virtual assistants: Wordless Wednesday - Spring Pink - 04/04/12 04:42 AM
Wordless Wednesday - Happy Spring from my backyard!



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virtual assistants: Calling All Atlanta RE Professionals - REbarCamp Atlanta is Friday! - 10/25/11 06:03 AM
You're Invited! 
Pull up a chair and Sit a spell!
Come on Down!

Its the 2nd annual Atlanta REbarCamp!  (or is it the first annual, since the first one was the premiere / inaugural REBarCamp? ...I'm sure someone knows!)
Either way, some of the brightest minds in the Atlanta area are coming together on Friday, October 28th to share, learn, network and have a little fun!
This year we're meeting on the west side of town in Cobb County.  (last year we were Downtown)  And for those of you who have never been to Cobb County - our location … (1 comments)

virtual assistants: Marketing with Local Events - 10/22/11 04:56 AM
The Holiday Season is right around the corner!  And there are so many things happening... festival, plays, concerts, recitals, holiday home tours, Christmas Tree lightings... I could go on and on. 
Every year, we collect all the local events happening in the Atlanta area and create a beautiful 2 month calendar.  It's become a popular marketing piece for our local Atlanta clients.  (And we hear their clients love receiving it!)
It's a 2 month calendar that's filled with ideas and events for everyone - from families to teens to seniors.  We feature all the traditional, regular advertised events like the … (3 comments)

virtual assistants: Texting... Sometimes it's a Good Thing! - 10/18/11 02:46 AM
Google – it’s one heck of a company with so many great ideas and products.  Gmail, Google Docs, Google Maps, Calendar, Reader... the list goes on and on!
Did you know that Google has a Text Message "Search" feature?  Even if you have a web browser on your smart phone, you might find Google's SMS search easier. For one, it's incredibly fast-- no clicking links and searching through results while you try to find your glasses!  You use special keywords to get immediate access to information.
Here’s an example: text "weather 30329" to 466453 (GOOGLE) and instantly receive the current weather … (0 comments)

virtual assistants: Rain Barrels and Composters are Becoming More Popular with Home Owners! - 10/04/11 10:25 AM
I've been noticing that more and more of my neighbors and friends are starting to compost or installing a Rain Barrel.  Maybe it's a trend - maybe some folks fancy themselves as a suburban farmer. 
At my house, I have a garden! So it was a natural progression for me and my husband to start Composting and get a Rain Barrel.  We started composting 5 years ago, because we have that famous Georgia red clay soil - and it needed some help! 
Leaves, grass clippings, coffee grounds, potato and carrot peels, egg shells... you name it - we compost it!  … (1 comments)

virtual assistants: Link Building and SEO - 60 + Places For Your Web Profile - 04/18/11 10:21 AM
Link Building and Search Engine Optimization.(SEO) Today, the major search engines look for strong, trusted websites with links from their site to yours as part of the whole SEO ranking process.
As a realtor, you need to have these inbound links to augment your SEO (search engine optimization). However, most real estate agents don’t know where to begin when it comes to link building! And most don’t realize it’s a tedious and time-consuming task.
Good News!  My friend, Eleanor Thorne has come to your rescue! Here’s a list of 60 Link Building sites that you can link to and start … (8 comments)

virtual assistants: "Can you give me 5 minutes?" 15 Ideas for What To Do With 5 Extra Minutes - 03/07/11 01:40 AM
In working with busy Realtors, I get that question a lot.  And sometimes I'm the one who's saying it!
Our lives have become a hurry up and wait game!  Waiting for an appointment, waiting in the bus line at school, waiting at the drive-thru window, sitting in traffic, waiting for the water to boil, waiting for a webinar to start - and my all time favorite, waiting on hold!
Everyone's looking for ways to save time and become more productive.  It's a constant battle.  One of my goals this year is to be more efficient with my time and to keep … (4 comments)

virtual assistants: Social Networking and Real Estate …the change is here! - 01/10/11 07:15 AM
I honestly think the Real Estate business should be the Poster Child for change!   Quick -  what are 4-5 big changes  you can think of right now? 
We've seen changes to Contracts, Marketing, MLS's, Brokerages, Short Sales, Mortgages, Associations, websites, and of course "the market!"   And Social Media has been a big part of that change!

Over the last 2 years, I’ve heard so many real estate professionals say things like; “I don’t have time for Social Networking”, “How can you get business from social media sites?”, or “I have a website, why do I need a Facebook … (2 comments)

virtual assistants: Are Your Helium Balloons Falling Down on the Job...Literally? - 11/18/10 02:09 AM
Sometimes we get asked to help our clients with balloons and signs for their Open Houses or Caravans - but we're "Virtual" Real Estate Assistants... not mobile!  So when I saw this product at NARdigras, I just had to share it with you!
It's a great solution to those costly, and ultimately deflated helium-filled balloons you're using as attention-grabbers for an Open House, Caravan or agent luncheon.  Especially on rainy or foggy days, helium balloons become rather droopy and saggy, more of a "flop" than the desired "pop"!
Check out the newest bounce-back for your Open House balloons ...Aerostem Balloon Sticks! … (9 comments)

virtual assistants: Agents! End the Spin and Win! - 10/07/10 10:06 AM
Are you stressed...burned out? Are you juggling too many balls in the air at once? Are you starting to resemble a "Plate Spinner" from a circus act? Do you find yourself running from one project to another to keep everything moving and everyone happy? Is it getting harder and harder to maintain peak performance without dropping the ball? Do you have a clue how much your time is worth?
This economy is forcing us all to do more with fewer resources and the result is our businesses are suffering, not only from the economic downturn but from our inability to keep … (1 comments)

virtual assistants: Carolyn Capalbo Is A REALTOR In Northern Virginia That Needs Your Help - 06/14/10 01:03 AM
What's in a Name - Everything!  And for a Realtor it's more than everything - it's your brand.  Now imagine having potential clients google your name and finding this...
"In 2008 a women with the same name as Carolyn Capalbo broke into the news, and it wasn't pretty. The "other" Carolyn had a daughter that was involved with a New York governor in a promiscuous way. Long story short, it was ugly, and now when you google Carolyn Capalbo, you get the results of the other women"
Please help Carolyn Capalbo by re-blogging and linking to her website.
Carolyn … (1 comments)

virtual assistants: Do You Really Need Social Media Marketing for Your Business? - 05/15/10 06:55 AM
In order to be successful in the Real Estate business or any business, you have to generate leads, stay in touch with your past clients, and make yourself known to your community. 
Social Media has made staying in touch with your past clients, meeting new people and networking with other interest groups easier, faster and more cost efficient! 
In the 2010 Social Media Marketing Report, 41% of marketers felt the use of Social Media reduced their overall marketing expenses. ( 
Think about the time it takes to attend networking meetings, civic meetings, church meetings, etc ...versus jumping on your PC/Mac, iPhone … (8 comments)

virtual assistants: Facebook Friends and First Impressions - 01/16/10 12:19 AM
I like Facebook!  And I've had a lot of fun getting to know all kinds of new people and friends of my friends. Connecting and networking is what this business is all about!  But some people forget that manners and first impressions are even more important when networking in cyberspace. 
Case in point...yesterday I got a "Mystery Facebook Friend Request" from a total stranger.  However, this person didn't include a message with his request stating why we should be friends or how he might know me. 
Whenever I send out a "Friend Request" to someone that I don't know, I always … (5 comments)

virtual assistants: Wordless Wednesday - Hello Kitty? - 09/16/09 02:30 AM
Wordless Wednesday - Hello Kitty World. 
Not ONE, but TWO Hello Kitty Hotels at Uni-Resort Site in Taiwan!
Notice the scroll work over the entrance gate...
Can you imagine staying here with your little girl?

Take a peek inside... YIKES!

Check out the website for more photos!
Have a wonderful Wednesday!

virtual assistants: Is your Laptop "Hot? - 09/06/09 01:33 PM
Over the summer months, I've been using my laptop in the evenings to update my Facebook and Twitter accounts. And let me tell you, a laptop is hot!
Did you know heat is the probable a cause of some those annoying performance issues, like ‘lockups’.  And it might even be the cause of permanent damage. Yikes! What I've learned is that with a laptop, heat issues can be even more of a concern. (now they tell us!) All those heat producing components are tightly arranged inside a small there's not much room for a cooling system. (think tiny exhaust … (6 comments)

virtual assistants: Outsourcing... Is it for Real Estate? - 09/02/09 01:24 AM
My background is in corporate telecommunications/technology sales ...many moons ago!  And outsourcing was the big buzz word - everyone was doing it!  Outsourcing was used for management’s “pet projects”, for services we didn't offer and in some cases they outsourced an entire department to another company who could do it better for less!  It made sense… and cents.  Using the talents and resources of strategic partners to save on staffing, expenses and training.  It was a way for my company to stay focused on it's core business.Back then, I sold “services” for a video conferencing manufacturer.  We offered everything from maintenance … (6 comments)

virtual assistants: Wordless Wednesday - Happy Pruning - 08/26/09 05:05 AM
When I saw this photo, I laughed out loud! 
I have no clue where this is, but I'd like to meet the folks who live there! What a great sense of humor! 
Have a Happy Wednesday!

Compliments of  Bad Pruning! 

virtual assistants: A little 4th of July Fireworks Show! - 07/04/09 05:04 AM

virtual assistants: Wordless Wednesday - Fans! - 07/01/09 09:41 AM
Ceiling Fans, Hand Fans, Window Fans, Cooling Fans; I think fans are Fantastic! 
But I'm really talking about a different kind of fan... a Facebook Fan!  Facebook Fan Pages are hot!  
We need more fans for our Fan Page - AnotherME Virtual Assistants! On a mission to hit the magic number of 100 fans - to get our custom URL! 
Takes 5 seconds!  Click here: 
This is our Fan Page on Facebook - info on our VA's, services, products, tips and hints, events and more!  Just click on the image below!

 Want your own FaceBook Fan Page? We can help!  Email me at
 DIY-ers ...Check … (5 comments)

virtual assistants: What's in your Mailbox? - 06/27/09 02:43 AM

Sending a birthday card; is it Social Networking - IRL? (in real life)
When was the last time you sent someone a real card in the mail?  Did you get any actual "Paper" cards on your last Birthday?
Remembering someone's birthday is an easy, personal way to stay in touch with your past clients.  Everyone loves getting a card on their birthday.  Recently, I had a client call and thank me for sending her a Birthday Card!  And just last week, a friend at church came up to me and thanked me for her card!  Imagine that...A simple little card!
Today's technology has made it so convenient to post a short birthday message to … (1 comments)

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