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              Charlotte Home Inspector Preston Sandlin was inspecting a home in the Dilworth section of Charlotte NC when he noticed an improper repair.  If you look closely at the picture you can see that the back band sill has been replaced.  They had to cut the joists because they ran perpendi...
    Charlotte Home Inspector Preston Sandlin Has seen this many times while performing home inspections in Charlotte NC.  It is that balck ring around the carpet.  What causes this?  I am asked this all the time.  Is it mold?  Is it moisture? etc etc.  No it is dirt or debris that is in the air. ...
Charlotte Home Inspector Preston Sandlin was recently inspecting a home near Dilworth in Charlotte NC in which the listing agent assured him was in great shape he came across one of the worst decks that he has ever seen.  There were som many code violations on this deck we didn't really know whe...
How Do you inspect a hot tub?  Well the first thing is to check for leaks and cracks.  Most hot tubs are going to have a pump and a filtering mechanism.  all of the these need to be checked.  Water pressure should also be checked and all the various cycles of the pump and filters need to be check...
Springtails manage to get their name because of the forked tail, at the end of their abdominal area which will be curved below their very own body. This helps these tiny pests to spring frontward kind of like a small flea, hence the name Springtails. They happen to be small, whitish-gray or light...
Charlotte Home Inspector Preston Sandlin was recently inspecting a home in Weddington NC using his infrared thrmal imaging camera when he noticed a cold cavity between two of the ceiling joists.  There is a gap there where insulation was missing.  This was a good find because this area is not ac...
Charlotte Home Inspector Preston Sandlin recently filmed an episode of HGTV's "My First Sale" Preston was filmed doing an inspection for Nancy Troutman's client Sherika Horsley. Preston Sandlin and Home Inspection Carolina have providing thorough quality home inspections in the Charlotte NC area...

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