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A Tale of 2.5 Phones, IV The topic for this blog will be the Siri and iCloud services.  From the start, I need to be clear that these are why I found a way to get an iPhone, when I still love my EVO 3D.  My final question for the last blog will be, do these services overcome the features and func...
A Tale of 2.5 Phones III A week ago I started to look at both the EVO 3D and the iPhone 4s.  They are both great products and both have their good points.  Some history on me before I continue with this.  I have done IT work on the side for most of my life.  I am the IT "guy" for our office and I...
Worst (BEST) phishing attempt to date! I hope there is a special place in hell for these people too!  When dad died and I started helping mom, I realized how truly insidious these people are.  The people that snail mail things that look like they are from the Government were easy enough for my mo...
A Tale of 2.5 Phones, II I picked up my iPhone 4s today.  And there are parts of it that I truly love and there are things that are strangely missing. This blog is just my initial impression from setting up the phone. If a picture is worth a 1,000 words, this will illustrate with some of the bas...
Tale of 2.5 Phones I waited to get my first treo until they had 3G.  I couldn't stand watching people wait days for downloads.  I could get to a computer more quickly than they could get their phones to download.  Once I made the jump, there was no going back.  I have had Palm Treos from the 700p...
Great New Virus Tool! I have spent many an hour trying to rid computers of viruses and always thought that my friend/agent/family member must really not pay attention to what they are doing to get these really bad viruses that require registry edits and long file searches. The other day I found o...

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