real estate: Calling All Atlanta RE Professionals - REbarCamp Atlanta is Friday! - 10/25/11 06:03 AM
You're Invited! 
Pull up a chair and Sit a spell!
Come on Down!

Its the 2nd annual Atlanta REbarCamp!  (or is it the first annual, since the first one was the premiere / inaugural REBarCamp? ...I'm sure someone knows!)
Either way, some of the brightest minds in the Atlanta area are coming together on Friday, October 28th to share, learn, network and have a little fun!
This year we're meeting on the west side of town in Cobb County.  (last year we were Downtown)  And for those of you who have never been to Cobb County - our location … (1 comments)

real estate: Marketing with Local Events - 10/22/11 04:56 AM
The Holiday Season is right around the corner!  And there are so many things happening... festival, plays, concerts, recitals, holiday home tours, Christmas Tree lightings... I could go on and on. 
Every year, we collect all the local events happening in the Atlanta area and create a beautiful 2 month calendar.  It's become a popular marketing piece for our local Atlanta clients.  (And we hear their clients love receiving it!)
It's a 2 month calendar that's filled with ideas and events for everyone - from families to teens to seniors.  We feature all the traditional, regular advertised events like the … (3 comments)

real estate: Texting... Sometimes it's a Good Thing! - 10/18/11 02:46 AM
Google – it’s one heck of a company with so many great ideas and products.  Gmail, Google Docs, Google Maps, Calendar, Reader... the list goes on and on!
Did you know that Google has a Text Message "Search" feature?  Even if you have a web browser on your smart phone, you might find Google's SMS search easier. For one, it's incredibly fast-- no clicking links and searching through results while you try to find your glasses!  You use special keywords to get immediate access to information.
Here’s an example: text "weather 30329" to 466453 (GOOGLE) and instantly receive the current weather … (0 comments)

real estate: Rain Barrels and Composters are Becoming More Popular with Home Owners! - 10/04/11 10:25 AM
I've been noticing that more and more of my neighbors and friends are starting to compost or installing a Rain Barrel.  Maybe it's a trend - maybe some folks fancy themselves as a suburban farmer. 
At my house, I have a garden! So it was a natural progression for me and my husband to start Composting and get a Rain Barrel.  We started composting 5 years ago, because we have that famous Georgia red clay soil - and it needed some help! 
Leaves, grass clippings, coffee grounds, potato and carrot peels, egg shells... you name it - we compost it!  … (1 comments)

real estate: Wordless Wednesday - Wine Tasting - 05/25/11 09:05 AM
Wine Tasting Weekend in North Georgia!
There are some beautiful wineries in the North Georgia Mountains and I had the opportunity to visit several with my girlfriends the other weekend!  We enjoyed a "Flight of Whites" along with lunch at Montaluce.  With 5 glasses in the flight - needless to say our table was full of wine!
I recommend Three Sisters, Wolf Mountain, Blackstock and FrogTown too!


real estate: Contract Termination. When Can a Buyer and Seller Legally Call it Quits? - 02/17/11 05:00 AM
I read a great article last week in the Realty Times about Contract Termination. I wanted to share this with you because I thought it was interesting and something that might help you in your business.
Bob Hunt, the author, discussed the uncertainty and misinformation among real estate agents about when a buyer and seller can legally terminate a contract.
He points out standard contracts have the clause “Time is of the essence”, an expected closing date and instructions for escrow deposits. All parties have time to meet these requirements and if they can’t, extensions can be negotiated.
However, he brings … (2 comments)

real estate: Agents! End the Spin and Win! - 10/07/10 10:06 AM
Are you stressed...burned out? Are you juggling too many balls in the air at once? Are you starting to resemble a "Plate Spinner" from a circus act? Do you find yourself running from one project to another to keep everything moving and everyone happy? Is it getting harder and harder to maintain peak performance without dropping the ball? Do you have a clue how much your time is worth?
This economy is forcing us all to do more with fewer resources and the result is our businesses are suffering, not only from the economic downturn but from our inability to keep … (1 comments)

real estate: Fair Housing Act Guarantees Equal Opportunity for Everyone - 09/28/10 11:08 AM
As a Real Estate Broker, Agent, Apartment Community Manager, Private Home Seller or Landlord, it is imperative you and your staff are knowledgeable about the Fair Housing Act and its guidelines. Perhaps you have a new employee who could use this information or maybe you just want to refresh your memory. Either way, the staff at AnotherME wants to provide it for you.
As you know, the sale and purchase of a home is by far the most meaningful occurrence that happens in an individual’s lifetime. Because we live in the greatest country in the known world, America offers its amazing … (1 comments)

real estate: Carolyn Capalbo Is A REALTOR In Northern Virginia That Needs Your Help - 06/14/10 01:03 AM
What's in a Name - Everything!  And for a Realtor it's more than everything - it's your brand.  Now imagine having potential clients google your name and finding this...
"In 2008 a women with the same name as Carolyn Capalbo broke into the news, and it wasn't pretty. The "other" Carolyn had a daughter that was involved with a New York governor in a promiscuous way. Long story short, it was ugly, and now when you google Carolyn Capalbo, you get the results of the other women"
Please help Carolyn Capalbo by re-blogging and linking to her website.
Carolyn … (1 comments)

real estate: Do You Really Need Social Media Marketing for Your Business? - 05/15/10 06:55 AM
In order to be successful in the Real Estate business or any business, you have to generate leads, stay in touch with your past clients, and make yourself known to your community. 
Social Media has made staying in touch with your past clients, meeting new people and networking with other interest groups easier, faster and more cost efficient! 
In the 2010 Social Media Marketing Report, 41% of marketers felt the use of Social Media reduced their overall marketing expenses. ( 
Think about the time it takes to attend networking meetings, civic meetings, church meetings, etc ...versus jumping on your PC/Mac, iPhone … (8 comments)

real estate: 5 Personal Tasks You Can Delegate to your Virtual Assistant - 08/25/09 01:29 AM
A Virtual Assistant is a valuable resource in your Real Estate business for help with listings, contracts, marketing and general admin tasks. But, have you considered asking your VA to help out with some of your personal tasks as well.  When you have a relationship and a trust with your VA, handling personal tasks is just one more way you can leverage your time and resources.
Being that your Assistant is "Virtual", she's not available to pick up the kids, drop off the dry cleaning or deliver cupcakes to the brownie troop.  But she might be able to help you with … (4 comments)

real estate: Under Contract... Are your Clients Out of Sight and Out of Mind? - 08/04/09 02:22 AM
Transaction Coordination, Contract to Close, Closing Coordination, Transaction Management… Whatever you call it, this is the one service you should consider adding to your business.

One of the challenges facing many agents today is keeping the paperwork and communications flowing during the closing process. When you’re out with new clients and can’t respond to calls or emails until the evening or the next day, the closing process for your Under Contract clients has been slowed down or sometimes derailed.
A Transaction Coordinator is on the job and working for you. She will be responding to those emails and phone calls … (4 comments)

real estate: Wordless Wednesday - Meditation Garden at Memorial Dr Homeless Shelter - 06/24/09 01:58 PM

My husband and I helped prepare and serve dinner at one of downtown Atlanta's homeless shelters.  It was a humbling experience.  There were 4 families residing there while trying to get back on their feet.  Behind the main building some of the residents and volunteers had built a small meditation garden and planted flowers. It's a quiet place in an urban jungle. 
We just heard last week ...the shelter is closing.


real estate: Taxes! - 03/28/09 03:01 AM
A friend sent this to me and I coudn't resist sharing it.  I know some taxes are for good things like roads, schools, etc.  But this puts it in perspective... we pay lots of taxes!     
     Tax his land,     Tax his bed,     Tax the table     At which he's fed.     Tax his tractor,     Tax his mule,     Teach him taxes     Are the rule.     Tax his work,     Tax his  pay,     He works for peanuts Anyway!     Tax his cow,     Tax his goat,     Tax his pants,     Tax his coat.     Tax his ties,     Tax his shirt,     Tax his work,     Tax his dirt.     Tax his tobacco,     Tax his drink,     Tax him if he     Tries to think.     Tax his cigars,     Tax his beers,     If … (0 comments)

real estate: Reflections on attending REtechSouth 09 - 03/23/09 06:55 AM
What's the best investment you can make?  Is it Real Estate?  Is it in the Stock Market or Bonds? (not today, that's for sure!)  Nope - it's an investment in Yourself!  You will always get the highest return when you make an investment in your business and YOU!
That's exactly what I did last Friday (and Thursday evening) when I made the investment of time and money in attending REtechSouth 09!  It was priceless!         
A one day event with great speakers(Jeff Turner- RESpres, Dave Jenks) fantastic classes(Social Media 101, Twitter, LinkedIn, SEO) an opportunity to network with some of the best in the … (2 comments)

real estate: Giving and Appreciation - The Pop By! - 12/04/08 02:10 AM
The holidays are almost here! What a great time to "Pop By" your A-list clients and prospects in your database with some holiday cheer and good tidings!  According to Brian Buffini, a small token of appreciation or "item of value" can go a long way in building strong relationships and generating referrals.  Just remember - appreciation wins out over self promotion every time!
Here are some simple, cost effective gift ideas:
Holiday Ornaments: you can purchase plain glass balls in bulk at CostCo or Sam's Club, tie it up with some lovely ribbon add a simple card and you have a … (0 comments)

real estate: Tax Time Is Right Around the Corner! - 11/27/08 03:27 PM
As a real estate professional, did you realize you are operating a small business? There are many tax deductions that small business owners overlook - it's the little things that can add up and save you MONEY!Here are some ideas for items used for business purposes only:
Advertising and printing Entertainment and gifts, provided they meet IRS criteria Equipment and furnishings: Depreciation on equipment; Office supplies; Software costs; Telephone (cell phones), Internet, television and other communication tools Insurance premiums Costs of business books, periodicals or newspapers Dues or membership costs to professional organizations Education costs for self or employees Office moving … (0 comments)

real estate: BE THANKFUL - 11/25/08 03:27 PM
Be thankful that you don't already have everything you desire.If you did, what would there be to look forward to?Be thankful when you don't know something,for it gives you the opportunity to learn.
Be thankful for the difficult times.During those times you grow.Be thankful for your limitations,because they give you opportunities for improvement.Be thankful for each new challenge,because it will build your strength and character.
Be thankful for your mistakes.They will teach you valuable lessons.Be thankful when you're tired and weary,because it means you've made a difference.
It's easy to be thankful for the good things.A life of rich fulfillment comes … (1 comments)

real estate: Delegate So You Can Celebrate - 11/24/08 07:06 AM
As a real estate professional, you know that during the holiday season, your business begins to taper off while the stress of your personal life builds up.
Have you done your holiday shopping yet? What about wrapping all the presents? Which parties, company get-togethers, school functions and family gatherings will you attend? And of course, you've got to send your holiday cards, calendars and gift items to clients and prospects, as well as your family and friends.
Back to your business... With the phone not ringing quite as much, this is the best  time of the year to take on all … (0 comments)

real estate: Ring, Ring... Hello? Please can you HELP me?? - 11/21/08 11:46 AM
And just like that ....the busy real estate professional hires a VA and lives happily ever after!  
We all know the scenario - the week before you go on vacation everything hits the fan.  You have 2 closings, the phone is ringing off the hook with showings, you get a new listing and 3 referrals!  Sometimes you just don't realize you're in over your head until it is too late. 
That's when you call AnotherME. We'll jump right in and get to work.  You'll find our experienced closing coordinators and listing coordinators are the best!  However, wouldn't it be nice to already … (1 comments)

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