investors for real estate: 8 Videos: Use Investors Money to Buy Apartment Houses - 02/19/11 09:24 AM
Using other people's money to buy apartment houses is one of the well proven roads to wealth, but there are things to learn and pitfalls to watch out for.

Here is a page with eight separate informational videos. This is (fair warning!) a sales page, but the training videos on it are extremely well done and definitely worth watching for anyone who may want to buy an apartment building using investors money (OPM).
The videos and other information on that referenced page have information about how to buy apartment houses, review of a prospectus example, information about how to find investors, particularly investors for real estate, and related documents … (2 comments)

investors for real estate: FIND INVESTORS: A Million Act of Kindness Video - 10/11/10 11:35 AM
In my experience this is the real key to success. Enjoy!
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investors for real estate: Find Investors: Money for Real Estate via a Private Placement Offering - 09/27/10 11:57 AM
Lets just cut to the chase here. People who want to find investors don’t want or need to become lawyers. After all, if they get this right, i.e. investing real estate, they will end up in a far higher income bracket than most attorneys. For people like that – people like us – there are just three basic questions:

(1) What kind of documents do I need to get investors for real estate deals I control and co-own with passive investors? (2) What can I legally do and say to find investors, while raising investor dollars for my real … (1 comments)

investors for real estate: Find Investors: Swimming Naked - 09/27/10 11:17 AM
Now that I have your attention, here is the whole quote from Warren Buffett: “You only find out who is swimming naked when the tide goes out.” A rising tide lifts all boats, and in bull markets every investor looks like a genius. From March 2009 through April 2010, the Dow rose 70% and almost everyone holding stocks made money. Just as individual investors look smart in across-the-board bull markets, so do investment advisors. But never confuse a good market with a good advisor. Advisors too could be swimming naked… with your money! When they find investors to work with, an … (0 comments)

investors for real estate: Find Investors: Kindness & Other People’s Money - 09/27/10 11:05 AM
Investments are made for a variety of reasons such as growth, tax benefits, income, inflation hedging, even bragging rights. However, a core reason private equity investors take other people’s money and put it to good use is simply to be of service to others. I call it the "Love and Kindness Factor".

Have you ever noticed that wealthy entrepreneurs, including those investors in real estate who have made money over the years, generally tend to be good people who are kind, loving and generous. I think success is more likely with those attributes because people like to help others who … (0 comments)

investors for real estate: Find Investors: Smaller Dollar Investors for Real Estate Projects - 09/27/10 10:57 AM
It is a given that it is smart to find investors, i.e. to use other people’s money raised from private equity investors, when buying investment property. When first starting down this path it is common to start small, getting your feet wet by buying a property or two with money raised from friends and small-dollar passive investors in real estate deals. However, it does not make a lot of sense over the long term to only find investors with small dollar capability, simply because the same truth that applies to every real estate deal ever closed also applies to capital formation: … (1 comments)

investors for real estate: Find Investors: The Role of Accredited Investors in Investment Property Financing - 09/27/10 10:46 AM
Accredited investors are considered to be sophisticated, with a good understanding of the risks in a deal. For that reason the laws and rules for dealing with them are more flexible. For example you can have an unlimited number of accredited investors in a private-placement (non-public) offering, but in many states such as California you are limited to a maximum of 35 non-accredited investors. Keep this in mind when you go out to find investors. See a good securities lawyer for details and exceptions; however in general terms you want to find investors with a net worth of at least $1 … (1 comments)

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