santa clarita real estate: How is the market in the cities within the Santa Clarita Valley on September 10, 2010? - 09/10/10 06:21 AM
Probably not much different than the rest of the country.  We are seeing a lot of buyers, in this current market, backing out of real estate transactions.  Some of this trauma can be directed to stricter lending requirements.  Others are speaking about the current state of the Real estate market and not wanting to jump in until it settles a bit.
Either way, we are watching as sellers are reducing their prices and buyers are reading more intel on the real estate market.  AS Paris always says to our new buyers, 'you are not buying a pair of shoes...'
September 10, … (0 comments)

santa clarita real estate: Trulia is also a FREE service for Realtors and Vendors worth looking at!!! - 09/05/10 04:45 PM
If you are doing regular internet searches for Real Estate by the Keywords that are the highest ranked in your particular real estate market, then you want to do your best to go after the top results.
If one of those top results is something you can join and add your two cents to, then I think you should.
It does not take much to become effective in the internet blogging world, in fact, persistence pays off big dividends.
When I don't have anything to say about anything - I just go back to my website and blog about particular pages … (1 comments)

santa clarita real estate: New Inventory in Valencia CA - 08/30/10 10:19 AM
How do you do your Real Estate?  Valencia CA - Ringing in by our IDX interface that will show you everything that is available for sale in the City of Valencia CA, Located within the Santa Clarita Valley.  We have a lot of new inventory in the city of Valencia a few times per week.

santa clarita real estate: I've been Busy for Paris911's Exclusive clients in Santa Clarita Valley - 08/15/10 08:34 AM
Somebody has been busy.  That would have been me. I have been debuting some of our newest additions to our Exclusive Client Arsenal.
These are going to include our Market Data for the cities within the Santa Clarita Valley - We have up to the minute Graphs with Relevant Real Estate Data – This system generates True Market Data from the Source – Each individual Board of Realtors.  The system generates the weekly snapshot and emails it directly to you.  You can also visit the Paris911 home page to see one of the active graphs for Valencia CA.
Market Snapshot is … (0 comments)

santa clarita real estate: Santa Clarita Realtor Updates for the SCV and Surrounding Communities - 05/27/10 01:28 AM
Active Rain has been a true blessing to our Team.  Paris911 has been involved in Santa Clarita Real Estate since the late 1990’s.  We have grown by leaps and bounds, but it has not come quickly.  In order to build a Relational Real Estate business model in a Service Industry has been quite a challenge.
That Relational Realtor model, I just mentioned, has been the single most important item that has placed the Paris911 team on top within the Santa Clarita Real Estate Market.
The laser beam type focus is something that is sought out by our clients and other agents.

santa clarita real estate: Santa Clarita Real Estate with Transparency - 05/10/10 12:08 AM
Searching on Google for Santa Clarita Real Estate is key when you are searching for an agent to represent you.  It is not about the agent, however.  The more important thing a client should be looking for is a Valid and Secure representation code.  One that is about the client's desires and not anything having to do with smoke and mirrors.
We have built this Business over time - it has taken constant refinement over the past 12 years, Since 1998 and our Business Model will continue to be refined, honed and curtailed until we have achieved perfection in the eyes … (2 comments)

santa clarita real estate: What do buyers pay to purchase a home? - 04/19/10 01:19 AM
If you are looking for purchase a home in southern California -  you might be asking yourself what are the "costs" associated with the purchase of a home.
If you are a first time buyer or seasoned veteran, it is important to know how much will be your responsibility to pay and how that payment can be made.
There are three things that are allowed to be financed - (ability to be placed within the loan at the time of purchase) - There are two others that are going to result in out of pocket cash.
Knowing the players is … (0 comments)

santa clarita real estate: How do you search for Everything Real Estate? - 02/11/10 05:09 AM
We are constantly changing with the times and making sure we are adjusting with the economy and Technology.
We just added a Google Search bar at the top of Mother - which is our site.
It is really fantastic and is a custom search.

santa clarita real estate: HomePath Foreclosures and SCV Real Estate Consultants - 01/27/10 10:10 PM
We have brought a couple of items to the RECENT Santa Clarita Real Estate market - a couple of posts on our Santa Clarita Real Estate Consulting sites.
HomePath by Fannie Mae - this will be updated each day at our Santa Clarita Foreclosures Site.
Just Updated our TEXTING for Real Estate function with your iPhone, PDA or other mobile device.
Posted several video's - Been busy in and around the Santa Clarita Valley. This one is on How you Purchase a Home.

santa clarita real estate: It's Starting to Feel like Running again... - 01/15/10 09:58 AM
When you have been without running for a while - you cannot wait to start again.  The same holds true to the real estate market.  With all of the work, extra hours, and even more dedication than a "monk", I still felt as if I had been running in place.
We are not "hurting" which we can thank God for.  But it is five times the work for the same return.  The volume is much higher now, but we have adjusted.
It just has been in the last few weeks that it seems that the tide is turning.  Our leads have … (1 comments)

santa clarita real estate: A Lot of Real Estate Updates in Santa Clarita - 01/12/10 11:46 AM
We at the Paris911 Team are proud to present all of our Real Estate Resources and External blog platforms.
We will give you the updates with all of the new listings in the Santa Clarita Valley.
We posted all of the Short Sale activity – We are short Sale experts.
We also put together information on REMAX relocation –Which we are a proud part of.
Foreclosures and More – We have specific foreclosure search covered on our Foreclosure Blog and Informational site.
Finally – How hard do we hit as a real estate resource in the Santa Clarita Valley – How … (0 comments)

santa clarita real estate: Searching for Real Estate in Santa Clarita Valley and beyond - Happy New Years - 01/01/10 01:42 AM
Internet Resources by The Paris911 Team - We have posted several blog posts this AM that show different types of Santa Clarita Real Estate Market activity.
We have our Santa Clarita Real Estate blog - Where I posted the new Listings that came onto the Santa Clarita Real Estate market for sale in the last 24 ours.
I have our Short Sale and Pre-Foreclosures posted on our Short Sale Expert Site.
For Foreclosures and other distressed types of Real Estate in Santa Clarita Valley - I posted that here.
If you have been thinking of Relocating - then you don't have … (2 comments)

santa clarita real estate: No one leaves - let us all stay and endure... - 12/29/09 01:17 AM
New Listings hit the Santa Clarita Valley in the last 6 hours.
We have said it before and I will say it again, nothing stays the same for too long.
We have had 3 short sale listings and 1 Regular Sale hit the Santa Clarita Valley market for sale.
I have posted all Four new listings at our SCV Real Estate Blog.
You can see the new Short Sale Inventory and get the Best Short Sale Advice at our Short Sale Expert Site.
Don’t neglect the Relocation engine – we have posted the newest 14 listings in the surrounding communities from … (0 comments)

santa clarita real estate: Santa Clarita Market Updates - 12/20/09 07:35 AM
Resources upon Resources. We have posted the most recent listings in the Santa Clarita Valley and elsewhere in southern California at the Following Paris911 Resources:
For the most recent listings in the Santa Clarita Valley go to our Santa Clarita Valley News Blog.
For the Short Sale Activity in the Santa Clarita Valley go to our Short Sale Blog.
Foreclosures and More are always posted at our Foreclosures in So Cal Blog.
Finally, the Relocation to Southern California by REMAX is posted Here.

santa clarita real estate: 21 new listings in the Santa Clarita Valley - 11/30/09 08:06 AM
We have 21 new listings on the Santa Clarita Valley Real Estate Market for sale - and would you know that each and every one of them is a Short Sale.
Short Sales are becoming more and more common in this Real Estate market - and I would say that you need the best and Full Disclosure Information when it comes to making those Short Sale Decisions.  We love to assist our clients and give them complete information.
We back up our dissemination of information with facts.  That way nothing is lost in the translation.  In an attempt to do a … (0 comments)

santa clarita real estate: Where is the Santa Clarita Valley Real Estate Market Today? - 11/17/09 04:24 AM
Working in this Constrictive Market with a slew of buyers - More buyers than anyone deserves :-) has brought something on our team that was not expected.

With the Huge Demand for Foreclosure, Regular human, any and all - Listings - we have found ourselves thinking about starting a First Time - or anytime buyer's support group.
Here are how the numbers weigh in when it comes to Santa Clarita Valley California:
New Listings topple the chart at 24 in the last 24 hours.
Out of those we have 5 that are Real Estate Owned Foreclosures and 7 that are … (0 comments)

santa clarita real estate: Yuck - where is the inventory? - 11/04/09 03:16 AM
With the last few weeks of inventory declining and the new listings on the market for sale in the Santa Clarita Valley - we continue to see multiple offers within hours on each asset placed on the market for sale.

Whether it is a bank owned, real estate owned foreclosure, short sale or human listing - there have been a definite lack of this type of inventory, creating a true "frenzy" in the local real estate market.
I have posted -7 DOM (days on the Market) Listings in the Santa Clarita Valley here so you can keep track and see … (1 comments)

santa clarita real estate: Thanks kinetic knowledge for Santa Clarita Real Estate Television - 10/17/09 04:41 AM
Thanks to Kinetic Knowledge for debuting Santa Clarita Real Estate Television. You have been a key component of The Paris911 arsenal. Please welcome Santa Clarita Real Estate Television … (0 comments)

santa clarita real estate: Real Estate is Not the "Kobayashi Maru"... - 09/16/09 06:20 AM
It is not.  Real Estate is winnable.  It just takes patience on the trigger and time.  Given those two factors,  you can make diamonds.
So, Keep the faith if you are a buyer out there and are frustrated beyond belief and are starting to think your Real Estate Agents is dropping the Ball.  Understand that you are not alone.  With the Supply and Demand of the present time, With too much Demand and not enough Supply, all of your fellow clients are feeling the same pressures, disappointments, and pain.
As I love to say with a East Texas Accent, "Stand by … (0 comments)

santa clarita real estate: Thought provoking - But not new under the sun... - 09/03/09 12:36 AM
Real Estate Agents make too much money.
Real Estate Agents are an unnecessary "middle-man".
Real Estate Agents and Boards hold sellers and buyers captive.
Thoughts taken from a post from Jeff Jarvis at Buzz Boost.
It was written a long time ago, as far as the Internet is concerned, February 8th, 2006 at 11:53 am, "There is nothing new under the sun".
Sales people will always be somewhat despised.  But today, very different from the past, we have communication from all sections of the world that is immediate and gratification does not have to wait to get answers and feedback to all … (2 comments)

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