facebook ads for real estate: How Hardcore Closers Use Facebook for Real Estate Lead Generation - 11/21/17 07:26 AM
Yes, you should use Facebook for real estate lead generation, but creating generic posts on listings and your ability to sell homes isn’t going to cut it. If you want to generate hot real estate leads on Facebook, the marketing method you use must tap into the interests of your social media audience.
Hardcore Closer Ryan Stewman shared one method that does exactly that on a recent episode of Real Estate Rockstars. Ryan’s media marketing method is perfect for engaging audiences on social media platforms like Facebook, and it’s incredibly easy to implement. Listen to the podcast below for step-by-step instructions on … (1 comments)

facebook ads for real estate: Real Estate Prospecting Guide: Set More Listing Appointments and Sell More Homes - 11/17/17 09:45 PM
A solid real estate prospecting plan is an essential part of any strategy for getting listings. It helps generate the best listing leads and directly impacts an agent’s ability to close listing appointments. Just ask recent Real Estate Rockstars guest Blake Cantrell.
In just one month, Blake managed to list over 70 homes in the Springfield, MO market. Blake credits his success to hard work and a proven prospecting plan that his team applies day after day. Read on for an overview of the prospecting strategy that gets Blake so many listings. To learn the details and hear exactly what Blake says … (0 comments)

facebook ads for real estate: Generate Buyer Leads with Proven Facebook Strategies - 10/14/17 06:28 AM
Use Facebook to generate buyer leads and drastically boost your real estate business’ volume. With the average Facebook user signing in and browsing through their news feed at least a couple times per day, there’s really no reason not to focus some of your lead-generation efforts on the world’s largest social media platform.
When you utilize the right strategies, Facebook is an excellent platform for generating buyer leads consistently. In fact, savvy buyer’s agents often find that Facebook is better for hot buyer leads than any other online source. Below, we’ll explore a couple of the lead-generation strategies proven to pull in … (2 comments)

facebook ads for real estate: Low-Cost Real Estate Lead Generation Strategies for Real Estate Agents - 05/18/17 06:45 AM
Have you avoided low-cost real estate lead generation strategies because you’ve heard they tend to produce low-quality leads? These days, especially when it comes to real estate leads, low-cost lead generation is definitely worth pursuing. Believe it or not, many low-cost real estate lead generation strategies are actually more effective than traditional, high-cost strategies.
Below, we’ve covered several of the most popular cheap lead generation strategies for real estate agents. If you’re looking to avoid spending any money on lead generation, you should also read up on ways to effectively generate free real estate leads.
Keep Top of Mind for Low-Cost Real Estate Lead … (1 comments)