that is not our job, so don't explain it. 
I say that we need to be more educated than the others in our industry if we are going to have a the best run at this.  Also, … (0 comments)

connor macivor: REMAX Santa Clarita Style - Paris911 loves to Utter Listen and Enjoy!!! - 12/30/08 04:16 PM
Jeff Turner turned me on to this resource and I must say that everytime I spend any amount of time with this cat - or as I like to say, Brother - my mind is released from the Usual and Staus Quo and enters new territory.
RE/MAX International should consult with Jeff - I am sure that we could be bigger and better than we already are with some tweaking, fine tuning and a thinking cap that is truly out side of the box.  Infact with Jeff's approach, the box does not exist.
Here is Utterli and I love this Resource … (0 comments)

connor macivor: Santa Clarita Real Estate Market Update by Paul Atkins "A competitor..." - 12/06/08 05:46 AM
Let me see if I can convey to you how important it is to play it forward and never to tear anyone down, even competitors.  When you have all of that negative energy - you are doing yourself harm.  If you have the attitude, why them and not me - why are they successful and why am I starving - then you are on a short walk down a shorter plank.  It is extremely dangerous and it will rip you and your business apart.
Here is the Blog Post with Paul Atkin's Hard work.
I know for sure that this is … (0 comments)

connor macivor: Price Reduction on San Fernando Foreclosure - Detached Single Family Residence - 12/04/08 03:20 AM
We have been working on this foreclosure and how it has been adjusted to go in a hurry.  With the decreasing of the sales price, this San Fernando Valley Single Family Residence for sale is now $179,900.  It has two bedrooms and 1 bathroom with an attached two car garage and a real back yard!!!
Located in a great area - in the heart of San Fernando.  We are RE/MAX of Santa Clarita and RE/MAX of Valencia with the Paris911 Team.  We have access to all of the Foreclosures on the market whether in the City of San Fernando, where we … (0 comments)

connor macivor: Simi Valley Foreclosure 2 + 1 condo by RE/MAX and Paris911 - 12/03/08 04:23 AM
Finally received the Listing Agreement and it is being sold for $219,900.00 and for this 2 bedroom and 1 bathroom condo with Laundry inside and a detached single car garage, but plenty of other parking, this is even lower in price than the short sales in the same complex.
Here are some pictures and I hope you check out our site with RE/MAX Real Estate in Santa Clarita Valley, and as you can see, BEYOND.
You can also check out our personal website that has access to every thing Real Estate that you could want - Go to


connor macivor: Be careful who you step on during your ascending the ladder... - 12/02/08 02:41 PM
It is interesting that there are still those people out there that will do whatever they can to take business from others. First of all, I, as probably you, remember when we were new in the Real Estate Business.  Those were very difficult times that were coupled with distress, stress, agony, emotionally filled days, and many sleepless nights.  It is not easy being new at anything, let alone something that derives itself from "Trust" being a corner stone and the masses viewing those in that particular field as "crooks". We have a couple, they came to us from the LAPD and … (1 comments)

connor macivor: Banks Received the Bailout Money - and How much... - 11/25/08 03:21 AM
The checks have been written and the banks have started to receive the funds that will assist them in the Government sponsored Bail-Out.
Read about the Bailout on CNN by clicking Here!!!
I am excited and a bit apprehensive to watch what will happen in the next few months with the Real Estate Market and how the Monies will be put to use.
As a Realtor - The one thing that we, at RE/MAX and the Paris911 Team pride ourselves on is the fact that, depending on personal situations, it might not be the best time to purchase a home now.  … (0 comments)

connor macivor: Stevenson Ranch Foreclosure - Pre Marketing Stage - 11/17/08 07:31 AM
Here is a Stevenson Ranch Home that is in the pre marketing stage and should be available for the market within the next 45 days, something to watch for.
Located off of Hemmingway and Webster, this single family home is open and airy with an attached two car garage. 
If you are wanting to specifically search for the foreclosures and want to get your own account that does just that go to our resource where we have the resource posted at your fingertips.  We don't usually have anyone register for anything, and if you want to search without having to … (0 comments)

connor macivor: Simi Valley Foreclosures - In the preliminary stages - Pre Listing. - 11/17/08 06:47 AM
Received another asset, a two bedroom and one bathroom Condo, lower level that has an elevated dining area attached to the kitchen.  The two over sized bedrooms and one full bathroom.
The living area has a fireplace and connects with a small fenced yard that also has commonality with one of the bedrooms via a two panel sliding glass door.
There was no need for an eviction, the owners have moved on I am in the process of completing the Broker Price opinion and having the property cleaned out.
Keep an watchful eye and I will have the listing price sooner … (0 comments)

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