"How does the roof look?"   For obvious reasons, this is one of the most common questions buyers ask when they are getting serious about a home purchase.  Your roof is one of the most important systems of your home.  Don't misunderstand, the roof is a complete system, not just a single covering...
  Hi everybody!  Scott here, I hope you had a great Labor Day Weekend!     If it wasn’t the best, you can make up for it this weekend!     To highlight a very special event this weekend, our friends at the Harley Davidson Factory are letting me shoot at their site.    I’m out here becausee this ...
In the early years of our marriage (before kids of course!), my wife and I used to spend much of our weekend free time going to open houses, dreaming of what our first home would be like.  Even after we bought our first home, we would still go to open houses just for some inexpensive entertainmen...
I work for free!  If you saw that line in ANY advertisement, would it make you suspicious?  If someone tells you that, do you believe them?  My reaction is usually something like: "seriously?  Then how do you feed your family?!"One thing I've found in real estate is that many people don't underst...
  Hi folks, Scott Parman, here again with this weekends events in KC.   Let’s start with a big weekend in Parkville...lots to do!  Parkville Days is one of the biggest festivals in the Northland every year.  Starting tonight, there will be a carnival for the kids, Friday and saturday have live mu...
Many buyers are instantly put off if they see "as-is" in the listing for a home.  Should they be?  Absolutely not.  "As-is" does not have to mean a property is in terrible condition.  An as-is home could end up being the best purchase you've ever made.  Should a buyer excercise due care if they a...
Sellers, whether your home is on the market or not, you always want to know how a potential buyer will view your home.  (Secret #1: I do, I'm with them every day!) You may be struggling with the same question most people do; "should I spend money on upgrades or ask for a lower price?"  The simpl...
Okay folks, take a look at the picture attached to this blog.    Know what those are?  That's a set of garage door safety sensors mounted on the ceiling of a home I showed.  Instead of taking the extra 10 or 15 minutes to properly mount the included safety device for the new garage door opener, t...
Is your military career advancement taking you to Ft. Leavenworth?  Check out this quick introduction to Platte City, Missouri.  It's a popular area for many who work on post.  Of course, feel free to call me at 816-585-3273 with any questions!  

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