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Most people don't realize it, but it is not washing dishes or taking a shower that uses the most water during the day. It is actually the act of flushing a toilet. Older, less efficient toilets operate by passing over three gallons of water through the plumbing system with each flush. As water re...
Without a doubt, buying a home can be the largest investment youll ever make. With the average home costing approximately $190,000, many homeowners take great pains to ensure that all cosmetic and structural repairs are attended to. However, the truth is that many expensive repairs could be avoi...
Roof leaks are a nuisance for many homeowners. They can be difficult to diagnose - that is a fact. To make matters worse, different weather conditions will produce leaks in different locations. The vast majority of roof coverings operate using the principal of gravity. This can be a big help in ...
When the demand for housing materials was booming back in 2005, partially due to the increase in demand brought about by Katrina's destruction, construction companies were hard-pressed to meet the demands set by clients. As such, they began to look at more inexpensive options to meet the huge dem...
All granite countertops produce some levels of radiation. Some granite countertops produce negligible levels of radiation, while others have unbelievably high radiation levels. The only real way you will know for certain if your granite countertops are dangerous or not is to have a Radon inspecti...
I Predict a new roof for this Charlotte Home.  Your first mission is to check the ceiling inside your Charlotte home. There might be a small leak somewhere that'll show up first as a spot on the ceiling. Once your ceiling inspection is completed, it's time to take a little trip into the attic. U...
As spring comes it is the time of swarmers. Swarmers are the reproductive termites that come out by the thousands after the first few warm Spring days usually after a rain. This usually freaks people out if its inside their house. Ants also have swarmers and the purpose of this video is to show ...
Recently Chip Sprague a Charlotte home inspector was ispecting a house in Charlotte when he noticed the the chimney is on the move. Brick chimnies have their own foundation separate from the house because of the weight of the bricks. The chimney also has flashing and counter flashing where it jo...
Charlotte Home Inspector Patrick Waddell found this loose toilet during his home inspection in Charlotte. Tile had been installed causing the toilet to leak. The floor flange is usually mounted on the floor during the original plumbing installation. However, if any additional subflooring (such a...
Recently high levels of Radon had been found in Latta Pavillion in Dilworth. They have since installed a Radon Mitigation system. Please see the excerpt from the Charlotte Business Journal below. For mor information about Radon pleas go to Watch the vidio to see...

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