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So where are we exactly on this last day of February...???   We all know Spring is the season for buying and selling real estate...And even though it's nearly a month before Spring is officially here, we ought to at least have some indication by now as to how our year is shaping up...   Oh, I kno...
So I had one feature post this week...should have had two...and back to back at that...gurus must be sleeping or taking longer breaks...! They still haven't taken me up on my recommended algorithm...using a ratio of views to clicks...!!!   This weekend we celebrate the ending of February and the ...
Remember all those warnings we wrote about in the last two years about how our real estate economy was in danger of entering onto a slippery slope...   Now we know how hard it is to turn around or stop on a 'SLIPPERY SLOPE'...   Momentum will carry you very far...and when you're going downhill.....
I've always been a no-frills kind of guy...bottom line diplomacy suits me fine...   I'll take the short post over the long post any day, and cutting to the chase is my usual MO...BUT...   Will Active Rain become subject to the popularity currently circulating around Twitter...more importantly, wi...
Yesterday, I wrote about things I've learned on the Journey. Today, I'm going to try to remember some things I've forgotten on the Journey...   I've forgotten how to remember...I'm not talking about the normal effects of, this inability to remember I'm alluding to is mo...
I've heard it said, that by the age of 5 we are almost fully formed as regards our personalities and characters...a scary thought to say the least...   My hard working blue collar parents were very frugal, but saw to it that my sister and I received the benefits of twelve years of Catholic School...
This week I spent a lot of time listening to the 'talking heads' on the TV news shows...!   By the way, we don't have news shows anymore...those shows where journalism, not sensationalism or political talking points, drive the, we have well choreographed agenda-driven opinionated 'Ho...
I'm writing this on Tuesday, but it's really for Thursday night, February 19th, and our Active Rain gathering in center city Philadelphia coordinated by our infamous FHA mortgage specialist Jeff Belonger...!!!   Now, I anticipate having a wonderful time greeting some of my Active Rain Blogging Bu...
One of my life goals has always been to bring sunshine into a situation whenever and wherever possible...! Not only is this an emotionally rewarding endeavor, but often times a financially rewarding one as well...!!! Not to mention...sunshine is a beautiful thing! But now...   I am officially a ...
If I took everything I know about computers and measured it in would probably weigh about 3 ounces...!   Problem is, I rely on computers for practically everything...and I spend a lot of time enjoying the fruits of this technology which I know so little about...! What trust I place in ...

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