first time home buyers: Tips for Hamilton County Home Buyers | How to Handle Multiple Offers - 07/13/12 03:46 AM
Homes are selling in Hamilton County! Inventory is down, properties are spending fewer days on the market, and sales prices are on the rise. Good homes are selling in a matter of days.
That's all great news for the Hamilton County real estate market, but it also means that home buyers are finding themselves facing a challenge that's been unheard of for the last few years - multiple offer situations.
Here are some tips for how to handle a multiple offer situation and score the Hamilton County home of your dreams!
Keep your cool. Don't cave in to pressure to make … (3 comments)

first time home buyers: What FHA Loan Fee Increases Mean for Hamilton County Indiana Home Buyers - 03/06/12 12:45 AM
What will likely FHA loan fee increases mean for Hamilton County Indiana home buyers? Beginning April 1, 2012, FHA mortgages will get a little more costly, that's how.
Proposed changes to FHA loans include an annual Mortgage Insurance Premium increase of 0.10% for loans under $625,500, bringing the cost up to 1.25% of the loan. Upfront Mortgage Premiums will increase by 0.75 %, bringing the premium total to 1.75% of the loan amount. These premium changes only apply to new 30-year, single-family loans insured by the FHA. Refinancings will not be affected.
Federally-backed FHA loans are a popular choice for … (0 comments)

first time home buyers: Warning! Don't Ever Invite the Parents to go Along! - 04/18/11 12:51 PM
Warning!  Don’t ever invite the parents to go along!
That is one of the very first lessons I learned after getting my license and joining a company.  I was told parents could ‘spoil’ the deal.  Well, I always encourage people buying their first home to invite Mom and Dad to take a look after we have found the one.  So far it has only backfired once.
I will admit that sometimes it can be a real tongue biting experience.  In spite of the statistics showing people move on average every 3-5 years, I find that many people I encounter still live … (53 comments)

first time home buyers: The Deal Fell and I am Feeling Bad for the Listing Agent........ - 02/13/11 03:54 PM
The Deal Fell and I am Feeling Bad for the Listing Agent....
One of my new team members has been working with some first time home buyers. They negotiated a good price on a 3 bedroom home in Carmel, Indiana and everything seemed to be going smoothly.  I try to stay out of the way unless my advice or help is needed.  Today I had to step in.
The listing agent is also the seller.  We did our research and quickly learned that the home is an investment property he purchased October, 2010 as a bank owned and put back on … (100 comments)

first time home buyers: Pay it Forward - Fired! What I Get for Protecting My Client - 02/04/11 03:08 PM
A sad story about how I tried to pay it forward, but got fired for trying to protect my client!
I am a fierce protector of my clients and especially my first time home buyer clients.  Most are young, innocent, and naïve with a lot to learn.  Tim was referred to me by three different past clients—all first timers.  They knew Tim would receive the same care and guidance they received.  A triple referral---doesn’t get much better than this!
I pay it forward to all parents out there.  I treat these ‘kids’ as if they are my own.
I set Tim … (24 comments)

first time home buyers: Pay It Forward - Everybody Has To Start Somewhere! - 01/22/11 03:44 PM
If you were lucky, when you were a new agent, you had a mentor, or at least someone to go to for help and advice.  I often think back to my early days with gratitude to a few of the special people who had an impact on my success as a REALTOR®.  This week I had an opportunity to pay it forward BIG TIME.
One of my lenders pulled me aside to say that a young couple with whom they were working had become dissatisfied with the agent they were using.  They could tell she was new and they thought she … (9 comments)

first time home buyers: Never Answer the Same Question Twice - "How Do We Buy A House?" - 01/02/11 09:58 AM
“Hi Pat,
Aaron and I are very excited to finally be buying our first home.  It is a little embarrassing how little we know about the subject.  We are looking forward to sitting with you to discuss everything, but we were hoping you could tell us a little up front so that we can be as prepared as possible for our meeting.”
Dear Aaron and Jen,
I usually tell people that it is much easier than you might think to buy a home.  However, even if you buy five or ten homes in your lifetime, you probably will never become … (36 comments)

first time home buyers: Do You Mean It When You Say, "Realtor for Life"? - 11/07/10 03:50 PM
I hear so many REALTORS® use the slogan, “Your REALTOR® for Life”.  Do they mean it when they say it?  I don’t use the slogan, but that is my hope and my intention when I sell a home.  I want to become an important part of my clients’ lives.  Someone they think of right off the bat when homes or real estate is the subject.
I have only been selling homes about eleven years, but some of my clients are on their third house.  I helped the Smiths buy that three bedroom starter home.  Four years later when they were expecting … (33 comments)

first time home buyers: When you Make Assumptions, What Do You Do? - 10/25/10 06:17 PM
Many years ago, when I was a sweet, naïve 21 year old woman, I worked for a very mean man.  Bob loved to ridicule his employees in public.  His favorite thing was to ask, “When you assume things, do you know what you do?  You make an ass out of u and me.”  After only one year, I simply could no longer watch this man abuse his employees so I quit.
Years later, I realize that there was some wisdom in what Bob had to say even if his tactics were mean and abusive.
A few years ago, I worked with a … (86 comments)

first time home buyers: "I Simply LOVE to Look at Houses. I Think I'll Become a REALTOR!!" - 08/26/10 04:56 PM
"And they make so much money and their schedules are so flexible!! I have purchased a couple of houses, so I already know alot about real estate!!"
All I can speculate is that I must make this look easy, or that my clients and I have so much fun that they never guess what really goes on behind the curtain!  Five of my past clients have gone on to get their sales person license after working with me to buy a home.  Perhaps in eleven year's time, that is not such a big number, but......
 So many people  are under the impression that what we … (105 comments)

first time home buyers: "But if I wait a while, home prices will come down even more!!" - 08/25/10 03:23 PM
With much uncertainty in the economy and the housing market, many first time home buyers are waiting to see if home prices will come down even further. This might not be the best strategy.
According to data from Freddie Mac, mortgage interest rates for a 30 year fixed mortgage dropped to the lowest in 30 years. At an average of 4.6%, rates are at an historic low not seen since 1971 when Freddie first started gathering this type of data.
To see what this can mean for buyers sitting on the fence, let's take an average priced home at $179,000. Buyers putting 20% down on … (18 comments)

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