real estate advertising: 3 Ways for New Agents to Win Real Estate Listings - 07/12/18 07:57 AM
Wondering if it’s possible to win real estate listings when competing with agents who have years of experience over you? Team leader of The Newman Group, John Newman, can tell you with confidence that not only is it possible, it’s easier than you think.
John knows this because he runs a millennial-only team. In fact, there’s not a single agent working for him over the age of 26. Still, John’s team members are outperforming agents who have been in the business for decades.
There are three specific strategies that these young agents have used time and again to win listings when competing with … (1 comments)

real estate advertising: Top 5 Real Estate Rockstars Podcasts for May 2018 - 06/08/18 09:29 AM
Looking for real estate podcasts that provide the information you need to thrive in our increasingly competitive industry? You’ve come to the right place!
Listen to May’s top five Real Estate Rockstars podcasts below for honest, in-depth information from agents and brokers at the top of their game.
647: Jason Gesing: Will eXp Realty Smash the Existence of Real Estate Offices?Is renting a brick-and-mortar office eating away at your real estate profits? Here’s a solution: move your business into the cloud! Since 2009, that’s exactly what eXp Realty has done for thousands of real estate agents across the United States and Canada. Today, … (0 comments)

real estate advertising: Recruit the Best Real Estate Agents with an Automated Three-Step Process - 03/24/18 10:07 AM
If you aren’t able to recruit the best real estate agents, you’ll never have the top team in your market. Fortunately for you, one of Pat’s recent Real Estate Rockstars guests shared his process for recruiting and retaining top talent in the real estate sector.
Brian Curtis, head of Northwest Arkansas’ top real estate team, Curtis Realty Group, explains exactly how he built a powerful, profitable team in the podcast below. Listen and learn how you can take your team to the No. 1 spot in your market using an automated three-step process.
Learn Brian’s Proven Techniques for Converting Buyer LeadsAfter listening to … (0 comments)

real estate advertising: 10 Ways to Get Real Estate Business - 02/16/18 06:29 AM
Looking for more ways to get real estate business and build your client database? Real estate author Ryan Snow shared 10 of the top ways to bring in business and boost sales on a recent Real Estate Rockstars.
Read on to discover what Ryan recommends to agents who need new real estate clients. To hear more of Ryan’s money-making ideas, including a way to generate $50k passively, listen to the podcast interview below.
The Best Ways to Get Real Estate BusinessSphere of Influence (SOI)
SOI is one of the best sources for real estate business, especially if you’re a new agent. Be sure to … (1 comments)

real estate advertising: Top 5 Real Estate Rockstars Podcasts for October 2017 - 01/23/18 03:16 AM
Guests on Real Estate Rockstars share the strategies that work for them when it comes to boosting commissions and maximizing net profit. Our top real estate podcasts for October covered tax tips, real estate farming, and more. Check them out below and find out what you can do to make more money in real estate!
562: Thrive in a Seller’s Market with Amanda Howard’s Systems for Supporting AgentsIn a seller’s market, it’s not easy to win homeowners over. According to Amanda Howard, providing incredible service is the only way for agents to thrive in a seller’s market. To ensure her team’s agents … (1 comments)

real estate advertising: Get More Real Estate Business by Holding Charity Events - 01/12/18 05:11 AM
Get more real estate business by holding charity events that benefit your local community; that’s what Chad Goldwasser explained how to do on a recent Real Estate Rockstars podcast. It’s easier and much more fun than you might think!
Every year, Chad holds his event, Rock ‘n’ Restock, to benefit the local Austin community. It helps those in need while providing attendees with a night of outdoor entertainment. As an added bonus, his business gets great exposure and always manages to land more clients. To learn more about hosting real estate charity events like Chad’s, listen to the podcast below.
Learn More About … (0 comments)

real estate advertising: Real Estate Hacks for Homeowners: How to Sell Millennials on Homeownership - 12/21/17 08:56 AM
With a couple clever real estate hacks, it’s pretty easy to create cash flow to offset the costs associated with owning a home. If you’re having trouble turning members of America’s rental generation into homeowners, Linda Liberatore has one suggestion that might make a huge difference: sell millennials on homeownership by sharing these real estate hacks.
During her recent Real Estate Rockstars interview, Linda explored several real estate hacks designed to make homeownership as profitable as possible. Below, we cover a couple of the hacks you can use to convert rental-minded millennials into eager buyers. To learn other real estate hacks and more ways … (1 comments)

real estate advertising: 5 Inexpensive Home Renovations That Return the Most for Sellers - 12/17/17 01:01 AM
Are you able to name the home renovations that return the most for sellers? If not, you can’t honestly claim to get sellers top dollar for their homes.
Recent Real Estate Rockstars guest Tracy McLaughlin shared her expert advice on home renovations so more agents are able to offer competent suggestions for boosting sale prices.
Below, we’ll cover 5 of the inexpensive home renovations that Tracy suggests to homeowners who want to sell their homes for as much as possible.
To learn more about renovating homes prior to sale and discover the factors that have helped Tracy rank as the top agent in her … (2 comments)

real estate advertising: Foster Real Estate Success with Valuable Daily Huddles - 12/12/17 06:04 AM
Real estate success strategies are just one of the topics to cover during daily huddles. Do you know what else to include in huddles to ensure they deliver value and aren’t a waste of agents’ time? If not, recent Real Estate Rockstars guest Adam Merrick has some advice that will help you make a positive impact on your team’s success with each and every one of your sales meetings.
As broker and owner of a team that sold over 800 units last year, Adam clearly knows a thing or two about what it takes to foster real estate success. According to Adam, daily … (2 comments)

real estate advertising: Sell Listings Faster with Facebook Live 360 - 12/09/17 06:23 AM
There’s a new way to sell listings faster with Facebook. It doesn’t have anything to do with how you write listing posts or who you target with Facebook ads. This strategy focuses entirely on how you leverage Facebook Live to generate buyer interest. More specifically, it focuses on wowing buyers with the new Facebook Live 360 feature.
What Is Facebook Live 360?It’s no secret that Facebook rolls out new features constantly, but some of these features receive much less attention than they deserve; Facebook Live 360 is a great example of this.
Like Facebook Live, Facebook Live 360 allows users to shoot and share live … (1 comments)

real estate advertising: Generate Real Estate Leads with Facebook Messenger Bots - 12/07/17 06:35 AM
Countless agents generate real estate leads with Facebook. What most agents don’t realize, however, is that Facebook Messenger is also a great platform for generating leads. If you’re having trouble bringing up sales numbers with common marketing methods, a strategy that leverages Facebook Messenger might be exactly what you need to break your plateau.
Real estate marketing expert and agent Travis Thom has found an easy, effective way to leverage Facebook Messenger for online lead generation. Using custom-built Facebook Messenger bots, Travis is able to engage potential clients effortlessly. Read on to find out how he generates leads automatically with bots. To … (4 comments)

real estate advertising: Top 5 Real Estate Marketing Ideas for Leads, Listings, and Lifelong Clients - 11/28/17 07:50 PM
Are your real estate marketing ideas having less impact than expected? Not to worry, bestselling author and marketing expert Seth Price is here to help you understand what works and what doesn’t in the world of modern marketing.
During his recent Real Estate Rockstars appearance, Seth shared today’s top 5 real estate marketing ideas. Read on and discover the marketing ideas used by the world’s most successful agents. For suggestions on implementing these ideas to boost your real estate business, listen to the complete podcast below.
The Top 5 Real Estate Marketing IdeasSome marketing methods simply aren’t effective. If you don’t want to waste … (1 comments)

real estate advertising: Top 5 Best Real Estate Podcasts You Want on Your Smartphone in 2017 - 11/25/17 07:29 AM
Want to listen to the best real estate podcasts of 2017 but don’t have time to waste wading through all the mediocrity to find them? No worries, we’ve got you covered. In this post, we cut through the noise and select the top 5 real estate podcasts that provide the best advice for agents, the leading sales strategies, and the most complete coverage of market news.
You can’t go wrong with any of the following podcasts, so give them all a try to find the right real estate shows for you.
Real Estate Rockstars with Pat HibanWith each episode featuring a top agent … (2 comments)

real estate advertising: How Hardcore Closers Use Facebook for Real Estate Lead Generation - 11/21/17 07:26 AM
Yes, you should use Facebook for real estate lead generation, but creating generic posts on listings and your ability to sell homes isn’t going to cut it. If you want to generate hot real estate leads on Facebook, the marketing method you use must tap into the interests of your social media audience.
Hardcore Closer Ryan Stewman shared one method that does exactly that on a recent episode of Real Estate Rockstars. Ryan’s media marketing method is perfect for engaging audiences on social media platforms like Facebook, and it’s incredibly easy to implement. Listen to the podcast below for step-by-step instructions on … (1 comments)

real estate advertising: Top 5 Real Estate Rockstar Radio Podcasts for August 2017 - 11/15/17 06:34 AM
Learn proven strategies for turning huge profits in real estate with August’s top episodes of Real Estate Rockstars. Guests covered everything from generating pre-sold leads with online reviews to making millions in real estate. So, if you haven’t already, make sure you listen to last month’s top 5 Pat Hiban podcasts. Let’s jump in.
539: Pull Pre-Sold Leads into Your Funnel 24/7 Using Online Reviews with Evans PutmanWant pre-sold real estate leads flowing into your sales funnel day and night? Utilize online reviews effectively and previous clients will sell you to prospective clients with minimal effort on your part. Internet marketing expert Evans Putman … (2 comments)

real estate advertising: Capture and Convert Real Estate Leads with Online Reviews - 11/09/17 05:53 AM
Capture and convert real estate leads with the industry’s most effective and efficient form of marketing: online reviews. Internet marketing expert Evans Putman recently discussed how to tap into the power of positive reviews on an episode of Real Estate Rockstars. Read on for Evans’ suggestions on getting and utilizing online reviews for lead generation and conversion. To learn the details on his process for maximizing the potential of online reviews, listen to the podcast below.
How to Ask for Online Real Estate ReviewsAs with getting real estate referrals, conservative approaches work best for getting reviews. When it comes to asking clients for … (0 comments)

real estate advertising: 5 Common Real Estate Objections: How to Overcome Objections Without Scripts - 11/07/17 06:30 AM
Overcoming common real estate objections isn’t about memorizing the best real estate scripts. In fact, getting really good at handling objections may actually be easier without the ability to fall back on a set of pre-written responses.
Let’s be clear: scripts are a great tool for getting agents in the game quickly. However, becoming over-reliant on scripts may hinder sales success in the long run. For this reason, utilizing strategies that identify and address client concerns may be a better way to handle objections effectively over time.
Read on for strategies on handling some of the most common objections without specific scripts.
5 Common … (1 comments)

real estate advertising: Drive Real Estate Leads to Your Website with Online Reviews - 11/02/17 10:55 AM
Drive real estate leads to your website with the power of positive online reviews! With positive reviews in the right places, potential clients will visit your website eagerly in an effort to determine whether or not you’re the right real estate agent for them. Want to know where to focus your strategy in order to pull more leads into your sales funnel? As inbound marketing expert Evans Putman explained during his recent Real Estate Rockstars appearance, there isn’t one review site in particular that all agents should focus on. Fortunately, there are three easy ways for an agent to choose the right … (0 comments)

real estate advertising: Real Estate Sellers to Avoid If You Want to Sell 100% of Your Listings - 10/31/17 09:54 AM
Avoid the wrong real estate sellers and you’ll take a big step toward selling 100% of your listings. The reason for this is that working with difficult sellers makes the entire process of selling homes much harder. In some cases, there’s simply no way to sell a home due to unreasonable expectations on the seller’s part. Why waste time and energy on these listings when there are other clients out there who really want your help?
That’s the question Amy Broghamer encourages real estate agents to ask themselves before trying to get each and every listing. During a recent Real Estate Rockstars … (1 comments)

real estate advertising: Say No and Sell 100% of Your Real Estate Listings - 10/28/17 08:35 AM
Say no to the wrong clients and sell 100% of your real estate listings. Believe it or not, it often is really that simple. Besides, why should you waste time and energy on troublesome sellers when there are plenty of other great potential clients out there who really need your help?
That’s the question Amy Broghamer encourages real estate agents to ask themselves before trying to get each and every listing. During her recent Real Estate Rockstars appearance, Amy discussed why she only takes business from repeat or referral clients and how she built a business that’s able to pick and choose … (4 comments)