real estate agent: Get $10,000+ in Real Estate Training for as Little as $97 - 11/15/19 11:51 AM
Looking for a great way to save on real estate training? With Rebus University’s All-Access Pass, you can get over $10,000 worth of real estate courses for as little as $97.
Also, from now until September 30th, the All-Access Lifetime Pass is on sale at $300 off. For a one-time payment of $1,197, the Lifetime Pass provides unlimited access to all current and future Rebus courses. As the name suggests, the Lifetime Pass is not a subscription; it does not expire.
Cheaper options are also available via two subscription plans: an annual subscription at $997 and a monthly subscription at $97. Both can be cancelled at any time, … (0 comments)

real estate agent: Top Real Estate Podcasts of July 2019 - 09/21/19 11:03 AM
800+ episodes of Real Estate Rockstars — can you believe it? I’m so thankful for all of the great guests who’ve shared incredible industry insight and offered actionable tips that listeners have used to improve their business. In July, we released some incredibly popular podcasts featuring Million Dollar Listing stars, sales experts, and top agents. Listen to our top real estate podcasts below.
800: Tracy Tutor of Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles: “What’s Your Average Sale Price?”Being a podcast host isn’t easy, and not all interviews go as planned. This interview with Tracy Tutor of Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles went off the rails after I … (0 comments)

real estate agent: Door-knocking does work: Three agents’ top strategies - 04/04/19 07:40 AM
With the ever-increasing cost of online leads, many real estate agents wonder if there’s a better way to bring in new business.
As a matter of fact, there is.
It’s not a fancy new strategy, something pushed by an expensive real estate coach as the be-all, end-all of sales. In fact, it’s not new at all; it’s something agents have done to generate business for decades — door-knocking.
Done right, not only is door-knocking incredibly affordable (essentially free), it’s a highly effective strategy for drumming up new business
Don’t believe me?
The strategies described below all helped relatively new agents find fast success in their markets. Read on and discover how easy it can be … (7 comments)

real estate agent: The Top 5 Real Estate Rockstars Podcasts for December 2018 - 01/17/19 06:38 AM
December’s top real estate podcasts are the perfect source of inspiration for bigger, better things in 2019. Episode highlights include suggestions on goal setting, tips on building wealth, and strategies to change your mindset for the better. Listen to last month’s top Real Estate Rockstars shows below and discover what it’ll take to make 2019 your best year yet!
743: Accomplish Your Biggest Real Estate Goals Next Year with Rod KhleifRod Khleif is passionate about helping others achieve goals in business and in life. He’s also an accomplished real estate expert who knows exactly how to guide others in the industry toward a more successful, more fulfilling career. On today’s Real Estate Rockstars, … (0 comments)

real estate agent: Top 5 Real Estate Rockstars Podcasts for September 2018 - 10/18/18 10:10 AM
Want to generate more real estate business without raising expenses? Guests from September’s top Real Estate Rockstars episodes shared how they do exactly that. Listen to the podcasts below and learn how to get low and no-cost real estate leads, what it takes to make money on house flips, and more.
699: How to Get Hot Real Estate Leads on the Cheap with Krista MashoreYou don’t have to spend thousands of dollars on real estate leads in order to sell 100 homes or more per year. For just dollars per day, you can capture the interest (and information) of your market’s most … (0 comments)