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What To Do If You Can't Pay The Taxes
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taxcompliance: Lake City: What to Do If You Cannot Pay The Taxes - 07/31/19 06:24 AM
What is Tax Compliance. Why is it discussed with every client?
I represent taxpayers in Lake City and  Florida who have tax issues, we have seen an increase in the number of folks coming to us with Tax Compliance Issues. 
Tax Compliance is the filing and paying of withholding/1040 taxes. All filings and deposits are current.
For business owners  this would include responsibilities of  filing proper payroll tax forms (941) and depositing payroll tax deposits. 
What should you do if you have several years of unfiled returns?
For non-filers the IRS generally requires a lookback period of 6 years for filing to become compliant. 
So what if you can't pay your taxes? File anyways. The … (0 comments)

taxcompliance: Lake City: End Your Relationship With The IRS - 06/26/19 06:56 AM
I represent taxpayers in Lake City and Florida who have tax issues. Recently seen an increase  folks talking to us who have Trust Fund Recovery Penalty
The IRS purpose is to collect money to fund operation of the US government. Payroll taxes supply the most revenue. TheTrust Fund Recovery Penalty assures collection.  Once a person or business has been identified , the IRS begins a well-rehearsed dance to collrect taxes. Trust Fund Recovery Penalty is a tool to collect payroll taxes.
Fix it sooner, not later. The Trust Fund Recovery Penalty can be devastating.
Once identified, penalties are applied immediately, interest starts  immediately, and collection actions are initiated. Trust Fund Recovery Penalty has its own penalties and … (0 comments)

taxcompliance: Tax Compliance - The Key to Resolving Your Tax Debt - 05/27/19 10:40 AM
Clients come to me to resolve outstanding tax issues with the IRS and state revenue offices.
Hello I'm Patrick LeClaire, the owner of New Life Tax Resolution, I represent taxpayers in Lake City and the rest of Florida who have civil and criminal tax issues.
Often they are several years behind in filing personal tax returns or business returns. The first step in the resolution process is to bring the taxpayer into compliance. Bring them current and keep them current.
So, what does tax compliance mean to the IRS?
Before they will accept any type of settlement offer, all prior tax returns must be filed. This includes 1040's for the individual and  941's for … (0 comments)

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