open your door: How Many of You Print Out and Put Property/Area Info Books in Your Listings? - 12/21/11 05:39 AM
For your listings do you still print out a bunch of informational pages, put them in the plastic sleeves and into a three ring binder (or some type of holder) that you set out or have the sellers set out when buyers are viewing your listings? Besides the home spec sheet and the county parcel map, maybe you add a list of the schools and utilities in it. Or possibley, if you have extra time, you might even add a page of nearby parks or shoppping, right?
Well, Open Your Door™ Reference Guides are a great replacement for those 3 … (2 comments)

open your door: Branding - Are You Taking Lessons From the Big Boys? - 12/13/11 07:06 AM
If you really want to know what it takes to stand out, you should be paying attention to the pro’s.  We are all familiar with that ever popular Nike “swoosh”, the “C’s” all over purses from Coach and on and on.If you are the head marketer of your company, and most of us running our own businesses are, it doesn’t matter what age we are or what our company does, we all need to understand how important branding is.Huge corporations are buying each other up, mergers are everywhere, but don’t be fooled by that food frenzy going on at the monstrous … (0 comments)

open your door: Tired of Giving the Same Old, Short-Lived Closing Gifts to Your Clients? - 11/28/11 12:32 AM
Searching for a unique marketing idea, but can’t find one?Can’t figure out what to give your clients when they close on their home that will actually help them to remember you down the road?  Never have enough time to stay in contact with your past clients like you should, and they forget about you?
Open Your Door™ has come up with a solution to all of the above!Open Your Door™ offers unique marketing tools for Real Estate Agents.  Our flagship product is the revolutionary OYD™ Guide, a resource and information guide for your new homeowner clients that simultaneously performs as an … (0 comments)

open your door: NAR's 2011 Expo was Very Inspiring - 11/16/11 07:01 AM
Our booth at NAR's 2011 Expo and Convention was very busy and that convention was a really great place to be.  It gave us the chance to meet so many wonderful people from all over.  NAR's President, Ron Phipps even announced that this years attendance exceeded all expectations; 19,000 attendees.  It was a very energized placed to be. Agents were very interested in our new line of products for their clients.  Due to their attraction to our products, along with them sharing their thoughts, we are going to be coming out soon with a new, completely electronic version of Open Your … (0 comments)

open your door: Open Your Door™ Guides for your Clients are HERE! - 11/08/11 01:58 AM
Open Your Door™ has developed a new product that is so unbelievably helpful for your clients they will never forget you!  While giving them all the information they need about their  new community at their finger tips, it will also keep your name in front of them for years to come.                
It is a revolutionary, one-of-a-kind resource designed specifically for home buyers relocating to a new area or part of town. It provides them with valuable information that they will really need to simplify the moving process and it is a great way to welcome them into the new community, all … (4 comments)

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