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The heat and humidity of a typical summer leave little ambition to do much more outdoors than sit on the porch with a cold lemonade in one hand and fan in the other, much less worry about the condition of the garden. But, every proud homeowner wants to have a landscape that is not only presentabl...
You can open the real estate section of any newspaper today and you're likely to read about how poor the housing market is. With home sales slow and market prices reduced, many people are choosing to stay put and make changes to their current home. "Some homeowners view the lull in the real estat...
Is installing a new deck, or freshening an existing one, in your summer spruce-up plans? If so, you're not alone. Decks are still among the most popular home improvements as the trend towards bigger and better outdoor living spaces continues. "Half of new homeowners buy a home with a deck or inst...
One of the ways that dryers can start household fires is by igniting the excess lint that accumulates around the motor, burner shroud (for gas dryers) and cabinet interior. Y'see, Slick, lint is composed of very small, dry clothing particles which includes cotton and polyesters--both very good f...
We've all heard the saying, "What a difference a day makes." Today could be your opportunity to make a difference by reducing your home's impact on the environment. Surprisingly, one of the most beneficial ways is to use less energy to heat and cool your home ... and it starts with adding insulat...
The latest kitchen and bath design trends draw inspiration from numerous sources including nature, technology, wall coverings, runway designs, decorative objects, cityscapes, upholstery and instruments. This great variety of influence is embodied in current home design trends and exemplified in m...
If you are living in North Carolina you have probably noticed a few things named Moredead.  First there is the Morehead scholarship all amrt kids (obviously not me!!!!!) from NC try to get.  There is the Morehead Planatariam in Chapel Hill where most NC kids take a field trip to at some point in ...
Jeff Foxworthy should ride with me on a couple of inspections.  He would have enough material for years.  When I put this picture in my report I really didn't know what to say.  How about "Is the person that did this still alive or is he up on the roof holding a lightning rod barefooted?" I'm pre...
I just got back from a vacation at Atlantis Resorts in Nassua/Paradise Island in the Bahamas. I would recommend it. Its like an aquarium, water park, beach and resort vegas style hotel rolled into one. I took the whole family (wife, two young daughters and me) and we all had a great time. The fi...
There's another hot new trend in green homebuilding and remodeling. Advances in technology, coupled with rising energy prices, are resulting in growing interest in solar water-heating systems when green-minded consumers build or remodel homes. "Five years ago, when oil prices hovered around $20 a...

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