facebook ads: The Complete Guide to Real Estate Facebook Ads - 11/09/18 07:35 AM
Everyone’s heard how effective real estate Facebook ads can be, but countless agents still haven’t given them an honest shot.
Have you?
If not, I get it; there’s a lot of conflicting information out there, and putting time and money toward something that may or may not work probably isn’t at the top of your to-do list.
But what if I told you that a highly successful agent put together a guide detailing exactly how to run Facebook ads that work with the new targeting system in today’s real estate markets?
Yep, that’s exactly what Real Estate Rockstar Dustin Fox did. He also donated it … (1 comments)

facebook ads: Facebook Ads: The Better, Cheaper Alternative to Buying Online Real Estate Leads - 05/29/18 07:06 AM
Are you still buying online real estate leads from sites like Zillow and Realtor.com? You shouldn’t be – at least that’s what one of my recent podcast guests, James Rembert, thinks.
According to James, agents can generate much better leads for much less money using a single platform that almost everyone is familiar with: Facebook.
As an advertising consultant, he’s helped over 80 brokerages cut their lead spend to $0 by teaching them how to advertise on Facebook for affordable, reliable in-house lead generation.
In the podcast below, he shares exactly how his process – from ad creation to lead conversion – works. Watch … (0 comments)

facebook ads: Sell Listings Faster with Facebook Live 360 - 12/09/17 06:23 AM
There’s a new way to sell listings faster with Facebook. It doesn’t have anything to do with how you write listing posts or who you target with Facebook ads. This strategy focuses entirely on how you leverage Facebook Live to generate buyer interest. More specifically, it focuses on wowing buyers with the new Facebook Live 360 feature.
What Is Facebook Live 360?It’s no secret that Facebook rolls out new features constantly, but some of these features receive much less attention than they deserve; Facebook Live 360 is a great example of this.
Like Facebook Live, Facebook Live 360 allows users to shoot and share live … (1 comments)

facebook ads: Real Estate Prospecting Guide: Set More Listing Appointments and Sell More Homes - 11/17/17 09:45 PM
A solid real estate prospecting plan is an essential part of any strategy for getting listings. It helps generate the best listing leads and directly impacts an agent’s ability to close listing appointments. Just ask recent Real Estate Rockstars guest Blake Cantrell.
In just one month, Blake managed to list over 70 homes in the Springfield, MO market. Blake credits his success to hard work and a proven prospecting plan that his team applies day after day. Read on for an overview of the prospecting strategy that gets Blake so many listings. To learn the details and hear exactly what Blake says … (0 comments)

facebook ads: Building a Facebook Page: A Step-By-Step Guide for the New Real Estate Agent - 06/20/17 07:07 AM
As a new real estate agent, finding prospective clients can be a lot of work. One of the best ways to hit the ground running as a new agent is to create a Facebook page (not a profile) for your real estate business. By doing this, you’ll be able to utilize Facebook’s powerful advertising platform, gain access to its detailed page analytics, and pull in additional traffic from search engines. Complete the following steps and you’ll be well on your way to generating warm leads via social media for your new real estate business.
Add Information to the “About” SectionBefore anything else, … (0 comments)

facebook ads: Simple 3-Phase System to Turn Real Estate Facebook Ads into a Financial Engine for Real Estate Profits - 04/18/17 07:32 AM
Are you struggling to create real estate Facebook ads that actually generate consistent leads? Facebook ads are an excellent source for real estate leads if you understand how to set up a lead generation and lead conversion process. Below, we’ll share a few Facebook ad tips for real estate agents shared by recent podcast guest Grant Wise to get you acquainted with the notion of Facebook advertisements generating real, reliable leads. To pick up the real secrets behind Grant’s advertising strategies, be sure to listen to the complete podcast interview!
Leverage Facebook Ads for Real EstateLeveraging real estate Facebook ads for online … (1 comments)