santa clarita real estate: Relationships are the key to REAL ESTATE in Santa Clarita and Beyond - 09/21/08 07:11 AM
If you were to ask a room full of agents if they ever thought that they would be in this just for the short term.  They would most all respond that is not how they are viewing their business.  But their actions dictate differently. 
Some REO agents have just come about due to this current market.  But they are not doing everything necessary to use this springboard to keep their business growing over the years following this Foreclosure Market.
So with both types of agents, those that were before the current REO market and the ones that are just being made due to … (0 comments)

santa clarita real estate: What is my home worth in Santa Clarita Valley? By Re/MAX of Santa Clarita and Paris911 - 09/07/08 06:10 AM
What is my home worth?  Do you live in one of the areas we are actively representing sellers and buyers in?  Santa Clarita Valley - San Fernando Valley - Antelope Valley - Ventura County?  That is the spread and each one of those engines that will send you your homes Value via a Top Producer Market Snapshot is available by going to the HUB site of
Back to Santa Clarita - if you want to find out what your home value is then all you have to do is type in the name of any city in the Santa Clarita Valley … (0 comments)

santa clarita real estate: Thanks Top Producer Systems for your Market Snapshot and Market Builder - 09/02/08 02:11 AM
What a blessing Top Producer and their products have been.  I went into it kicking and screaming, but have now embraced it and started to use it to help prospective clients.
So much so that if you type in any city (we actively work) followed by a you will be taken to these pages that have been built that show the Market Snapshot in its full Glory coupled with the Community and School Reports.  Ventura county and Santa Clarita with the Antelope Valley have been completed.  I have to continue with the cities within the San Fernando Valley.
How does it … (2 comments)

santa clarita real estate: Saugus CA, Foreclosure Opportunity, by RE/MAX of Santa Clarita and Paris911 - 08/26/08 01:48 AM
This beautiful home is located in Saugus CA.  A Single Story home that is over 2400 square feet with a pool, spa and a rock waterfall.  It is loaded to the gills with Granite in the kitchen and bathrooms.  Many upgrades and shows very open and airy.  With custom paint and a over sized three car garage - You will be amazed at the price!
Offered by, top producing, RE/MAX of Santa Clarita and RE/MAX of Valencia and The Paris911 Team.  We have your six covered when it comes to investing, buying, selling and any other of your Real Estate Needs.

santa clarita real estate: Top Producer Systems make Paris911 and Santa Clarita Real Estate "Top Producing 911's" - 08/23/08 11:21 PM
Top Producer systems, and their resources, help our clients and their hunt to be more productive than it would without all of this Technology Driven Real Estate Resource implementation.
Their Market Snapshots have been used by RE/MAX of Santa Clarita and the Paris911 Team for sometime now, we have developed pages that are utilizing their widgets exclusively.  Why?  Because it plays along with what we are about - Code, Honesty and Integrity.
Let me explain.  The data, that is compiled anywhere from 5 to 30 minutes from the Engine that was developed by Top Producer Systems, is obtained directly from the source.  Precisely … (0 comments)

santa clarita real estate: Is which Real Estate Company as important as the Individual Real Estate Agent? - 08/20/08 11:43 AM
What a fantastic question and one worth discussion.  We have been very active within the Real Estate News and Events community within the Four Boards we Serve and have access to their Databases of properties.  With the Greater Los Angeles Board of Realtors, The Antelope Valley Board of Realtors, the Southland Regional Association of Realtors and the Ventura County Coastal Board of Realtors, we have not been quiet to say the least.
Being "in the market" puts the Paris911 Team above all others that view themselves as Active Agents working within the Real Estate community as a whole.  We want to … (0 comments)

santa clarita real estate: Valencia California Foreclosure Opportunity by RE/MAX and The Paris911 Team - 08/17/08 10:50 AM
Valencia Real Estate at its best - We just received a price reduction to $350K on this fantastic over 2100 square foot 4 bedroom and 3 bathroom Bank Owned Foreclosure in Valencia CA.  Located in the Tesoro Community in Northern Valencia inside of the Santa Clarita Valley, this home is priced to sell.
Check out the competition and let yourself be the judge - Check out this Real Estate Shows Virtual Tour.  Offered to you by RE/MAX of Santa Clarita and RE/MAX of Valencia with The Paris911 Team, Call us to have this home shown to you.
Please don't forget to … (0 comments)

santa clarita real estate: Valencia Real Estate and Homes for sale - Wordpress 2.0 and Kinetic Knowledge - 08/12/08 10:37 PM
No secret here.  I love the Kinetic Knowledge Blog platform.  I am trying to get my mind wrapped around it still.  It will take me some time and I cannot believe some of the new and fantastic bells and whistles that it has.  Below is a static page that took me about 15 minutes to build that has Valencia Real Estate and Homes for Sale. 
I built 4 RSS feeds that auto populate from Diverse Solutions.  I learned this cool trick after about an hour on the phone while Kristen from Kinetic Knowledgewas giving me some "Edumaction" about this new service.
Check this out:  … (0 comments)

santa clarita real estate: Santa Clarita Valley Real Estate Numbers by RE/MAX and The Paul Atkins Team - 08/06/08 12:58 PM
There is nothing wrong with writing what others have written, as long as you give them credit.  Also, another important thing is to quote those that have credibility.  Which what I intend to do.  There are a lot of agents to choose from when it comes to Real Estate.  Then you have Realtors, there are a lot of those as well.  Then it breaks up into what ranking they hold. 
I have my belief's with how clients should be treated.  I have my views when it comes to other agents and how they should act and how they should place their clients … (0 comments)

santa clarita real estate: Searching for Santa Clarita Real Estate, All Active, All REO's, All Homes for Sale? - 08/01/08 02:24 AM
Give this search engine a shot.  Brought to you by RE/MAX of Santa Clarita and the Paris911 Team, this data entry field is coming from the Multiple Listing Service and is offered as We have a couple of RE/MAX sites that we operate.  These sites can be found at a couple of locations. 
1. and 2.
Either way you will be able to see some other fantastic links to our other options when it comes to our Full Disclosure Process and our Relational Based business model.  We also have a REO list to pass around and would hope that … (0 comments)

santa clarita real estate: How is your equity? Santa Clarita Real Estate and beyond by The Paris911 Team - 07/29/08 03:05 AM
I know there are some out there that have considered selling their homes to either move up, downsize, or even relocate out of state.
The question I get several times a day is should I?  Realistically, when you are selling and then buying, there are many factors involved, but for the most part it is a wash.  If you are looking in the same market, example Valencia CA to Valencia CA, Selling in Valencia Ca and Buying in Valencia Ca, then you can bet it will be a wash.  The property you are selling has depreciated as much as the property … (0 comments)

santa clarita real estate: Santa Clarita Real Estate News - By RE/MAX of Santa Clarita and Paris911 - 07/28/08 12:38 AM
I am writing this post and laughing.  This is time number three and you would think I would learn and cut and past the content before moving onto posting.  I cannot tell you how many times I have had to rewrite articles just to have the system produce some glitch that moves through during the saving and posting phase.  But I do get more content with each time, Thanks to concentration.
I have seen the steady increase of interest rates that affect the consumer from April 3 to present.  About 1/2 a point according to what I have been able to watch … (0 comments)

santa clarita real estate: We are The Paris911 Team with REMAX of Santa Clarita and REMAX of Valencia - 07/26/08 04:36 PM
Something that I put together from the home page.  I hope you find it useful on your quest to home ownership or with regard to chosing the right listing agent.
Hello everyone and welcome to the mother site with Paris911.  You will see at first glance that this is not your typical Realtor Website.  In fact, we have so much more to offer you on your quest to finding the right home or your wanting to get the most money for yours in the shortest amount of time.
Our hinge to this Real Estate Business Model, The Paris911 Way, is … (0 comments)

santa clarita real estate: Looking to get the best bang for your buck when selling your home? - 06/21/08 01:59 AM
If you have ever fired a 50 caliber sharps, you know bang.  If you have ever shouldered a .375 H and H magnum and fired one of those you also know, probably the best bang.  Both of those weapons systems are fantastic and offer the shooter a lot of firepower.
However, they are not for hunting small game.  The important thing is you choose your weapon wisely.  When I was a LAPD regular, for the "traffic" stop and other events that we could not prepare for we had defensive weapons, our side arms.  However, when we received radio calls, back ups, … (0 comments)

santa clarita real estate: Buying a home in Santa Clarita Valley - San Fernando Valley - 06/18/08 01:34 PM
Please click on the link to check out the newest resource.  We used to have this when it came to having passwords and logon names generated for our clients.
It was fantastic and great for those do it yourself types out there.  This is a great resource and very kind on the eyes.  It is extremely functional and offers all of the bells and whistles that we would use on our independent searches.  The best thing is that it draws directly from the actual source Data within the Real Estate Community:  The Local Board of Realtors.  SoCalMLS is what the … (0 comments)

santa clarita real estate: Listing Book - A Great Real Estate Research Tool - 06/15/08 06:20 PM
Try this Listing Book - for all of your Real Estate needs.  It does offer some really great options for both sellers and buyers - Please look into it. 
Just another resource from The Paris911 Team at REMAX of Santa Clarita and REMAX of Valencia - Santa Clarita Real Estate.  CONNOR with HONOR


santa clarita real estate: Gas Prices and misguided anger... - 06/14/08 10:05 AM
It was about 0555hrs this AM, the day before fathers day.  I stopped for gas at one of the local gas stations, this appears to be cheaper than most - I live near this particular intersection in Valencia CA, so I see the sign at least 6 days a week as I am running by.
Today I was a bit short of fuel - I decided to stop and drop off some of our "trademarked" Paris911 Ball point pens and to full up.  So as I was standing inside paying a man walked inside and started to yell.  Mind you, this … (0 comments)

santa clarita real estate: Handling Objections - 06/05/08 02:05 AM
If you have not signed up with training with some of the "best" Real Estate trainers in the world, think twice before making that leap.
It makes me grin that they teach how to redirect conflict.  We function in a Public Servant farm, due to our background and current status with LAPD and LASD, we are about 80% sworn clientele.  They can smell this redirection technique and its application would hault our business dead in its tracts.  To take a "objection" which could be better classified as a "concern", and turn that in to an adversarial relationship after it is asked?  … (1 comments)

santa clarita real estate: San Francisco - Probably the Happiest Place on Earth for The Paris911 Team - 05/30/08 11:05 AM
We The Paris911 Team is blessed to have traveled to a lot of places - But our current trip to San Francisco is part business and part pleaasure - it is amazing.i
I have to say that everytime we come here in an attempt to let our hair down (that is not me), we get a lot of phone calls - Some from potential clients - current clients wanting to write offers - and other from our sellers wanting to reduce their prices.  So, I cannot reason why - But I am glad that we come here as often as we do. - The … (1 comments)

santa clarita real estate: Exciting Times with Advertising in Real Estate and Marketing our Buyers and Sellers - 05/28/08 11:28 AM
Marketing Buyers?  Absolutely, what I mean is that we are members of a "elite" group of Santa Clarita Agents from several different companies that all have a play it forward attitude.  We all understand (at least most do, since when do you get 100% compliance?) that there is enough business for everyone and no one is a threat to anyone else's business.  This is necessary for the group to release themselves from the Bonds of competition and push forward full force for their buyers and sellers.
We pitch buyers, we know as members of this group - Top Agents United - that we … (2 comments)

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