real estate investing: FIND INVESTORS: A Million Act of Kindness Video - 10/11/10 11:35 AM
In my experience this is the real key to success. Enjoy!
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real estate investing: Find Investors: Kindness & Other People’s Money - 09/27/10 11:05 AM
Investments are made for a variety of reasons such as growth, tax benefits, income, inflation hedging, even bragging rights. However, a core reason private equity investors take other people’s money and put it to good use is simply to be of service to others. I call it the "Love and Kindness Factor".

Have you ever noticed that wealthy entrepreneurs, including those investors in real estate who have made money over the years, generally tend to be good people who are kind, loving and generous. I think success is more likely with those attributes because people like to help others who … (0 comments)

real estate investing: Find Investors: THE CASE FOR REAL ESTATE - 09/21/10 06:33 AM
It is not difficult to find investors for real estate in the current market.
Interest rates are at an all time low. Certificates of Deposit (CD) and savings accounts earn a meager 1.5 percent or less. Under such circumstances, investors would normally invest in stocks or bonds for higher returns. However, weak economic conditions in the U.S. and abroad, are taking a toll on stocks. In fact, many experts are warning investors to steer clear of paper assets and move into tangible assets such as housing.
Stay Away From Paper Assets
Mark B. Fisher, CEO of MBF Asset Management, believes there … (10 comments)

real estate investing: Find Investors: Should Accredited Investors Move More Assets from Stocks to Real Estate? - 09/20/10 12:42 PM
In 2005 it was becoming increasingly obvious that the real estate market was headed for a sharp downturn. The “real estate bubble” was talked about by pundits everywhere, and for once they were right. There was a bubble, it did pop, and prices plummeted.
Now real estate prices are still at a very low level, particularly when considering replacement costs, and the game has changed. As it always does! There is now more intrinsic long-term value to be had in real estate than ever. Meanwhile many analysts have started calling for a stock market decline.
Evidence of the potential serious decline … (1 comments)

real estate investing: Don't be a Jackass - Using Social Media to Get Real Estate Investors - 09/20/10 10:40 AM
The thing about using social media like Twitter, Facebook, Youtube and etc. to find investors - people interested in investing in real estate - is that to make them work for you, you have to be cool about it.

Social media is like a big party. And guess what? Investors in real estate go to that party all the time! So when you're at the "Social media Party" give some information about yourself, be kind and just a bit laid back. You WILL find investors that way - people will come to you. :)
Here are five quick tips:
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