connor with honor: Thought provoking - But not new under the sun... - 09/03/09 12:36 AM
Real Estate Agents make too much money.
Real Estate Agents are an unnecessary "middle-man".
Real Estate Agents and Boards hold sellers and buyers captive.
Thoughts taken from a post from Jeff Jarvis at Buzz Boost.
It was written a long time ago, as far as the Internet is concerned, February 8th, 2006 at 11:53 am, "There is nothing new under the sun".
Sales people will always be somewhat despised.  But today, very different from the past, we have communication from all sections of the world that is immediate and gratification does not have to wait to get answers and feedback to all … (2 comments)

connor with honor: Connor With HONOR! - Re/MAX of Valencia and Re/MAX of Santa Clarita - 01/30/09 01:17 PM
The Blessing comes in the steady stream of fantastic Clients that we have met and continue to do so on a daily basis.
Some of these wonderful people and families have been waiting for years to jump into the market.  But they know our place, in which we do not create any undue pressure or attempt to press our Clients.
I love the Coaches that exist to Train the Tops in the Real Estate Profession.  They help us immensely and I would also venture to say that we are not about anything that they teach. 
Hard work - we had that … (0 comments)

connor with honor: Santa Clarita Foreclosures - Updated List Monday 1/6/2009 - 01/05/09 09:42 PM
Hey everyone - as promised - here is the link to each and every foreclosure/bank owned property in the Santa Clarita Valley.
After Returning from San Francisco - and I might add it is very nice to be home - we are ready to start the relaying of information on an instant basis - Text Messaging at our properties for information and another product that will blow your socks off.
An example of this product can be obtained from your mobile device by texting a message to: 
- TO: 88000 with the message body:PROP831 
Here is the Santa Clarita Foreclosures Link … (0 comments)

connor with honor: The Franciscan in San Francisco - Great Customer Service - 01/02/09 03:36 AM
We arrived on the 1st of January 2009 just in time to bypass the Hilton Hotel in the Financial District and to make it to one of our Favorite Restaurants, the Franciscan in San Francisco.
I just wrote about it at our in fact Wordpress has a plug in for iPhone's.  You can then post from your phone and add pictures with ease - I am still having Kinetic Knowledge work on why the pictures are not appearing, but coming into the blog posts as code.
But I am sure they will figure it out.
Read about our experience with … (0 comments)

connor with honor: Technology in RE/MAX and Santa Clarita Real Estate - Paris911 Operational Guide - 01/02/09 03:25 AM
When it comes to prospecting you cannot beat that personal contact.  You can have all of the bells and whistles turned on all over the WWW, but unless you have the capacity to speak with those folks and have them trust you by your actions and track record - you cannot have a thriving Real Estate Business.
If you are a good Agent and want to secure more clients than your competition - then you should be speaking with strangers a majority of the time.  People that contact you for information, not doing the pressure selling - but giving them factual … (0 comments)

connor with honor: Wordpress plug in for iPhone - Awesome if you are pimping Wordpress blogs. - 01/02/09 03:10 AM
So the police vernacular comes out from time to time - I am still a Reserve officer after doing 17 years of fill time in Los Angeles.  But I still think parts of Law Enforcement should be honored within Real Estate Circles - but as far as changing the World View of Realtors - that is going to take some time.
Paris and I have decided to do it on a Client by Client Basis.
We are about Technology with regard to getting the best and most factual information out there to our clients and want to shed some light to … (0 comments)

connor with honor: Gas Prices and misguided anger... - 06/14/08 10:05 AM
It was about 0555hrs this AM, the day before fathers day.  I stopped for gas at one of the local gas stations, this appears to be cheaper than most - I live near this particular intersection in Valencia CA, so I see the sign at least 6 days a week as I am running by.
Today I was a bit short of fuel - I decided to stop and drop off some of our "trademarked" Paris911 Ball point pens and to full up.  So as I was standing inside paying a man walked inside and started to yell.  Mind you, this … (0 comments)

connor with honor: It is amazing how far we come and how fast we have gotten... Where? - 06/06/08 01:49 AM
Technology - Remember when gas was around a dollar a gallon?  When they had "regular" gas.  Pennies could buy you candy, even at a convienence store.
I am not sure if we will ever see those days again.  I am also not sure that my kids will be able to afford a home when they get to that age.
So I am preparing now in order that they might have something when that day comes.
Things move very fast, and it is easy to neglect what we hold most dear - Each Other.
Taking for granted that things will go on … (1 comments)

connor with honor: Your Website Branding and You - A True extension - 04/25/08 07:36 AM
There is nothing that can compete with Personal communication.  One on one.  When out shopping or at the Mall all you need to do is wear a sign that makes you identifiable as the Subject Matter Expert in Real Estate.
You could go the cap with a propeller on top approach, maybe with some bright LED's that are around the bill and possible a rainbow colored pony tail hainging out from the back.  That would definitely get attention.  However, instead of being the kind of attention I think we all as "realtors" are looking for, it might give people the wrong idea.
Step it up … (2 comments)

connor with honor: I am torn between two lovers... - 03/27/08 10:11 AM
Which came first?  The Active Rain or the Kinetic Blog?
Good Question, I joined active rain, probably going on a year now.  I have written in excess of 150 posts and have had my share of comments.  I have given comments, feedback and have also established one heck of a referral network on active rain with you all.  It has been a fantastic place to meet people and learn about what we all love so much, Real Estate.
About three months ago, after running a lot of "free" blogs and even some that cost mullah to become a member of, I was looking … (4 comments)

connor with honor: Santa Clarita Real Estate Interview and New Technology - 03/01/08 11:45 AM
Daddy used to say if you cannot learn something new each and every day, than that day was not worth living.  I have not had any days like that.  It seems to be a continual lesson each day I walk this Earth.  I learn a lot now via the Living Blogs that you all write on the Active Rain Network.  I have left current news, tv, and most active live news on the airways in the past now.  I am into this Technology driven life style and am better for it.  It is almost like playing chess.  I am constantly thinking … (6 comments)

connor with honor: Santa Clarita Real Estate and Beyond - Paris911's Listings - 02/17/08 08:16 AM
Here is a widget that came from the great V-FLYER company.  They are a great resource and make plugging your clients listings a breeze - They also post to some of the heavy hitters in the Real Estate Advertisement Fields.  Check it out:

connor with honor: RE/MAX of Valencia - Paris911's Listings and Homes for Sale - 02/17/08 07:09 AM
RE/MAX of Valencia or Paris911 at RE/MAX of Santa Clarita - Located in the Santa Clarita Valley, with a great community feeling coupled with Schools - Restaurants - Industry - and much more.  We don't only work within this valley, Paris MacIVOR and me, Connor MacIVOR are members of 4 different Boards of Realtors.  1.  Southland Regional Association of Realtors2.  Antelope Valley Board of Realtors3.  Ventura County Costal Board of Realtors4.  CLAW - Los Angeles Board of Realtors (just recently joined)Being members of these different boards of provides us an edge when it comes to the Real Estate Market and the … (0 comments)

connor with honor: Castaic Real Estate for Sale - 02/17/08 04:52 AM
This beautiful Star Canyon home is located in the Hillcrest community of Castaic.  It has an awesome view from its back yard and is located at 30516 Appalachian Drive, Castaic CA - With an approximate 180 degree view from the back yard and the upstairs bedrooms - your breath will be taken away.  The back yard needs some seed / sod and let the sprinklers take over.  With a splash of paint - This 2800 square foot, 4 bedroom and 2.5 bathroom home would outshine the rest.  Check out the Virtual Tour and the V-Flyer's.  -CONNOR with HONOR … (0 comments)

connor with honor: A Relational Approach to Real Estate in Santa Clarita Valley - 02/16/08 02:44 PM
No matter where you hang your hat and no matter where you take off your shoes.  You still have to meander into the bathroom at some point and have a good look at yourself in the mirror.  That person staring back at you is your reflection.  How do you look these days.  Have you let yourself go a bit in some area or another?Have you been too hard on loved ones?  Have you started self destructive activities, "I do too much _______________" fill in the blank.These aren't the only things that are on that surface of self reflection.  We owe it to ourselves to … (0 comments)

connor with honor: Short Sales in the Santa Clarita Valley - 02/13/08 02:52 PM
It seems that the more time that passes the more well versed and the better known the players are in the short sale field.  I have been able to meet some very interesting people in the mitigation departments of most of the major banks. 
One of the things I did not expect is how far you can get with negotiation and agreement from any financial institution when you are cordial and kind.  During most of our short sale negotiation, and for that matter most short sales, the process cannot start until a few things happen.  There has to be an offer on … (1 comments)

connor with honor: Open House Conflicts - Castaic Open House - 02/09/08 07:20 AM
You can see from any national average from National Association of Realtors or even our more local California Association of Realtors that Open houses do not sell homes very often.  In fact you could even say it is rare.
I can compare this with citation issuance when I was that hated motor cop.  If we were to write X amount of citations per day per Motor officer, the impact was not from those independent citations.  I guess there might have been a slight impact per person.  But the majority of the impact came from the other people driving by while the officer was citing the … (3 comments)

connor with honor: Price Reduction - Large 1BR Los Angeles Condo - 01/20/08 04:23 AM
This one is very close to UCLA and perfect for a college student or anyone that wants to live in a completely rehabbed condo with great views located at the corner of an intersection of Ohio and Camden in zip code 90025.  You can walk to UCLA and to shopping and nearby schools.  The view from the large balcony of this huge one bedroom 2 bathroom Apartment Style Condo is fantastic.  Laundry in UNIT!!!  You will also love that the interior has been completely remodeled and bathrooms that have been upgraded.  There is also the addition of the new air conditioning … (0 comments)

connor with honor: Desire can over-ride circumstance - 01/16/08 12:22 PM
I have heard it again, you can't do that.  I was in the mall and was standing in line at a local coffee house, you may have heard of it, Starbucks?  Anyway, there was a Woman with her Son standing behind me, he asked his mom, if he could be president someday.  She responded that would be impossible.  He asked her why and she told him that it is just not in the Cards.I was wondering what deck she was playing with.  I also wondered what crap she was dealing her son.  That is a great way of limiting his potential.  … (7 comments)

connor with honor: Active Rain equates to Powerful Blogging - 01/15/08 11:31 PM
Those of you who know me have seen that I have been blogging for sometime now.  I also have put some effort into creating types of blogs that will be of help to others in the Real Estate business, vendors, clients, and others that are in need of a pick me up from time to time coupled with Real Estate Tips and Advice.
Active Rain hits hard.  I have noticed that, due to being consistent and persistent, in my blogging efforts, that when I post something in Active Rain I only have to wait mere hours to get the "fruits" of my … (5 comments)

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