he is risen: SINGLE PARENTING 101...Fran's Friday Forum...!!! - 04/09/15 11:13 PM

My nephew Brennen will be getting married this Saturday...!!! Unfortunately, I couldn’t make attending the wedding (to be celebrated in Quito, Ecuador, 7 hours of flight time away), but my heart and prayers go out to the newlyweds...
I wish I could attend the sacred event, but I will be tending to our 5 still at home children while my wife will represent the both of us there...
May ESTEFANIA & BRENNEN have a long, loving, blessed, and fruitful marriage...!!!
With a little help from my caring kids, we should be able to survive through the next 5 days, though I’m already beginning to … (2 comments)

he is risen: HAPPY EASTER...Fran's Friday Forum...!!! - 04/03/15 05:04 AM



he is risen: Fran's Friday Forum...GOD Or Barack...!!! - 04/05/12 06:22 PM
I was debating early this morning whether to post about GOD or President Obama...After all, the most important thing about today is that it is GOOD FRIDAY...!!!My decision was made quickly...GOD is way more RELIABLE, TRUSTWORTHY, TRUTHFUL, FAITHFUL, EDIFYING, & SAVING than our President has been for over three years now...In spite of G.O.D., the GREAT OBAMA DEPRESSION, I wish to dwell on THE ONE TRUE GOD...!!!IT IS GOOD FRIDAY...!!!When we urge our compatriots to ‘KEEP YOUR EYES FIXED ON CHRIST’, on this day there is no better image to conjure up than THE CRUCIFIXION OF JESUS...Even though we as Christians … (9 comments)

he is risen: Fran's Friday Forum...Wholly Weak...Or...Holy Week...!!! - 04/15/11 03:26 AM
I was debating on whether my post this Friday should be on something illustrating the total insufficiency and inadequacy of the recent ‘BUDGET CUTS' enacted by Congress, or something positive relating to ‘HOLY WEEK', which, for most Catholics, and other Christians as well, signifies some of the holiest days in the Church Year...!!!WELL...'HOLY WEEK' won the day...'WHOLLY WEAK', which is how I describe some of the cowardly politicians in Washington will have to wait for another day...FOR...Even though I AM PROUD TO BE AN AMERICAN, my primary allegiance and citizenship is in HEAVEN...That is where I and most Christians hope to … (10 comments)

he is risen: He Is Risen...Alleluia...!!! - 04/12/09 01:41 AM
He is risen, indeed...!   
For almost 2000 years now, billions of Christians have proclaimed their belief in the Resurrection of The Lord...!!!  
It is the Passover of The Lord...Easter Sunday...!!!  
Yes, JESUS is risen...The Lamb of God, Who takes away the sin of the world, is risen from the dead...!!! 
At some point, EVERY knee shall bow, and EVERY tongue confess...that JESUS CHRIST IS LORD...to the Glory of God the Father...  
Many worship and praise Him now, ALL shall know the TRUTH eventually...!!!  
It is Easter...ALLELUIA...!!!


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