real estate leads: How to Win Big by Going All in with Zillow Leads - 07/23/19 11:36 AM
Quick question: What’s your lead-conversion rate?
Not sure?
Here’s a simple equation you can use to find out:
(Number of Conversions) ÷ (Number of Leads) = (Conversion Rate)
So, say you purchased 500 leads last month and managed to convert five of them into clients. By plugging in the numbers, you’d find that you converted at a rate of one percent (5 ÷ 500 = 0.01).
After running your numbers, you might find that you’re not happy with your conversion rate – most agents aren’t.
If that’s the case, I recommend listening to episode 790 of Real Estate Rockstars with Winston Murray. Winston converts an average of … (0 comments)

real estate leads: Four Facebook Giveaways for Real Estate Agents - 10/30/18 06:43 AM
So, you’ve built a decent following for your real estate Facebook page. You’re even getting a few likes and shares on your oh-so-clever posts.
Now what?
What can you do to build an even bigger following? More importantly, how can you leverage your page’s growing popularity for more business?
Good news: the best way to accomplish both of those goals simultaneously isn’t complicated, expensive, or even time consuming. It’s something people have been doing to increase audience size and engagement for years – Facebook giveaways.
What It Takes to Run Successful Facebook GiveawaysWhy do so many Facebook giveaways fail if they’re so easy to run?
Well, … (0 comments)

real estate leads: Top 5 Real Estate Rockstars Podcasts for September 2018 - 10/18/18 10:10 AM
Want to generate more real estate business without raising expenses? Guests from September’s top Real Estate Rockstars episodes shared how they do exactly that. Listen to the podcasts below and learn how to get low and no-cost real estate leads, what it takes to make money on house flips, and more.
699: How to Get Hot Real Estate Leads on the Cheap with Krista MashoreYou don’t have to spend thousands of dollars on real estate leads in order to sell 100 homes or more per year. For just dollars per day, you can capture the interest (and information) of your market’s most … (0 comments)

real estate leads: Three Real Estate Scripts Proven for Setting Appointments - 10/16/18 06:55 AM
Are your current real estate scripts falling flat with prospects? If so, you should listen to Pat’s recent podcast interview with prospecting expert Dale Archdekin. In it, Dale shares three scripts that he’s used to successfully set appointments time and again.
Plus, Dale describes exactly what makes these scripts work so well, explaining how agents can use this information to write effective scripts of their own.
If you need new scripts right now or want some guidance on writing your own real estate scripts, don’t miss the Real Estate Rockstars podcast with Dale below.
Get Dale’s Entire Script ManualAfter you’ve heard Pat’s complete podcast interview … (0 comments)

real estate leads: One Prospecting Expert’s Secret Weapon for Setting Appointments - 10/13/18 08:18 AM
Dale Archdekin has been prospecting since he was 17 years old, giving him decades to hone his skills and improve his real estate scripts. On a recent Real Estate Rockstars, Dale shared three of his most effective scripts, including his best script for buyers.
In this post, you can read the complete transcript from one of his role-play sessions with Pat, who played the part of a potential buyer.
To hear all three of the scripts shared during the interview, and to learn why these scripts work so well with real estate prospects, listen to the complete podcast with Dale below.
Dale’s Best Script for BuyersHello, … (0 comments)

real estate leads: Sell 100+ Homes a Year without Buying Real Estate Leads - 10/12/18 06:57 AM
Want to sell 100+ homes a year without spending thousands of dollars on real estate leads? Broker, marketing expert, and author Krista Mashore recently appeared on Real Estate Rockstars to explain how she does exactly that.
Last year, Krista sold over 150 homes without buying real estate leads, and she managed to maintain an impressive 65 percent profit margin as a result.
Listen to the podcast interview with Krista below for an overview of the marketing strategy she uses to generate hot leads on her own for just a few dollars per day.
Download a Free Copy of Sell 100+ Homes a YearAfter you’ve heard Pat’s … (1 comments)

real estate leads: Convert More Online Real Estate Leads with Less Effort - 02/16/18 05:58 PM
Converting online real estate leads doesn’t have to be hard work. While it’s true that many teams dedicate a considerable amount of time to lead management, it’s possible to achieve impressive conversion rates with far less effort than you think.
On a recent Real Estate Rockstars podcast, Suneet Agarwal shared how his team maximizes lead conversion with minimal effort. Thanks to some very sophisticated follow-up practices and tools, Suneet’s agents are able to convert online leads with relative ease.
To learn about three of the follow-up tools that Suneet uses to maximize conversion, read on. For details on how to use these tools … (1 comments)

real estate leads: Generate Real Estate Leads with Facebook Messenger Bots - 12/07/17 06:35 AM
Countless agents generate real estate leads with Facebook. What most agents don’t realize, however, is that Facebook Messenger is also a great platform for generating leads. If you’re having trouble bringing up sales numbers with common marketing methods, a strategy that leverages Facebook Messenger might be exactly what you need to break your plateau.
Real estate marketing expert and agent Travis Thom has found an easy, effective way to leverage Facebook Messenger for online lead generation. Using custom-built Facebook Messenger bots, Travis is able to engage potential clients effortlessly. Read on to find out how he generates leads automatically with bots. To … (4 comments)

real estate leads: Best Real Estate Podcasts You Want on Smartphone - 11/30/17 09:37 AM
Want to listen to the best real estate podcasts of 2017 but don’t have time to waste wading through all the mediocrity to find them? No worries, we’ve got you covered. In this post, we cut through the noise and select the top 5 real estate podcasts that provide the best advice for agents, the leading sales strategies, and the most complete coverage of market news.
You can’t go wrong with any of the following podcasts, so give them all a try to find the right real estate shows for you.
Real Estate Rockstars with Pat HibanWith each episode featuring a top agent … (2 comments)

real estate leads: Top 5 Real Estate Marketing Ideas for Leads, Listings, and Lifelong Clients - 11/28/17 07:50 PM
Are your real estate marketing ideas having less impact than expected? Not to worry, bestselling author and marketing expert Seth Price is here to help you understand what works and what doesn’t in the world of modern marketing.
During his recent Real Estate Rockstars appearance, Seth shared today’s top 5 real estate marketing ideas. Read on and discover the marketing ideas used by the world’s most successful agents. For suggestions on implementing these ideas to boost your real estate business, listen to the complete podcast below.
The Top 5 Real Estate Marketing IdeasSome marketing methods simply aren’t effective. If you don’t want to waste … (1 comments)

real estate leads: Rake in Real Estate Leads on Facebook: The Hardcore Closer’s Media Marketing Method - 11/25/17 05:39 AM
If you’re hoping to rake in real estate leads on Facebook with some simple social media posts on listings and your ability to sell homes, you’re going to be disappointed. However, if you’re willing to put some extra time and effort into posting on topics that interest your audience, you’ll be surprised by how successful social media marketing can be.
The Hardcore Closer, Ryan Stewman, recently appeared on Real Estate Rockstars to share a few of his cutting-edge sales methods. One of these methods, the media marketing method, is great for agents who want to generate real estate leads via Facebook. Read … (2 comments)

real estate leads: Capture and Convert Real Estate Leads with Online Reviews - 11/09/17 05:53 AM
Capture and convert real estate leads with the industry’s most effective and efficient form of marketing: online reviews. Internet marketing expert Evans Putman recently discussed how to tap into the power of positive reviews on an episode of Real Estate Rockstars. Read on for Evans’ suggestions on getting and utilizing online reviews for lead generation and conversion. To learn the details on his process for maximizing the potential of online reviews, listen to the podcast below.
How to Ask for Online Real Estate ReviewsAs with getting real estate referrals, conservative approaches work best for getting reviews. When it comes to asking clients for … (0 comments)

real estate leads: Drive Real Estate Leads to Your Website with Online Reviews - 11/02/17 10:55 AM
Drive real estate leads to your website with the power of positive online reviews! With positive reviews in the right places, potential clients will visit your website eagerly in an effort to determine whether or not you’re the right real estate agent for them. Want to know where to focus your strategy in order to pull more leads into your sales funnel? As inbound marketing expert Evans Putman explained during his recent Real Estate Rockstars appearance, there isn’t one review site in particular that all agents should focus on. Fortunately, there are three easy ways for an agent to choose the right … (0 comments)

real estate leads: 5 Real Estate Marketing Methods That Will Burn Through Your Advertising Budget - 09/21/17 08:05 AM
Not all real estate marketing methods are equally effective or equally affordable. Let’s face it: some marketing methods are downright unaffordable. We’re not saying that the more expensive marketing strategies aren’t worth it in some cases. We are saying, however, that they should be used carefully and perhaps sparingly. Below, we’ll cover 5 of these high-cost marketing strategies and offer advice on finding some potential alternatives.
Expensive Real Estate Marketing MethodsAre you looking to cut down on how much you spend marketing your business? If you don’t have a huge advertising budget, marketing heavily with any of the 5 following methods will … (1 comments)

real estate leads: Convert More Real Estate Leads and Build Your Business with 3 New Courses from Rebus University - 08/05/17 07:26 PM
Rebus University just released three new courses, available individually or bundled, designed to provide students with the best practices and the most useful resources for generating and converting real estate leads. These courses, taught by industry experts Sam Monreal and Dale Archdekin, will give you the tools needed to make more commissions and to build your business.
Learn How Top Agents Generate and Convert Real Estate LeadsAs a Certified Outbound Lead Specialist, you’ll know how to generate hot outbound leads and will have the skills required to convert these leads consistently. Become a Certified Inbound Lead Specialist and watch your ROI for online leads skyrocket. … (0 comments)

real estate leads: Generate Hot Real Estate Leads by Hosting a Successful Open House - 07/13/17 06:20 AM
While you won’t generate as many real estate leads hosting an open house as you will utilizing a tech-based strategy for lead generation, you’ll generate high-value leads if your open house is a success. Ensuring your open house is a success can be tricky though, especially if you haven’t hosted many (or any) open houses in the past.
Fortunately, we’ve compiled some of the best open-house strategies used by experienced agents below. Implement these strategies for your next open house and you’re sure to pull in some excellent real estate leads. You might even snag a buyer!
Advertise Your Open House Online via … (2 comments)

real estate leads: Top Inbound Real Estate Leads Technology for Improving Inbound Lead Conversion ROI - 07/04/17 07:29 AM
Converting inbound real estate leads is much easier when you have the right technological resources at your disposal. Unfortunately, determining which technological resources you need, and which ones you don’t, isn’t always easy. In this post, we cover 3 types of technological resources that real estate teams can use to increase their conversion rates with inbound real estate leads. By using the following technological resources, you can improve the efficiency and the effectiveness of your interactions with inbound leads.
CRM Platforms for Keeping Track of Inbound Real Estate LeadsCRM software is, without a doubt, the most vital technological resource when it comes … (1 comments)

real estate leads: Manage Online Real Estate Leads and Maximize Lead Conversion Rates Like This Million-Dollar Agent - 06/13/17 06:55 AM
Learn to convert online real estate leads like a million-dollar agent by using the right tools and the best practices. Recent guest Steve Pemberton, a veteran agent with nearly $700 million in closed sales, has found a way to maximize lead conversion rates by managing online leads with the features available to members of Zillow’s Premier Agent program. 
In this post, we’ll cover a few of these features and how Steve uses them to capture and convert the best Zillow real estate leads possible. For more information on Steve’s real estate lead conversion system and details on how he’s managed to sell … (0 comments)

real estate leads: LinkedIn for Real Estate Leads: 3 Pro Tips for Real Estate Agents - 05/16/17 07:22 AM
Are you leveraging LinkedIn for real estate leads effectively to grow your business? If not, you’re missing out on one of the best real estate social media marketing opportunities. According to recent guest Italina Kirknis, the real estate community’s online presence expert, most real estate agents aren’t using LinkedIn effectively. Surprisingly, a large percentage of agents don’t seem to know how to use LinkedIn for real estate at all.
Below, we’ll explore a few of Italina’s LinkedIn tips for real estate agents. This way, readers like you can take advantage of LinkedIn for real estate leads to edge out the competition. For … (2 comments)

real estate leads: What Should New Real Estate Agents Do to Get More Real Estate Leads? - 03/31/17 07:09 PM
What should new real estate agents do to generate leads? Is that a question you often ask yourself as a new agent? Don’t worry; the fact that you’re thinking about ways to generate more real estate business is a sign that you’re on track to succeed.

Like you, James Shelby was eager to pick up new real estate agent tips when he started his career, and he regularly listened to Pat’s podcast. Now, he’s become so successful that he recently came on the show to share his own tips for new agents! Below, we’ll cover a few of these … (3 comments)