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On Wednesday evening, a very good friend of mine lost his 23 year old son when the young man was killed in a tragic motorcycle accident...!!!I know the whole family well, and my thoughts and prayers will certainly be with them, but I can't imagine how devastating a tragedy such as this can be...!...
In our Delaware Valley area where we have three of the best hospitals for children in the Country (perhaps the World), miracles of life are witnessed and celebrated daily...!!!Children's Hospital (CHOP), Saint Christophers, and Nemours (DUPONT) enable incredible lives to be transformed by applyin...
Fran's Friday Forum...Mayday...Mayday...Mayday...!!!There's no reason for panic or alarm...It IS May, and it IS another great day that The Lord has made...!!!Now, coming from Southeastern Pennsylvania, where we have seen continuous rain for nearly two weeks now, it would be nice if some of this ‘...
Right about this time every year many parents and grandparents, and other family members for that matter, are second guessing Little League Baseball Coaches all around the country...Yes, it's that time of year when America's Favorite Pastime, at least the version designed for kids from about 8 to...
This post has been prompted by the fear that the word ‘FRIEND' in our American version of the English language will lose its full power much as the word ‘LOVE' has...!!!And ‘FACEBOOK', as well as other similar social networks currently circulating in cyberspace, will be one of the main culprits i...
O.K....So I just found out I need to replace the roof on our home...AND...It ain't goin to be cheap...!!!Don't you like it when you consult with ‘PROFESSIONALS' and you get the feeling you are being manipulated, misguided, misinformed, misunderstood, and misinterpreted...Yes...that is exactly wha...

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