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You've probably heard the story of the mother who was watching her son, a drummer in the high school marching band, who was out of step with the other 'synchronized to the music' band members...she commented, "Oh, look, everyone is out of step except my son Johnny"!Well the last few days I have b...
After all the good things I've had to say about The Active Rain Community, and all the praise I have lavished upon 'HER', am I now turning tail and retreating on my previous posts and opinions??? Have I given up on Active Rain...on this community of over 80,000 real estate professionals? Has the ...
I've been reading a lot of posts lately that seem to express that many bloggers, at least here on Active Rain, are reaching a certain level of 'blog block'...At first, I thought it was a regular 'Monday Morning' know, a 'blue Monday' kind of thing...but then when it spilled over ...
I looked at my e-mail first thing this morning and noticed an e-mail from fellow Active Rainer, Margaret Woda, my realtor friend from Maryland! Curious to see what Margaret had for me, I quickly opened the e-mail and to my utmost surprise found a header for my new customized blog that Margaret ha...
No, that's not today's weather forecast...that is a description of how long the tag clouds of Lenn Harley and mine are...combined!!!For some time now I have been ruing, stewing, and chronically complaining about the extremely long 'tag cloud' which I have generated through my blogging activities ...
Saturday was a day topped off by some serious smile making activities!A day epitomized by athletic involvement by four of my five young children! Now I'm a consummate 'people watcher', and not only passively but interactively...I love communicating with people...especially young ones, and the you...
I read blogs where many express a difficulty in coming up with topics to write about on Active Rain! So, in an attempt to assist my brothers and sisters on Active Rain, I offer the following suggestions for blog topics!Before I get started, I'd like to explain my method of madness...First of all,...
On a recent post of Missy Caulk, that great Active Rainer from Ann Arbor, Michigan, the following comment by my friend Karen Hurst of Rhode Island was observed:Missy, I am so glad I came here to read your blog! I have been having a horrible week with situations, some very similar to yours and I w...
I was trying to wrap up the week on a lighter friendlier note, but after reading the most recent post from my friend Bill Burress from Florida, my stomach is growling and my spirit is in turmoil...not Bill's fault, just man's inhumanity to man apparent in society today!!! Please visit Bill's site...
Many of you might remember from some of my previous posts that I totally forgot my tenth wedding anniversary 5 years ago! Well, when you forget your 10th, you can never make that can spend much effort trying, but no cigar!!!One thing you can do, however, is resolve not to forget any othe...

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